Change your beauty game!

Hello gorgeous! Since I have promised to deliver a beauty article every wednesday. As promised, I am here today with an amazing article.

Summer months are drawing to close. I couldn’t overcome the urge to talk about the life changing beauty hacks. There is always something new to try. I will talk about these little tricks that will make your life easier from your head to your toes. Every beauty obsessed girl knows what I am talking about? Right girls!

Let’s start then!

  • Blisters free feet:
    Those beautiful shoes that you always wanted to wear it once. Whenever you wear them, they give you an awful experience and rips your skin apart. Ah, painful! Don’t worry ladies I have come up with this amazing trick. Swipe the deodorant on the back of ur foot where it hurts. This really works. Do it an hour before you wear your shoes. If you have already damaged it. Put an antibiotic cream and apply a bandage over it and survive on flip flops for few days.


  • Plumped lips:
    Always wanted those plumped lips. Take your lip balm and add a drop of peppermint oil in it. You can also use it on the top of your balm each time you apply it.


  • DIY nail polish remover:
    Running out of the bottle? Take a lemon and few drops of vinegar. Voila! A perfect nail paint remover.


  • Straight hair without heat: Take a cup of water and two tbsps of brown sugar, pour it into a spray bottle. Spray into damp hair and let it dry. ( One of my friend advised me this and I am trying this tomorrow indeed) 😉


  • Sweaty pits: Forgot your deodorant at home? Eww not! The quick way to fix it is to apply a hand sanitizer.


  • Dry skin issues: The best face pack is that of honey and olive oil. One tbsp of honey and two drops of olive oil work wonders. ( Self tested)


  • Face scrub: Honey and brown sugar is the best home made scrub ever in case you need an instant glow.


  • Lips Exfoliator:
    Take a vaseline and white sugar. Make a paste and start scrubbing your lips gently . Removes the dead skin really well. Once a week is good enough.


  • That red face: The best solution for anti-reddening is to make a paste of egg yolk and lemon juice. Perfect solution for this problem.


  • Thick lashes:  Firstly apply a coat of mascara. Take a q tip and brush your lashes with loose powder. Apply another coat of mascara. Here you get your thick beautiful eye lashes.


  • Are you a brunette? Looking for a color booster. Next time you do your head wash, just mix coffee with your conditioner. It works wonder after few applications.


  • Promote growth of eyelashes: Apply vaseline as an eyelash conditioner.


  • Hair shine: Mix honey and yogurt together and apply it for 30 minutes. Rinse it off and enjoy shiny hair.


  • Deep conditioning: Always apply a shower cap after you apply your conditioner. It gives better results.


  • Shiny legs: We girls love it. Take few drops of olive oil and mix it with some sea salt and start scrubbing your legs gently. Voila, enjoy shiny legs.


  • DIY Dry shampoo: Take eight drops of essential oil. Two tbsps of rice flour, two tbsp of corn starch and two tbsp of arrowroot powder. Mix it well. Enjoy this self-made shampoo for quick fixes.

Keep your eye on my next post and we will surely have a good time.

More power to you girlies <3

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