8 best selling products of the month. Monthly favorites!

Hey people! Today I’ll be talking about the best selling products of the month. They are unique and quite useful. You won’t regret buying them. Let’s go through them quickly.

Best selling products of the month:

  • Digital heated hair brush:hothairbrush This is hands down last month’s best selling product. I love it how technology is evolving day by day. Hair straighteners are sure one of the best invention in the beauty world but with instant beauty comes the damage. This is sad. You get so addicted to these hair straighteners that you start using it on everyday basis until one fine day, you realize that you are loosing your hair. Twice in a month won’t do much damage if you take care of your hair but on everyday basis, it is a pain. So the technology has come with a new invention and beauty gurus are loving it. The whole idea behind this was to give people the comfort and it saves your time and can be used on alternate days.

You should buy this brush because:


  • If you have super fine and thin hair. You shouldn’t use hair straighteners because it can burn your hair and make it all the more thin.
  • If you have damaged hair, this is the best pick for you.
  • If you love styling your hair everyday.
  • If price is not the matter of concern, as it is bit pricey than hair straighteners.

Avoid it if you have very thick and curly hair and it does not add volume to your hair. It just makes your hair smooth and manageable and looks natural.

  • Silicon heel cushion:heelcushion This is the best product if you are wearing heels. Heels look sexy but the pain it brings along is too much. So if you wear heels often and even for travellers, if your travel very often and go for trekking, this will help you a lot as it is very comfy and it will give you a relief.
  • Kylie lip kit:kylielipkit I never understood the obsession of beauty addicts with this product. This is pretty expensive but when I saw the videos and one of my friend placed an order. She wore it one day and I was stunned. Her lips were looking absolutely beautiful and fuller. The color was sexy and I love nude lipsticks. This really lasts for long. If you are thinking to buy it, go for it. Go for your favorite shade, there are variety of colors and these are highly pigmented and stay for long.
  • Pepper Spray: peppersprayIf you live in a metro city, you work late or what so ever, girls you need this pepper spray. I never use to keep this in my bag but at times I feel unsafe when I am late from my friend’s home. You should always keep it in your bag. Your safety is in your own hands, It is quite handy and won’t take much space and serves the purpose.
  • Artis Brushes:makeuptoothbrush I always thought that these brushes are hype but now I see that every beauty blogger is using this and all they have to say is good things about it. You need to buy a good quality brush in order to achieve great results. This brush helps to apply the makeup smoothly and ease the work. The make up looks natural and stays for long. Brushes are really important. These are like paint brushes with which you make the painting( make up) on canvas (face).
  • Jelly tinted floral lip balm:florallipstickThis looks as stunning as the name. Just look at this beauty. This is basically a lip balm which is tinted and gives a nice color to your lips but it doesn’t work as a lipstick as many bloggers are talking about it. This is very moisturizing and people seem to love it.
  • Nutri Blend:nutriblendIf you love smoothies and are a fan of healthy food, this is a must buy. You can make quick healthy smoothies for the breakfast. I recently bought this and this works like a magic. It is super fast and can blend the hardest veggie as well. You can blend vegetables, make soup, milk shakes and so many different things. This is a great buy.
  • Cheesecake:cheesecake Whenever I go at my friend’s place, I ask her mom to make cheesecake for me. This is the yummiest cake but takes a lot of time. I am not a fan of packaged food but I just caught her mom with this packet and I was shocked. It just took few minutes to make it. It is made in 3 step process and voila, yummy blueberry cheesecake is ready.

These were the best selling products of the month.

I’ll keep coming with the monthly favorites and what’s hot in the market. Please do share your reviews about these products.

Happy shopping.

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