Skin tantrums? Let’s figure out!

Hello beautiful.  You might be suffering from some skin issues and that’s the reason why you landed here. Well, here I am going to talk about my story in short and give some really helpful tips that worked for me the best.

First of all relax and stop stressing out. What is happening to you is absolutely normal.  Remember when you get caught by fever, you have that faith that you will be fine after some time and you take the right kind of medication. That’s what exactly you are going to do now. Have a leap of faith and right kind of treatment will definitely solve your problem.

I am going to share with you the story of my life. I was born with a flawless skin. Like the skin,  you dream of. I fell in love with the makeup and started experimenting with it.  I did not have acne at that time. Suddenly I started having acne. I was  shattered. People came up with every kind of advice and what was common in them was stop applying makeup. I couldn’t make them understand that it’s not the only reason, in fact it was not the reason at all. I was asked to go to a dermatologist which I did but they ended up giving the medicines and I was still very reluctant. My self-confidence started getting shattered day by day. I didn’t like going out. I became anti-social. This made my problem worse. I started getting more acne because of the tension.  I was completely broke. I became impatient and it affected my relationships as well.

One fine day, I was looking at my pictures where I was a happy kid and how much strong I use to be. I took a decision that crying won’t do any good to me. I will try and have patience. Trying my level best is my job and lets leave everything else on God.  I went through the following questions and took a pen and paper and started writing down all the questions

  • What is my skin type.
  • What are the foods that are rich in antioxidants.
  • What are the foods I am allergic to.
  • Hormonal check up.
  • Since when it started happening.

All this went on for around a year and with proper precautions and without any doc help, I overcame my problem. I literally became an expert in skin care.  I am gonna share the most genuine tips that  can prove to be a great help for you. Lets start.

  • Drink lots of water. Are you tired of hearing this? Don’t be. Water keeps your body hydrated and removes toxins from the body. It is good for your overall health. You can read articles on how water and acne are related to each other.
  • Avoid sugar. Sugar increases your blood sugar levels causing disbalance in the body. That’s the reason you always feel thirsty just after having a sweet.
  • Avoid dairy products. You won’t believe but it had a huge impact on my skin. It’s a hormonal locha. In your early 20s when you are going through lots of hormonal changes, dairy products sometimes  disturb your hormonal balance. There are great  articles on how they are linked to each other.
  • Eat veggies and fruits high in antioxidants.
  • Stop overthinking! Your job is to eat right kind of food and avoid the bad habits. Becoming too conscious leads to stress. Stress gain can badly affect your hormonal balance sending wrong signals to the brain.
  • Use natural products that are made for acne prone skin.
  • Don’t skip your moisturizer ever.
  • Use cleansing foam twice a day.
  • You have to keep your skin free. Applying more products would block the pores. If applying makeup is important then please don’t overdo it. Use very less quantity and  do the basics. Avoid using highlighters and bronzers.  Play with your lips and eyes and give some rest to ur face.
  • A workout is so important to release all the toxins in the form of sweat. So any kind of workout that makes you sweat is perfectly fine.
  • Have faith. Don’t be so negative about everything. Avoid these aunties that feel sad for your face. They are the ones who have a sad heart. You will be all right.
  • Do good things in life. Help others. Shift your focus on other things. This will reduce your stress levels and that’s good for your hormonal health.

These were some basic things. It’s normal to have acne. Your body is going through some changes. It is releasing  bad toxins in the form of acne.

That’s how my skin looks now….stay happy

You will come out of this soon 🙂

If you still face any kind of problem, drop a<<MAIL>>to me, I am always happy to help my girls.

Take care <3


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