20 beauty tips for women that are totally worth it!

Hi there! Today in this post, I am going to talk about the 20 beauty tips for women. We all are busy and occupied in life. You might be a college going person or doing some job and I know how difficult it is to have a perfect life. I get happy when my friends tell me “Oh babe, you are my savior.” That’s the best part. Those beauty secrets won’t be the secrets anymore, I promise. 😉 I seriously believe that every girl is pretty in her own way. I am not saying this to make you happy but it is the fact. You will laugh if I’ll tell you what I feel about myself. I feel that every girl is pretty except me. We all are pretty and today let’s just tell this to each other. The beauty lies in embracing each other.

“Nothing is more beautiful than a girl who appreciates and finds beauty in people around her.”

Let’s talk about these 30 beauty tips for women that are totally worth it:

1: I am allergic to artificial earrings. When you don’t wear earrings for a long while, it can be difficult to get them through the hole. It really hurts. I always buy earrings in bulk. I get excited seeing them but my skin doesn’t love them. My mother told me to apply some vaseline on the metal. Vaseline acts as a barrier between your skin and the metal and it won’t lead to any infection.

2: Less is more in makeup. This is a golden rule of makeup. I am not a fan of loud makeup except for those night outs. Applying more makeup won’t make you a glam doll. Blending is the secret. If your base is not blended well, what’s the point of using layers of makeup. Use less product and blend it well. It should look close to natural.

3: You can use blush as a multi tasker.

Click on the product for more details. This is by far the best blush from MAC. I can’t get looking over it.

macmelbablush I do not like to keep so many products in my bag when I go for a nightout or parties. I always have a fear of loosing those products as makeup products are expensive. I lookout for a solution. This works the best. I use my blush on cheeks, as a eyeshadow and to give a color to my lips, I apply it over my lip balm. It is such a great beauty hack.

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4: Want to make your lipstick long-lasting? Click on the product to know more.esteelauderlipstickTake a nude color lip pencil and roll it in the palm of your hands to make it soft and then apply it on your lips and fill it up. Now apply a coat of lipstick over it. This trick always works.

5:Give a mat effect to your lips: Don’t have a mat lipstick, do not worry. Just take any lipstick you have and apply it. Dab some powder over it ( do not use a lot of it as it can look patchy) Now again apply a coat of lipstick and repeat the process. Apply the final coat of lipstick. The layers help to set the lipstick at place for hours and also give you that nice mat look.

6: Did not sleep last night? Want to hide that and make your dull eyes look brighter? Just apply a mat highlighter on your eyelids. You will look more awake.facehighlighter

7: We apply concealer to hide our dark circles. It only works when you do that in a right way. Apply very less quantity of the product because if you apply too much of concealer, it is easily visible and can look really unnatural.

8: Get more defined curls. Click on the product to know more.hairdiffuser Use diffuser for more defined curls.

11: Chamomile teachamomileteaIt can be used for a lot of things, but one of the best we’ve heard is to lighten hair. If you want natural highlights, this trick works

12:When you stay out and you don’t have mom around you and you end up dropping oil on your clothes.Do not worry. All you need is a baby powder. Sprinkle it on the stain and leave it for 24 hours. Wash it off the next day. It will be gone by then.

13: How to avoid air bubbles in nail paint: Roll nail polish between your hands instead of shaking it. Shaking will create air bubbles.

14:Want that dewy finish in makeup? Just spray the  rose water after applying the makeup. It will set your makeup and give you the dewy finish look.

15: Apply your lipstick vertically, not horizontally to avoid those patchy lines on your lips.

16:You think that you have the worse dark circles? Have you ever heard of a concealer primer and you must have heard of celebs wearing a red lipstick as a concealer primer but you are pretty scared to try this one. Don’t worry. If you use it in a right way, you will be amazed to see the result. Take a brush and put some lipstick on it. Don’t put a lot. Blend it with your ring finger. Now just apply a concealer on it and cover it nicely. Damn, those stubborn babies are gone.

17: DIY nail designs: Am I the only one left on this planet who hasn’t try anything yet. Just take any nail polish and draw whatever design you want on a sandwich bag. Let it dry. Once it’s dry, put it on your nail and press it really hard. It will just peel off.

18:I am a super clumsy person. I get bruises all the time. If you are as clumsy as me and you can never figure out why it happens to you. Well, just take a cotton ball and put some mouthwash on it. Gently apply it on the bruise and it will disappear like a magic.

19: It’s a summer time and we all get pissed with those chapped lips. I can’t exfoliate because my skin is very sensitive. All you have to do is grab a green tea bag and wet it in the sink. Squeeze out any excess water. Take the bag and apply it on your lips for about five minutes. This really works. Try it!

20:Want bigger lips? Take an old brush, a vaseline and some cinnamon powder. Mix vaseline and some powder and apply it on your lips with the help of a brush. Now take a cap of a perfume bottle and place it on your lips and suck the air inside. Do not take a big size cap because it can harm your skin. Do it very gently and slowly and you will see the instant results. This stays for three to four hours.

These were the 20 must try beauty tips for women that are totally worth it.

I hope you liked it. If you want to give some suggestions, please go ahead. Also share this article, if you enjoyed reading it.

Stay beautiful inside out.

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