Best Kajal In India that is smudge proof ( suitable for sensitive eyes)

  Hi there! Today we are talking about the best kajal in India that is smudge proof and does not irritate your eyes. I buy this makeup item a lot. I love to wear it on daily basis and I

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The Best Drugstore Concealer that is not cakey!

Hello beautiful! Thank you so much for always coming back and I am back with another informative article and that is the " best drugstore concealer" that is not cakey and won't make you look like a ghost. I never

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How to get thicker hair fast naturally. ( Hair secrets)

Hey there! We give so much attention to our skin but to look beautiful you need to show some love to your hair as well. Who doesn't crave for long beautiful thicker hair? Volume in hair is the biggest issue

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10 best drugstore makeup products in India ( High end dupes)

Hey beauties! In this post I'll be talking about the 10 best drugstore makeup products in India that are easily available. These makeup products are drugstore and are quite cheap but they are so good in quality that people all

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Best home remedies for black lips that actually work!

Hello people. What's the first thing that you notice when you meet a person? I notice their lips. I mean don't take me wrong but practically when somebody speaks, you either look at their eyes or you look at their

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Most effective home remedies for dark spots on face.

Hey girls! One of my reader has requested me to suggest her some effective home remedies for dark spots on face so I thought I should do it for all of you. This is a very common problem and with

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How to look beautiful everyday! Natural ways.

This topic is way too subjective. As the title says"How to look beautiful in everyday." I want to be very clear about it. It's not a scheme and there are no secret tips as well. The definition of "beautiful" is

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How to do makeup at home.

I feel guilty for loving makeup so much. Makeup is my guilty pleasure. I can't resist buying the beauty products once in a month. I started applying makeup when I was in my college and it started with kohl (

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Hair care routine and tips for beautiful hair.

Hair is the most beautiful asset of a woman. We all go through the days where are skin glows like anything and our outfit is more than perfect but still there is something that is incomplete. Hair plays a very

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Instant home remedies for dandruff and hair fall

What do we count on when we talk about how beautiful the so and so person is? I always get attracted towards beautiful hair and skin. It takes a lot of care to maintain them. I notice a lot of

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