Best Kajal In India that is smudge proof ( suitable for sensitive eyes)

Hi there! Today we are talking about the best kajal in India that is smudge proof and does not irritate your eyes. I buy this makeup item a lot. I love to wear it on daily basis and I like kajal ( kohl ) more than an eyeliner because firstly it’s easy to apply and there is no hassle. Kajal gives more depth to your eyes and it’s one of the most favorites makeup essentials and probably the first makeup item I purchased in my life. We all deal with smudges, don’t we but with time and practice, I have learned to apply the kajal that enhances the beauty of my eyes and makes it bigger and beautiful.

I have extremely sensitive eyes so I always look out for kajal that does not irritate my eyes. Eyes are quite sensitive so you cannot apply just anything. I have no count of how many kajals I have tried in my life till now but since I have found my favorites and the best kajal in India, I keep on buying them and there is no replacement and no problem so far. If you are on a hunt for a kajal, this post will help you in making a good choice. I have selected the best kajal in India on the basis of these qualities:

  • Smudge-proof and waterproof.
  • Does not irritate the eyes.
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes.
  • Blackest in color.
  • Good quality and really soft.
  • Hassle free application.

These are some qualities that I look for in the best kajal. Before I go on talking about the best kajal in India, I would like to give a few important tips and the right way to apply a kajal. Let’s get started:

Things to keep in mind while buying the best kajal for your eyes :

  • Bad quality: So the list that I have come up with is on a budget. Don’t buy just anything. It’s the matter of eyes. Focus on the quality. Generally, the bad ones are often dry so look for the kajals that are creamy and will glide on your eyes easily without irritating them.
  • Prep your eyes: Always wash your eyes to make sure there is no dirt inside your eyes and moisturize the under eye area as well as the lids.
  • Trying too hard: You have to be gentle with the eyes while applying a kajal because you won’t be able to draw a perfect line. It can also irritate your eyes so when you stretch your under eye area, do it gently.
  • Sharpen the pencil: If you want beautiful, picture perfect eyes, you need to sharpen the eye pencil. Don’t sharpen it too much as it can again hurt your eyes.
  • Apply the powder under the eyes: You can use a small flat brush and just dab the baby powder right under the lower eyelid to keep the kajal smudge free. I forget to do this at times because the kajal I use is exceptionally good but this tip really works and I follow it at least on the important occasions because well no one likes to look like a panda.

These tips are worth following and it sure will make a difference. Let’s quickly talk about the list of best kajal in India that are my all-time favorites.

Best kajal in India that are smudge proof and won’t ever irritate your eyes:

FACES MAGNET EYES KAJAL:facesmagneteyeskajal

Product Details: This is ultimately the best kajal in India on the budget. It is number one on my list for of course all the good reasons. I don’t know why I did not buy this for a very long time but it is now my go-to kajal because it is so convenient to wear it every day.

Texture: The texture of the kajal is creamy and it glides on smoothly and does not irritate the eyes.

Packaging: It comes in a red twist up pencil form. I like it for the reason that you can easily differentiate it from other kajal pencils which are usually in black color.

Pigmentation: We all look out for a kajal that is highly pigmented. It’s quite dark.

Staying Power: It does stay for 5-6 hours which I feel is a good staying power. You can retouch when required. Just wait for a few seconds after applying it as it is creamy in texture. Let it dry so that it does not smudge.

Price: It just comes for Rs 175. Quite reasonable for the quality it provides.

Why I like faces magnet eyes kajal 🙂

  • Decent price.
  • Good quality.
  • Creamy and smooth texture.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Loaded with antioxidants and minerals.
  • Does not irritate the eyes.
  • You can build the intensity as it’s very smooth.
  • Cool packaging.
  • No fragrance.

What I don’t like 🙁

I can only talk about my personal experience. This was not my dream kajal, I can’t expect that high but definitely much better than other kajals in the market.

FACES LONG-WEAR EYE KAJAL:faceslongwearkajal

  • Product Description ( given by the company) :
    • Free of paraffin
    • Free of preservatives
    • Dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved
    • Waterproof and super long wear 8 hours
    • Excellent and even color pay off.
  • Texture: If you are a fan of the intense and rich look, you are going to love this kajal. The texture is extremely smooth and creamy. It glides on like a cream.
  • Packaging: It is where the disappointment comes. I hate to sharpen the eye pencils because it leads to wastage of the product and it literally gets stuck in the sharpener. I have a tip for you. Buy this kajal for the important occasions because it is extremely good quality wise and you can’t afford to skip it.
  • Pigmentation: The color is solid black. It is super pigmented and blackest kajal in the market and gives the rich, intense look and the beautiful, bold eyes.
  • Price: It is available at discount on Amazon now for just Rs 336. ( original price: Rs 685)
  • Staying power: It does stay for good 7-8 hours. The staying power is incredible.

Why I love faces long wear kajal:

  • Rich intense look.
  • It has the blackest color.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Creamy texture and glides on like a dream.
  • Matte finish.
  • Stays for a long period of time.
  • Finish is beautiful.

What I don’t like about this kajal 🙁

  • Packaging: I hate when you spend bucks and the product gets wasted. The packaging disappoints me a bit. Otherwise it is a very good kajal when it comes to performance.


