10 best tips to make your clothes look expensive and classy

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We all want to buy the expensive designer stuff  but it involves a lot of time in thinking about the decision to buy it or not. It’s heart breaking at times but have you ever looked at people in the designer clothes and wondered that it ain’t worth it. It might be super expensive but that doesn’t mean it would look good too. If you are a fashionista, you know it’s important to wear trendy clothes but at the same time you should be able to carry it gracefully. You can look really charming if you know how to play smart. In this post, I’ll be talking about 10 tips to make your clothes look expensive and on-point always. There is something about those celebrities that they always look so polished and it looks like the outfit was meant for them only. I completely get it.Let me share these 10 awesome tips to make your clothes look expensive and classy:

10 hot tips to make your clothes look expensive and classy:

  • Fit is everything: Fit is everything that matters.Well-fitted clothes make a huge difference and nicely defines your body shape. We all have our favorite celebrities and we love the aura they carry with themselves. They always look perfect. Well there clothes are tailored to fit their bodies perfectly. They look so perfect from top to bottom. The nicely custom fitted and tailor-made clothes make you look more polished and elegant. Don’t end up buying those fancy looking clothes without checking their fit. Control the urge. It really depends on the occasion as well. Loose-fitted clothes look good on casual days or on a beach. When your clothes hug your body nicely and it fits you great then you also feel great.


  • Know your body: Embrace your body shape! This is really crucial because we all have different body frames. Unique is beautiful. Size does not matter however there are some clothes that does not flatter our body figure. I have seen bulky girls carrying themselves so well. You should not look sick. One should look healthy. Buy the clothes that fit your body and are appropriate for your body type. You can never have a perfect body but some parts of your body can make you look like a million bucks. Focus on those parts. If you have a perfect waistline, you can wear crop tops and if you are have got a nice upper body, you can try body suits because they look gorgeous and ladylike.Not everything is meant for you so buy those clothes that accentuate your curves and compliments your body shape.
  • Avoid cheap quality material: Don’t buy everything that is appealing to your eyes. That’s a wrong approach. Not everyone here is a fashion designer, what I like to do is google about the fabric before buying it. Fabric is really important. Buy clothes that are made of natural fibers like cotton, wool, satin, silk etc. Avoid buying synthetic materials. You should not buy the fabric that’s not breathable and makes you super uncomfortable because it will have a lifeless feel and won’t last for long like polyester. Stronger fabric has higher density and you can’t look through it but if you can look through the fabric then it’s usually of lower quality. If you buy something for cheap and it’s still there in your wardrobe, what creates a difference here is the quality of the material. You must have bought a good quality fabric. Forever 21 and H&M are disappointing at times. The quality of the fabric they usually give is kinda cheap. I don’t buy the t-shirts from there anymore. I just prefer buying the dresses. You have to look for yourself because not every brand tag will give you a good quality. It all depends on the fabric so look for details.
  • Hem is really important: One of my family member has a great knowledge about the fabrics and all. She told me that you can easily see the stitching in the low quality garments so when you will stretch the clothes, the hem will stretch as well where as in the high quality garments, the hem is nicely finished so it retains the shape. The finishing is invisible i.e it’s not visible from the outside of the garments. Now you know how to notice the difference.
  • Quality zippers and buttons: The quality of the zipper is really important. If the outfit looks gorgeous but it has a poor quality zipper then it can ruin the whole look so always look for a quality zipper. The buttons should be nicely stictched and you don’t see the underlying fabric. Have you ever wore those jackets where the zipper keeps coming down as you move? Therein, the problem lies. You don’t face these little problems when you buy good quality clothes.
  • Grooming: Grooming is such an essential part of our personality. It includes everything from your makeup to your hair, your posture etc. When it comes to makeup, less is more and rep lipstick is your best friend. It an art to apply the red lipstick like a pro. Keep your hair clean and healthy. Try different hairstyles that suit your face well. Back then, I use to walk like a camel and I have improved that now by the way. Posture really matters and if you don’t know how to maintain the right posture, no matter how gorgeous you look, you will still look unattractive. Walk with your back straight and walk slowly. Talk slow and smile more often. Do workout and keep yourself hydrated. The most important of all is to be a better person from inside. Keep yourself positive and away from all the negativity.
  • Pricey looking accessories: Make some investment in a statement jewelry because it’s worth it and it can brighten up any dull outfit and make you stand out in the crowd. You can wear a neon jewelry with your basic white shirt. Invest in a structured handbag. It goes with almost everything and looks polished and classy. Buy cool retro sunglasses. Need some help to buy one? Read this. 10 must have sunglasses for fall and winter.
  • Avoid logos and embellishments: I just don’t buy clothes that have logos on it unless it’s a brand, it’s a no no for me. It doesn’t look cool and spoils the whole vibe of the outfit. I love embellishments only if they look rich with nice detailing otherwise it look’s tacky. Avoid garments with logos. Need some more fashion tips? Read this: Best fashion tips for women.
  • Golden rule: It does not matter if you have high quality garments unless you don’t iron them. There is an immense satisfaction when your clothes are crease free. It looks polished and proper.Clothes look a lot better when they are ironed.
  • Confidence is everything baby: Just imagine that somebody is wearing a gorgeous outfit and her posture looks bad, she is not smiling and looks conscious all the time. What’s the point of wearing an expensive designer dress if you don’t know how to carry it nicely. Confidence really matters and it shows on your face. Flaunt it because you own it.
  • Comfort: You should always feel comfortable in your outfit. If it makes you look uncomfortable, don’t wear it no matter how good the outfit is. You will look uncomfortable and it will easily show up on your face and thus making you look unattractive.

These were the top 10 tips to make your clothes look expensive and classy.

If you don’t have that confidence in you, nothing can make you look attractive, not even the most expensive designer dress. Be confident, smile and take it easy. Remember these tips every time you buy an outfit for you. Keep it classy always.

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