How to wear a fashion accessory in 2017.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. We buy a bulk of outfits throughout the year and yet are never satisfied. We can never have enough! You look at yourself and wonder what is missing? Every girl goes through the same chaos. Your outfit alone can transform the whole look but you can’t wear those “best” outfits every day. There will be days when you won’t be able to find a perfect outfit for a day and there are days when you don’t feel like dressing up and yet can’t avoid the occasion so for all the troubling days, our biggest savior is an amazing “fashion accessory.” A fashion accessory will take your outfit to the next level. I love wearing at least one fashion accessory with my outfit. Some outfits are way too perfect to completely transform the look and are quite edgy while others need a suitable fashion accessory to create a balance and an edge to them. Today we will be talking about different ways to wear a fashion accessory in 2017 and what are the latest accessory trends that will be huge in 2017. Let’s get started:

How to wear a fashion accessory in 2017.

It can be a statement necklace, nice detailed handbag, hot sunglasses, hand harness, head cuffs etc. Accessories are going to be huge in 2017. You will see every fashionista flaunting it. It’s the best time to show your personal style statement. Time to flaunt your beautiful neck and collar bones.

Let’s talk about the different outfit ideas to create with the help of a fashion accessory.

Statement necklace: Simplicity is the key when working around an eye-catching statement necklace. With just one statement necklace, you can create endless designs and styles and there are numerous possibilities. Start mixing and matching and explore your creative side. There are various types of statement necklace. Let’s talk about them in details.


  • Neon Necklace: I love neon. I get attracted towards anything that is neon, be it an outfit or a fashion accessory. Neon creates a loud and bold statement so you need to take care of the colors of the outfit. I love to pair my neon necklace with basic tee shirts. Choose colors like white, navy, black, gray. You can wear a neon necklace like this with a gray or a white tee shirt to create an oomph to your casual wear outfits. It looks cool and stunning at the same time.

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  • Bib Necklace: It has a broad front section that covers the part of the chest. These were quite common in 2013 and are back with an edge. These necklaces have the ability to spice up the outfit. Tired of wearing those plain tank tops. Oomph up your look by wearing a stunning bib necklace. You can also wear a bib necklace with a classic button down shirt or how about a classic LITTLE BLACK DRESS?

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  • Sparkly necklace: There is no better combination than a combination of a chambray shirt, red lipstick and a sparkly sexy. It is such a gorgeous combination for an evening look.
  • Dainty necklace: If you are a minimalist, this fashion accessory is for you. Simple and elegant are the perfect terms to describe the beauty of this necklace. There are outfits which do not demand too much attention but are already way too polished and elegant. I love to pair such outfits with many layers of thin necklaces in different sizes.

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  • Tribal Necklace: The name says it all. It is inherited from a culture and looks rich and natural. This look is not that easy to pull off. Don’t do experiments rather choose a minimal approach because this fashion accessory creates a very bold statement. The key to this fashion accessory is moderation. Keep the balance between your outfit and your accessory. If you are going for something bold, keep rest of the things minimal and let the accessory do all the talking. I love to pair my tribal necklace with my off the shoulder tops. This top is really simple and it goes perfectly with this fashion accessory. I also like to pair it with my plain white shirt to create an edge to the outfit. The possibilities are endless.howtowearafashionaccessory
  • Chokers: Are they dead now? Everybody is talking about this. It’s not dead yet but there will be a drastic change in the design and the look. You would see more of a metallic in chokers. You can go with shiny gold and silver chokers with a pendant for a bohemian look.

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  • Hand harness: Since we have started wearing statement necklace, we hardly play with any other fashion accessory. Sometimes the neckline of the outfit itself is so beautiful that it’s best not to wear any necklace. If you love chains, bracelets, and rings, you are going to love hand harness. It gives a beautiful edge to your outfit so flaunt your beautiful hands this season.

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  • Metallic hair cuffs: Trends keep coming back especially when they are a hit in a particular season. One such hot trend is the trend of metallic hair cuff. We have seen models pulling off this trend so nicely. If you love the chic ponytail look, you should definitely try this trend. It looks chic and minimal. You can wear a sexy LBD( little black dress) with a polished ponytail and tie it with a metallic hair cuff.

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  • Wooden frame sunglasses: Yes these exotic sunglasses are back. You will see a lot of it in 2017. Wooden frames look quite edge and can go with almost anything. If you want to create a strong style statement, wear it with your business suit and bold and colors.

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  • Handbags: This is a must have fashion accessory. I absolutely love handbags. Every year there comes something new. Last year it was more about oversize bags, messenger bags. This year it’s more about pop prints in sling bags However you can also carry on with the oversize bags. Be little creative this time with your handbags and choose pop prints and bold prints.

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These were the outfit ideas you can create with a fashion accessory.

Trends keep changing every year. You don’t have to go crazy about them but just have fun and play with your creative side. Fashion is all about having fun and creating a style statement. Always remember to keep a balance between your outfit and your fashion accessory. Do go overboard and keep it simple and classy.

Coming soon with the latest 2017 fashion trends.

Stay tuned.

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