  • Product description ( as given by the company): A retractable pencil which is an intense auto kohl kajal pencil. A pencil that will take your worries of sharpening the pencil again & again of your mind. The intense color & matt texture of the pencil will add definition & drama to your eyes. The pencil has a waterproof formula & does not transfer as well as its intense & jet black. Top Tip- Use it as a kajal as well as an eyeliner.
  • Texture:  It is very soft and has a creamy texture. It won’t irritate your eyes.
  • Packaging: The best part about this kohl is its unique packaging. It comes in a black kit that is transparent and comes with a  zip. The pencil has two tips. One tip has the kajal itself and the other tip has the smudger. You won’t be needing an extra brush to create the smokey eye effect. That’s a bonus. It’s travel-friendly.
  • Staying power: It stays for good 6-7 hours.
  • Pigmentation: It is highly pigmented. You just need one stroke and you are good to go.
  • Price: It comes for Rs 395.

What I like about PAC kohl kajal 🙂

  • Creamy texture glides on well.
  • It comes with a smudger.
  • Long Lasting effect.
  • Packaging is very cool and travel friendly.
  • Does not smudge.
  • Waterproof.

What I don’t like. 🙁

Availability: It is not easily available at the stores but you can easily find it online.


Product Description: For the first time in India, an ophthalmologically approved kajal pencil with a gel liner like performance. 100 percent smudge proof, water-proof single swipe brilliant black kohl cum liner that’s also gentle on your eyes. Can be used as a kajal cum liner.

  • Super pigmented, gel-liner texture
  • Smudge proof, waterproof
  • Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested

Packaging: I love the packaging, it comes in a purple color pencil like form which is cool. The words are written in white color which looks nice and it’s easy to differentiate it from the other kajals available in the market. The packaging is travel-friendly. They also mention the expiry date on the kajal which I feel is a smart move made by them keeping in the mind the interest of the audience.

Texture: The texture is very smooth and the kajal glides on easily.

Staying Power: I am a fan of this kajal when it comes to the staying power. It pretty much stays the whole day and does not smudge.

Price: It comes now at Rs 354 ( deal price) due to the festive month.

Pigmentation. The color is jet black and it is extremely pigmented. One stroke and you are good to go.

What I like about Plum nature kajal 🙂

  • The packaging is very cool and unique.
  • It does stay for a long period of time.
  • Creamy texture.
  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • Does not smudge.
  • Does not irritate your eyes.
  • Color is intense black.

What I don’t like 🙁

It is not easily available offline.


Product Description: ( as given by the company) Eye makeup can be tricky but a stroke of genius can put you at ease. Add to that intense black color and soft creamy texture and you know you’ve been hooked for life. We’re on about Sugar trike of genius heavy duty kohl a waterproof kohl pencil that can add pretty to your eyes in a single swipe. Its wax-based formula spreads evenly and lasts for up to 8 hours. Not just that, it comes with a free sharpener to ensure your eye makeup is always on point. This high-performance waterproof kohl provides maximum color in a single stroke and lasts for up to 8 hours. Its creamy texture makes application super easy and helps to create varied eye makeup looks in a matter of minutes. The Sugar stroke of genius heavy duty kohl is currently available in the shade 01 back to black. It is free of mineral oil, paraffin, preservatives, volatile Cyclomethicone D4, D5, D6, and animal derived ingredients.

  • Lasts for up to 8 hours
  • Easy to use with single stroke application
  • Smear and waterproof
  • Maximum color in one stroke
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes
  • 100 percent vegan and not tested on animals

Texture: The formula is smooth and creamy. Does not irritate your eyes.

Packaging: It comes in a sturdy black pencil that has a matte finish which looks beautiful. It comes with a sharpener.

Pigmentation: It is highly pigmented and gives an intense black color with just a single stroke.

Price: It comes at Rs 499.

Staying Power: It does stay for good 7-8 hours without smudging off.

What I like about Sugar heavy duty kajal 🙂

  • It has super creamy texture.
  • Packaging is beautiful and it comes with a good quality sharpener as well.
  • It gives an intense and highly pigmented black color.
  • It does stay for long.
  • It gives a beautiful semi-matte finish.

What I don’t like 🙁

Availability can be an issue but it is available online easily.

Price is a bit more pricey as compare to other kajals in the market but they don’t compromise with the quality.

These were the list of the best kajal in India.

What’s my favorite best kajal in India: These all are excellent when it comes to the quality but I have to choose one, I’ll go with the faces magnet eyes kajal. I feel that it’s really good, easy to carry and comes at a very decent price. If you are someone like me who uses kajal every other day you need something that is easy to carry along and you can put it instantly. The faces magnet kajal does not need to be sharpened. You just roll it and it gives you an amazing finish. I always carry two kajals and they both are from faces. One is Faces magnet eyes kajal and another one is Faces Long wear eye kajal because it is literally the blackest kajal in the market.

I hope you found this post useful, please share this article if you like it and I will come again with another informative article. If you have any questions to ask, you can leave a comment and I will definitely get back to you.

See you beautiful.

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