10 must have sunglasses on the budget for fall and winter!

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Today in this post, I’ll be talking about the 10 must have sunglasses for fall and winter. Classy pair of sunglasses really dresses you up and makes you look chic. They create a perfect balance and blend of fashion and function. These make you look cool and are quite functional because it also saves you from harmful UV rays. I always look for timeless pair of sunglasses. They can create a powerful style statement and look absolutely gorgeous and feminine and is perfect for the days when you kind of look like a zombie. Looking for the perfect sunglasses but don’t have a budget, here is the list of some of the trendy and really inexpensive sunglasses.



10 must have sunglasses on the budget for fall and winter are:

  • Cat eye sunglasses: Though square and rounded frames look really hot but they are everywhere now. If you are looking for an edge, you must try cat eye sunglasses. The outer edges of these frames add a lift to your face. You need to be little careful while going for these sunglasses. They come in various different styles. Some of them are really edgy while others are on a subtle side. If you are wearing a very loud outfit, opt for a subtle piece and if you are going with basics, you can definitely give an edge to your look.

Just look at this beauty:

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  • Mirrored sunglasses:mirroredsunglasses
  • The bug eye:
  • Oversized sunglasses are really flattering and are still ruling our hearts.


  • The wing shape butterfly sunglasses: These look really gorgeous on the face. It highlights the contour of the face thus taking the attention away from your nose. I have a contoured face with a big nose so this is a perfect option for you if you have a face shape like that of mine.



  • Embellished Sunglasses:designersunglasses
  • Mercury sunglasses:mercurysunglasses
  • Clear lenses:clearlensglasses

You can also try these.

  • Classy wayfarers:clubmasterwayfarar


Before you go for any of these, just go through the do’s and don’ts of wearing sunglasses. This will help you to make a genuine decision and these are very basic things and nothing fancy.

  • Oversize sunglasses are very much trendy and are ruling in the fashion industry since a very long time. They should look effortless on you and you should be able to nicely pull them off. I agree with the fact that one should experiment everything but I have seen people going wrong with the sunglasses. If your face frame is small then wearing an oversize one would not look cool on you.
  • Buy one classic pair: There are days when you don’t have time or there might be any other reason too. You should always buy one pair of sunglasses that you can wear anyday anytime. You can go for a classy black aviator that looks good on every face-shape and can go with any outfit. It is quite versatile. Buy one that has a good quality.
  • Do not wear mirrored glasses when you are attending professional meetings or going for an interview. You want the other person to hear you but what would happen is that they would only be able to see their own reflection. You don’t want that to happen right.?
  • Take proper care of them: I go really careless with them. It leads to scratches and all. Keep it nicely in a case.
  • Feel confident: Buy those shades in which you feel confident. Do not get confused. Buy the one that looks stylish and makes you feel confident and good about yourself.
  • Do not wear them as your head accessory: I have this really bad habit of keeping the sunglasses on my head. It can stretch the sunglasses and make it loose. It also comes in contact with the germs.
  • Do not wear very loud and inappropriate sunglasses in the office: Go for a classic simple pair of sunglasses like black aviators.
  • Do not wear them in the night especially when you are on a date: Unless you have a serious medical issue, avoid them. Imagine you are on a date and you are wearing the glasses. There is no eye contact and the whole time that person will be thinking about why you are wearing them. It looks really stupid and will create an awkard situation.
  • Go for those glasses that accentuate your natural beauty: Do not choose the over dramatic and decorative ones. Those can make you look like a clown.
  • Play with your makeup: Go for naked eyes and wear a bold lipstick. The combination of black sunglasses and red lipstick is so bold and classy.
  • Quality does matter: I am not asking you to buy the expensive ones but if you are a fan of single pair and you do not like to stock up things, you should go for a good quality that will last long like DIOR etc. They have got some really classic collection.
  • Go for different colors in the same style: It is time consuming to find that perfect style for your face shape. If you are lucky enough to be able to find your go-to sunglasses, buy different colors in the same style. You will save a lot of time.
  • Choose a comfortable pair: When you are buying sunglasses, look for a comfortable one. I have bought many such pairs that weren’t comfortable and turned my nose red and they are kept somewhere as it is, I will never wear them ever. Don’t do this mistake. Comfort is really important. It has become a fashion accessory but it also saves you from harmful UV rays. Choose a good one.
  • Choose the right size: As I mentioned earlier, you need to take care of the size. If you have a big face, do not wear small frames and if you have a small face, do not wear giant frames that will hide half of your face.

This was the list of the 10 must have sunglasses for fall and winter.

It is not a rocket science but you just need to be little smart while shopping for the perfect sunglasses that’s meant for you. Only you know what looks the best on you so take that decision on your own rather than depending on others. Although you can always take an advice from your friends, there is no harm in that. We see celebs wearing them in the movies and we do get attracted towards them but that doesn’t mean we have to copy everything. Style is personal and trends keep on changing. If you want to play safe, opt for an elegant and chic pair of sunglasses. You can never go wrong with them. I hope these tips prove to be useful for you and these are mere recommendations and not the rules.

Good luck, happy shopping.

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