Blogging-Stick to the core or go for more?


How have you been? It’s been too long. 🙁

I missed you all and I hope you missed me too.

I have shifted to New Delhi after good one year. Woah! I have missed this city a lot but I’ve had a great time at home.

I am really in a mood for debate. 😀

I am working in an industry that’s huge! Everyone is looking out for themselves. Back then, I use to follow the bloggers who write great content but now we are seeing bloggers who tag themselves as fashion bloggers but they hardly have any blog/website to showcase their work. Brand endorsement is the only priority and we don’t see many honest people out here. Sure they have a huge following but that’s not enough to become a fashion blogger. It all comes down to money but it kills the vibe. You need to keep your head around many different aspects of the medium.

I was always passionate about the content and not the so called freebies. I am on instagram since long but it’s been only few months since I made it public. I’ll be very honest, I am not happy with my decision. I was advised by my blogger friend to make it public in order to get the target audience but in real the T.A is just 30%  and the rest is all junk. No kidding, I have blocked 200 people till now.

I am sure you drool over those bloggers who have 50k followers. Most of them have paid followers.

See, I’ve no intentions to criticise anyone but the motive is not to self endorse but to promote my content. I earn decent amount of money as a content writer but I want to grow. I don’t fit in the world where I have to beg people for likes and fake followers. I want to do limited and good work and I want people to go through my content and only follow me if you like my work.

I have seen young brats making fun of bloggers and when I go through their profile, they are the same jokers with the swag who buy DSLR to make girls believe how cool they look. The only difference is they are not getting paid for their  so called swag because it is too good for the industry.

In the next post, I’ll share the pictures of my room as I am really excited about that place.

Do not judge me for the things I have said because it’s just my opinion. As always comments and criticism is welcomed. 🙂

Stay tuned.




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