Latest Indian Fashion Trends 2017 | Indian traditional wear.

Hello my lovely readers! Welcome back. Weddings are just around the corner and I can't be more excited. People all over the world love Indian traditional wear and I as an Indian take immense proud

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Daily hair care routine | Updated hair care routine for 2017

Hey there! I wanted to write about my daily hair care routine since ever but that never happened. Two months back, I started loosing a lot of hair, I was blank because I couldn't figure

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How to dress classy and elegant | Eclectic style

Hello there! In today's post, I am going to talk about the elegance and the relaxed refinement.  How to dress classy and elegant. Women are taking fashion to the next level. Everybody is having their

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How to get your confidence back :)

Hello JBF fam! How are you all doing. First of all a big hug to you if you are new here and welcome to our family. I promise that you will have a good time

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How to get thick hair fast naturally. ( Hair secrets)

Hey there! We give so much attention to our skin but to look beautiful you need to show some love to your hair as well. Who doesn't crave for long beautiful thick hair? Volume in

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10 best drugstore makeup products in India ( High end dupes)

Hey beauties! In this post I'll be talking about the 10 best drugstore makeup products in India that are easily available. These makeup products are drugstore and are quite cheap but they are so good

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Garlic white sauce pasta. ( Easiest way to make it)

Hello! If you are following me on instagram, I just started the cooking series and will make a new dish every sunday. Till now, I was doing it for my passion but now I want

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Words of encouragement.

Hey hey people! Can you sense my happiness. Mom is finally back home and I am so so so happy. Seven days back I took her to Sai temple and we sat there for about

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Outfits for summer 2017

Hello all you pretty girls! If you are following me on the instagram, I gave a word that I'll upload an article this week about the latest fashion trends and outfits for summer 2017. It's

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How to wear palazzo pants. Best styling tips!

Hi loves! Welcome back to home. Today I will be talking about how to wear palazzo pants. I always had a love hate relationship with palazzo pants. I didn't like them much, maybe because I

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