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Hey there! I wanted to write about my daily hair care routine since ever but that never happened. Two months back, I started loosing a lot of hair, I was blank because I couldn’t figure out what wrong was I doing with my hair. I have been using heat tools since forever now but never did I realize that it would come with it’s consequences. I straighten my hair twice a week because of the print shoots and I make sure that I use the best hair care products to minimize the damage. It’s been 7 years now to be precise since I am using the heat tools.


My hair just couldn’t take it and I started having hair fall at a massive level. I had never face hair fall ever but this time I couldn’t believe that it was happening. I asked my mom if she could help me with that then she said it sometimes happen due to a change in the weather. Ain’t that the easiest escape. Haha. I knew that’s not the reason this time. It was everywhere and took a toll on my confidence. I had to cancel my shoots because I just couldn’t torture my hair anymore because they used hair sprays and what not. I was surprised because it never happened to me but you know it’s uncertain and your hair would react some day. I couldn’t sit like that so I decided to change my daily hair care routine and also my lifestyle because I knew that it would bring a change indeed. I did these things and my hair is a lot better now. You can’t really figure out the reasons because our body certainly reacts when something goes wrong. Just like our skin, our hair also reacts when we stop caring about it.

That’s my daily hair care routine for damaged hair and it took exactly two months:

  • Hide your heat tools and stop relying on these tools: This is the most important tip that I can give you right now.My hair look good even without tools but I was obsessed with the after results and I was so use to that I would do it thrice a week because my hair looked bouncier and long. It looked nice but it’s not bad either when you don’t use any tool. It was okay to do it once in two weeks but it wasn’t okay to do it six times in two week. Excess of everything is torture. I just kept all the tools in my bed box because I keep all the trash in my bed box, I never open it anyway. It was hard to do that but that’s the best decision I made. You need to realize the fact that your hair was better anyway when those tools weren’t invented. Go natural.
  • What shampoo and conditioner are you using: We don’t care much about the shampoos because we think we can never go wrong about it and we just focus on the serums, conditioners and masks. You should choose the best shampoo for your hair that is sulfate free and has less chemicals. I would advise you to choose shampoos made for colored treated hair because colored hair are damaged hair and the shampoos made for such type of hair are gentle. Massage your scalp gently with the shampoo for at least 3 minutes and then rinse your hair with normal water. Don’t use too cold or too hot water, just wash it off with the normal tap water. You must use the conditioner from the same brand for the best results.
  • Use a hair mask: If you are suffering from many hair problems like hair fall, split ends, rough and frizzy hair etc, the question comes up is what hair mask to use. Hair masks do the job of making your hair smooth and frizz free. I doubt if it can control the hair fall. No matter what hair mask you use, after applying it on your hair, dip a towel in hot water and cover your head with the towel for at least 10 minutes. You can do this everyday after you apply conditioner as well. I have noticed a huge difference by doing this.
  • Use a right technique to apply hair oil: Most of us apply use large quantity of hair oil because we like to believe that the more the oil is, the more nourishment your hair gets which is absolutely wrong. The right technique to apply the hair oil is to use a cotton ball and dip it in the oil and gently apply it all over your scalp by making sections. After doing this, do a gentle massage or use a good quality comb to gently comb your hair. You should always apply less oil and focus more on massage because this way you will use less shampoo and it won’t make your hair dry and brittle. Don’t apply oil on the dirty hair instead apply it on your freshly washed hair for better results.
  • How often you should wash your hair: Does it even make a difference? Yes it makes all the difference. I used heat tools and hair sprays which made my hair dirty and damaged so I had to anyway wash my hair every other day in order to get rid of the products used in my hair to clean my scalp. This way you rip all the natural oils from your scalp that are essential to keep your hair healthy. They say you should wash your hair twice in a week but if you are suffering from hair fall and dull hair, you should wash your hair once a week, What I do is I wash my hair with a very mild shampoo and then apply hair oil at night on the very same day. I wash my hair the next day and it gives me beautiful voluminous hair.
  • How to get volume in hair:When you face hair fall, the worse thing is that your hair looks completely flat so what you can do in this situation is you can use the reverse technique. You can first apply the conditioner and keep it for 3 minutes and then apply the mild shampoo. Trust me guys, this technique really works. You will end up having good volume in your hair. I do this when I don’t have time to oil my hair and this works wonders.
  • Using the right kind of hair serum: There is only one hair serum that I swear by and that is the one from OGX. They haven’t paid me to promote it but how I wish they had because this product is very effective, I apply a very tiny amount like pea size on my entire hair and focusing on the ends. It leaves my hair extremely soft and saves my hair from the split ends and the pollution .
  • Right food for your hair: Eggs are the best for your hair. Your hair is made of keratin and that is protein. Eggs contain protein. Consume foods that are rich in proteins like almonds, walnuts, eggs, peanuts, paneer, fish etc. You must take care of your diet in order to stop the hair fall. Sometimes the nutrient deficiency can also lead to excessive hair fall and if you don’t eat the right food, no matter what remedies you apply externally, it won’t solve the problem ever.
  • Keep a check on your lifestyle. Our body works very systematically so if you try to disturb the system, it would show the results. Maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. If you are drinking and smoking every other day, it will badly affect your skin and your hair. If you are sleeping late night and you don’t sleep for at least 7 hours, it’s gonna affect your hair and your body. It’s very important to maintain a clean lifestyle.
  • Exercises for hair: Your heart pumps blood to the entire body so your head is on the top and the proper circulation of blood does not happen. It’s the best if you can do the head stand otherwise you can do these simple poses which let the blood circulate in your head and which is ultimately good for your hair.

head exercises

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  • Biotin: Consume biotin, it’s a vitamin which is extremely good for your hair. It stops hair fall and also promotes hair growth.
  • Trim your hair every two months: Get rid of the dead hair and the split ends in order to promote the fresh growth.
  • Brush your hair every morning: As soon as you wake up, brush your hair to spread the natural oils all over the hair to keep your hair healthy.
  • Night time hair care routine: Before you go to bed, brush your hair gently and make a braid. That ways you won’t end having brittle hair in the morning as we tend to move a lot at night so our hair becomes frizzy.
  • Use rosemary essential oil with castor oil to stop hairfall: You can use this treatment once in a week as rosemary is extremely good for your hair.
  • No stress: Sometimes when you take so much stress, your hormonal levels get disturbed and you face hairfall so keep your self always stress free. Stress is not good for a healthy body.

This was my daily hair care routine for the damaged hair.

That’s pretty much all about my daily hair care routine. I thought it was the best time to discuss my daily hair care routine because I used everything I mentioned in this post and it has helped me a lot. If you are facing the problems, don’t panic instead start giving extra care to your hair and it will get better one day. You definitely need to give some time to your hair. You can ask me anything in the comments section.

Don’t stress much, it always gets better. 🙂

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