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Colorbar Perfect Match Primer Quick Review

Today I am reviewing another amazing makeup product and that is Colorbar Perfect Match Primer. What is primer? Primer helps your foundation to stay for a very long period of time. It helps to create a soft base for your

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Clinique chubby stick sculpting highlight (hefty highlight) review

❤️Gives you glow. ❤️Natural finish. ❤️Doesn't look fake. ❤️Smooth formula. ❤️Easily blendable. ❤️Glides on smoothly. ❤️Looks really good on a fair complexion. ❤️Subtle highlighter. ❤️Long lasting.

By |January 19th, 2016|Product Reviews|0 Comments

Cover Fx Custom Enhancer Drops

❤️It lasts forever. ❤️Super versatile. ❤️Easily blendable. ❤️Highly pigmented. ❤️Glides on smoothly. ❤️Little goes a long way. 💔Annoying packaging. 💔Not suitable for acne prone skin.

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❤️Long wear. ❤️Full coverage. ❤️Product lasts for long. ❤️Little goes a long way. ❤️Covers blemishes. ❤️Excellent shade range. ❤️Versatile product. ❤️Stays for long. 💔Poor packaging, plastic circle keeps coming out. 💔Not suitable for very dry skin. 💔Can cause breakouts.

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