7 things that I am wholeheartedly doing in 2017 and why!

Hello my people!

2016 has brought so much drama in my life and I am going to keep the good memories and will probably close that chapter forever and positively. You must have noticed that I have gone slow not just in my professional life but also in every aspect of my life. Why? Well there was no kick to do better in life and lack of motivation. The graph went down. I am not being negative about it because sometimes it’s really important to hold yourself back and take a break and see where are you going. I might have taken some time but trust me I am so back and will work really hard to take this forward. I have literally become a very positive and a strong person by heart and this is indeed a blessing. 2017 is going to be the year of my life because I truly believe it. 🙂

I don’t know why the social media is high on hating resolutions. Few years back, everybody was talking about their resolution lists and now they think it’s too mainstream because there is some trend going on perhaps. I am not here to make new year resolutions but if you love to keep some, please do it because there is nothing wrong in trying to make a positive change in our life. These can be silly and self centered. Let it be man. Who cares? People who love it will do it anyway whatsoever. There are many things I would like to change in my life but for now, I will come up with the top 7.

7 things that I am wholeheartedly doing in 2017 and why:

  • You don’t need alcohol when you are high in life: Whenever I share my thoughts with my friends, they laugh and some of them believe that if people say no then either they have a poor capacity or they just don’t want to socialize. When in our life does alcohol became so important? I will not quit that because I want to keep it real and I do like to enjoy that space and not let people judge me but I’ll definitely try to  curb the addiction. I literally respect people who say no on your face when you offer them a drink. I mean it’s not real, they say you talk real when you are drunk. This is bullshit. You talk crap. It’s a high time to be myself and take my life to another level. The life beyond all this where you still see the madness but the people are real and so are their talks. I am always up for the parties because of my love for dance and I go crazy. I am still that little girl who thinks a lot about what’s wrong and what’s right and I feel so good because of the right decisions that I took in life.
  • Give back the world a little in whatever way possible and do my part: You know people who work under you be it your servant, your cook, your maid. They are on duty 24 hours. Sometimes we become so obsessed with our grief and so called pain that we completely forget to cherish the little moments in life. Yesterday our maid was telling my mother that didi always crack jokes and make me happy. I also managed to visit my cousins and I felt so important because of the love they gave me and  see how little things can cheer you up.One should always make time for the family because they are the ones who will stand by you in your tough times. I don’t know why I have this habit of observing poor and homeless kids and I always wonder what if I was there? I complain about my life but this real world is way too cruel. The best you can do is give some share of your happiness to them. Share your clothes, shoes etc with them and give them a smile. At the end, what really matters in life? Peace and love. It gives immense peace, trust me.
  • Write the journal: We all have a story to write and a story to inspire. I always wanted to share my feelings, my darkest demons with the person I love the most and I have realized that I am the best person for myself. I don’t know for how long I’ll live but what I’ll leave behind is what all matters. I want the world to remember me for my words. I am not here to inspire because I haven’t done anything big in life yet but I am here to share my journey and to get connected to the real people. I let my emotions dictate my words. You know when I meet people, I remember them all. I love people who write and talk about the real things. I get attracted towards them. I have already started writing about my life on the paper and if something is bothering me and I am looking for an answer so the magical thing that happens is that I find my answer then and there.
  • Calm down haters: There is going to be no hate for anyone. Why hate? because it’s easy to move on. People are there for a reason and when they walk out of your life, give them good memories. You either like someone or you dislike and if there is hate then it’s really bad for your own health. I can never live a great life by keeping hatred in my heart. It’s too much of a burden to carry along. Let’s free ourselves from the evil emotions like hate and jealousy. The right kind of people in your life will never put you in these situations.
  • Choose right people to be with and keeping no expectations: I have all kind of friends. I have a friend who loves to cook for me, a friend who loves to throw parties. a friend who loves gossiping, a friend who cares, a friend who is carefree etc. I am surrounded with goodness. I so love knowing people because every year I make a new friend and they are worth it. You just can’t be with people who judge you for every little thing. You know how best friends make you feel. You are weird, crazy and bitchy at times. They still can’t afford to loose you. I can go to any level to be there for my buddies because today I am nothing without them. They literally take care of me like a brother and I can never replace them with anyone. I literally keep no expectations just because she is my best friend doesn’t mean her life should revolve around providing me with what I need. I am anything but a bad friend.
  • Define my personal style: People admire me for my dressing sense. Some of them like to play safe and they come up with this, you know what you are pretty so everything looks good on you. Ouch! I use to wear shorts all the time back then. It’s been two years that I don’t wear them at all. I do wear skirts because I kinda look cute and casual. I love wearing dresses at times for more sophistication. You don’t choose clothes on the basis of their length. Wear what makes you happy and looks dignified. You know where to draw a line. I really look good in traditional clothes. 2017 is the year to experiment and to break the rules. It’s the year to try different looks and surprise yourself. I will come with my own styling tips and will focus more on ethnic wear as well.
  • Stick to my values: I am a very opinionated person. I like strong discussions. I have my own clashes with my parents because they are way too sweet for everyone and I just don’t like it because I think it makes them vulnerable and people take advantage of that but I equally believe that they are very generous and sensible. They have lived their life and they know what’s good for us. At the end, no matter how much strong I feel, it all comes from them. I am very down to earth because of my upbringing. People who question that, I feel sad for you because I know what I am blessed with and I will always be proud of my parents for raising me like this and no matter how cool I am, I know my limits really well and I just get to know if something doesn’t feel right. Values keep you grounded.

These were the 7 things that I am doing wholeheartedly in 2017.

Let’s start this year with no amount of negativity. Spread the good vibes. I just want to thank all of you for giving your enormous support guys. I wish you all a very happy new year filled with joy and peace.










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