Daily skin care routine at home for oily skin. Highly recommended!

People have become smart enough to realize that taking care of your skin is quite important and why we can’t ignore it. The television is flooded with advertisements coming from the high end skin care brands. Does that mean that if you are spending big amount of money, you are sure to get the glowing and spotless skin. Does that mean that all the high end products are magic and spending huge amount of money is worth it? Ask yourself. There is no assurance. We all have different skin types. There are various reasons why your skin is not behaving well. Only you can figure out the root cause. In this post, I’ll be talking about the daily skin care routine at home for oily skin and acne prone skin that will change your skin for good.


Before taking the measures, you need to ask yourself these questions:



  • Complete knowledge about your skin.
  • What’s your skin type.
  • Since when did the problem start?
  • Are you allergic to certain products and food items?
  • Did you change your diet pattern?
  • Did you add a new makeup product?
  • Did your parents suffer from skin issues in their teenage?
  • Are you taking kind of stress?
  • Do you workout?
  • Did you visit your doctor?
  • It could be a hormonal imbalance.
  • Are you taking any pills like weight reduction, weight gain, hair fall control etc.
  • Are you obsessed with your skin care.
  • Are you trying everything at once?
  • Are you lacking patience?
  • Are you not confident with your skin?

There are many more reasons responsible for the changes. You need to have a look at all this and then question yourself if your doing something wrong with your skin and if there are some major changes you made in the recent days. After figuring out that, you need to take some actions in order to bring a change in the way your skin looks. Follow a proper daily skin care routine at home for oily skin.

Highly recommended daily skin care routine at home for oily skin:

  • Take it easy and make it simple: The basic rule of the skin care is to make it simple and effective. You don’t have to go fancy about it. You don’t have to buy the most expensive products because if you buy them for the wrong reasons, none of them will give you the results and you will be left with so much of confusion. Take it slow. Figure out your skin type and then buy the products with the least chemicals.
  • Don’t go mad about the advertisements: They are trying to attract you with their brand image but something that works for others may not work for you. You need to play smart. Start reading the ingredients and google about it. Don’t buy everything they sell. You skin may react badly towards some products and it will be at greater risk.
  • Use a mild cleanser: It is myth that you you should wash your face every morning because your face contains the germs. Your skin is sensitive in the morning. You don’t want to treat your skin with the harsh chemicals. I have been using the brand called Sebamed for a very long time. I use their cleanser and the face gel. It made all the difference in my daily skin care routine at home. By no chance, I am endorsing the brand. It’s my love for an honest brand. They make a very gentle cleanser and it does not irritate your skin at all. Initially, you will feel like it’s not cleaning your skin as it does not make any foam but that’t what it is called real for. There are no chemicals and your with the continuous usage, you will feel a remarkable difference. For those days when I am not working and staying at home, I use natural raw honey and wash my face with it. My skin feels really soft and clean.
  • Use a light weight moisturizer: If you are blessed with normal skin type, you can use any moisturizer since it won’t irritate your skin and your skin will adapt to it but if you have a sensitive and oily skin, you will have to take extra care while selecting a suitable moisturizer for yourself. Choose the one that does not feel heavier on your skin. I use a face gel from the Sebamed brand and trust me it cleared up my acne. It did take it own time but proved to be an effective product. It contains aloe vera gel which has soothing properties and it did not irritate my skin at all. Sometimes I skip my primer when I apply makeup. This works as a smooth base for the foundation to glide on easily.
  • Use non comedogenic makeup: Makeup does not cause acne but the wrong one does harm your skin. You need to use the the “right kind” of makeup. I was earlier using the MAC foundation which honestly broke my skin and my skin started breaking up. MAC is a gorgeous brand but for my skin, it was not the one. I shifted to Clinique and this brand is the best for the sensitive skin type. I don’t apply so many products on my face. You need to keep it simple. If your skin does not react well to the liquid foundations, you can go for cushion foundations. This foundation will moisturize your skin and gives you medium to full coverage. I apply cushion foundation everyday. You must check out the cushion foundation from the Clinique brand. It is quite good.
  • Follow a night time skin care ritual: If you can’t do without makeup, you have to take extra care of your skin and maintain a daily skin care routine at home. It’s advisable to use a mild cleanser in the morning but for the evening, you need a good cleanser to clean your face and get rid of all the makeup. I use Clean and Clear face wash. Some people complain about it that it makes your skin really dry but it does its work well. You should always use a moisturizer after washing your face at night to maintain the PH balance of your skin.
  • Don’t over wash your face: The natural oil on your skin is really healthy for the glowing skin. Don’t run it by over washing it.Was your face twice a day.
  • Make your own DIY face mist: This will keep your skin hydrated. Take a cucumber and cut the slices. Take a bowl and add normal water and rose water in the ratio of 1:1. Now keep the slices in this water for the whole night and cover the lid. In the morning, pour this water in the spray bottle. If you need freshness and hydrating skin anytime in the day, you can spray this water on your face. It gives you intense glow. I always use this before applying the makeup.
  • Drink lots of water: You probably hear this all the time but tell me honestly did you follow it? We always look for the complicated solutions where as we already have the most sorted solutions for the basic problems. Keep yourself hydrated all day. You need to get rid of the toxins inside your body. Keep drinking water to cleanse the system.
  • Eat the right food. You have to skip the oily foods, sugar and white bread. These are your biggest enemies. Get rid of them as soon as possible. Eat the right food like green veggies, nuts, omega fatty acids, proteins, carbs and lots of liquid. Once a week you can have a cheat day.
  • Workout. I see a great change on my skin when I workout for the whole week. When you workout, you tend to sweat a lot. This way, you body will get rid of the toxins. Your blood will flow and you will notice that your skin glows from within and that means you have to work really less on makeup. Always remember, workout should never be a punishment. It’s a lifestyle that will pay you in the later years,
  • Stay stress free: I know that you are going through the worse time in your life. It could be the breakup or a demise. You don’t have to let it consume you. The pain can either fuel you or it can consume you. Use it for the right purpose. Take good care of your skin and take the best care of yourself. You will grow as a person and a good skin always keeps you confident.

These were the steps to follow for daily skin care routine at home for oily skin.

Sometimes all we need is the simple process to follow rather than following a complicated one. Don’t experiment all the products. If you get comfortable with one product then stick to it. Focusing on only skin care products won’t do the miracle. You need to keep a check on your diet. Eat fresh, eat clean and keep moving your body. This might take some time but remember that you are doing this for a long term benefit. Your skin will thank you later. There is no short term process and if somebody claims it, beware of it. Don’t be careless when it comes to your skin and body. Take the best care and follow a strict regimen. Initially you will feel it as if it’s a task everyday but eventually you will be comfortable with your skin care routine. You can follow the home remedies to get rid of the oily skin. Check out this article for some great information. How to get rid of oily skin in just 7 days.

Just keep in mind the basic things that you need to follow everyday. Trust me, if you will follow this daily skin care routine at home for oily skin, you will see a big change in your skin. I hope this information helps. Share with the one who needs this right now.

Take care.

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  1. Neetu says:

    Hey hi
    What products you use for ctm regime at day and night and what to do in the condition of breakouts

    1. I use Sebamed products. Their cleansing foam wash and clear face gel is amazing for breakout prone skin. I have sensitive skin.

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