Bodysuits are the new crop tops! Have a look..

Bodysuits are the new crop tops and it took a lot of time to actually believe that is a wearable piece of clothing.

A bodysuit is a close fitting often stretchy one piece clothing item that covers the torso. I love experimenting with my wardrobe collection.

Let us talk about bodysuits. Generally,  I keep observing what celebs like what looks good on them and how do they carry themselves. If I can pull my attire like that. They are fashion icons.I enjoy watching them.
I had a pool party at my friend’s farm-house a year ago. I bought a bodysuit for me. I wore it and it looked damn hot. It was so hot and well fitted that I wanted to wear it again but where and how. I was showing this to my friend and suddenly somebody rang the door bell and I quickly wore jeans. When I came back, my friend was like dude this looks stunning with your pants. I saw in the mirror and I was like yeah not bad at all. I was looking cute and hot at the same time. The fitting and overall look was stunning. We were then laughing that how we figured out the way to wear it again casually. Woah, fashion is all about being creative and coming up with your own style and expand it.
It flatters the body and looks very effortless and sophisticated and there is so much you can do with this versatile outfit.

Accentuate your waist: I was around 14..i use to tuck my top/shirt inside the jeans. You can wear high waist bottoms.

Crop tops have ruled the fashion planet for a very long period of time. Now it’s high time to get all the fashion lover introduced to a new member of the fashion family i.e bodysuits. Take an example of Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. We just can’t get enough of Kendal but we will never forget Kim’s style.

Pair it with a skirt that has  a flowy silhouette. It looks very classic.

You can pair it with a blazer, wide leg crop pants cut off shorts and pencil skirts.

Do wear a neck piece, sometimes the neck can be deep.

You can also wear it with boyfriend jeans.

Flared skirts/long skirts and a statement necklace goes well with it.

I recently started working out in the gym. I was already overwhelmed with the versatility of bodysuits so for a change, I wore a bodysuit and my yoga pants. I wasn’t sure about how I would feel but it was so comfy. Usually, I wear a tee but it gets uncomfy because I have to tuck it inside again and again.

Wearing a bodysuit makes a lot of sense now? You don’t have to worry about other things and just focus on your workout. You should definitely try it out once.

The possibilities are endless with bodysuits 🙂


photo credit: <a href=”[email protected]/16660982775″>Zali Plain Mesh Back Bodysuit</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>(license)</a

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