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Garlic white sauce pasta. ( Easiest way to make it)

Hello! If you are following me on instagram, I just started the cooking series and will make a new dish every sunday. Till now, I was doing it for my passion but now I want to share it with you

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15 most unhealthy foods that you think are healthy!

Hi there. I have come up with another really informative article. In this post I'll be talking about the 15 most unhealthy foods that you think are healthy. It's very important to play smart because market is flooded with sham

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Mint Mojito

Hello..hello... Summer time is here. Laziness is acceptable. I shouldn't say laziness. The better word should be relaxing. Today we are going to prepare a perfect drink for refreshment in summers and that is the "mint mojito." I am a

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Bread Utpam

I love healthy food so I always look out for the ways to make a healthy food item that tastes good as well. I have come up with one such healthy recipe. It is bread uttapam. It is perfect for

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Baby Corn Masala

I make baby corn masala as a side dish. This is perfect for the days when you don't have much time or you're busy with your work. It tastes so good. Cooking time: 25 mins Serving: 2 Cusine: Indo-Chinese Category:

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Pizza Parantha

The simplest things in life give the immense pleasure like cooking delicious food for your loved ones :) Coming to one of my favorite fast food that is Pizza, my mouth is already watering. I am a lover of healthy

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