12 brilliant fashion tips for girls!

Today I’ll discuss with you the evergreen fashion tips for girls. Well she will talk about the same old tricks and all that quality over quantity advice. Is that what you are thinking? Then you have to give me a chance to surprise you! I breathe fashion. I know I know this is supposedly little passe, but trust me, guys it’s a full-time job and hell so much creative. Even if you are a CEO of some big company, you will always spend your money on the things that make you look good. Basically, we work hard just to satisfy our shoe fetish or some expensive jewelry fetish. Let’s be a real talker.

I am not asking you to set a limit. I just want you to spend smartly and spend on those items that really adds to your wardrobe. The whole idea is to do more with less. Have you ever seen a celebrity or just a random girl in your college wearing a simple outfit and yet she looks so classy. That’s because that person has added her own personal style to it. Right? I am gonna give you some fab tips to shop like a fashion editor. Sounds cool? Let’s get started…

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Fashion tips for girls that will make you look like a million dollar.

  • Invest in subtle items: Be it a funky jewelry, fancy shoes, blingy outfits. Be sure of whether you’re going to wear it the next time. Wearing it just once is such a wastage and makes you look like a fool. Ain’t it? That’s not a smart move at all. We girls end up buying everything that looks cute. Damn, girls are expensive! Just kidding! Invest in subtle clothing. Be real. You don’t have to force yourself into the dress because not everything is meant for you. You can look absolutely gorgeous in some other outfit as well. Do try it once before buying it. Work on your buying decisions next time.
  • Bring the variety in your wardrobe : Whenever you buy something, make sure of the fact that you don’t owe a similar item like that in your wardrobe already. It becomes monotonous, right? If you have always been wearing a little black dress for the evening parties,why don’t you go for something different this time? Maybe a pencil skirt or a long skirt would look really stunning. It’s all about being creative and coming up with your own style statement. You can fetch inspirations from your favorite celebs but you should try to incorporate your own style touch. Trends are sometimes really creative and sometimes may get really boring. Why don’t you be a trend setter? Think about it and update your wardrobe with different types of clothes.
  • Shopping spree or addiction?  I bet this one. Every girl who is reading this would agree with me. You know the sales time in Zara, Forever, Aldo…we end up buying those ridiculously fancy things. We buy them in bulk but we never ended up wearing those again. Why babe? Not cool. I have been fooled as well. What’s the point of buying them when we are never going to wear it again. If you are working five days a week or even if you are a college going girl, you can’t wear fancy things in the office. So it’s better to invest in comfortable shoes, flats, sneakers etc. Invest less in heels and buy the best ones. If you want an edge you can invest in some really good flatforms.
  • Be creative with your items that already exist in your wardrobe: Everybody is going gaga over the boyfriend jeans. Why do you have to buy it? There is no point in buying it. Grab one from your boyfriend and get it done from the tailor. 50% of my wardrobe is filled with the men clothes. They are super comfy. All those eyes that get stunned seeing me in a men’s department..duh I don’t give a damn. It looks classy because I feel super comfortable. Sometimes wearing hippie clothes are more classy then showing off some skin.
  • Go beyond clothes: Fashion is not just about the clothes that you wear. It’s the overall look that you create. Invest in those classy handbags, sophisticated jewelry or maybe a sassy haircut. The outfit won’t look pretty if  you haven’t groomed yourself. Fashion is the attitude that you have to carry with yourself while wearing that fashion stunning outfit. Come out of the box and start being your own style guru/mentor.
  • Less is more: This is probably one of the most uselful fashion tips for girls. Let’s suppose you buy clothes from a flea market at cheap rates. You settled for less. You liked the clothes but you were not in love with those clothes. You bought them because they were cheap. Here we always go wrong and end up complaining always that we have nothing to wear. Don’t buy clothes that doesn’t make you want them at first place. Buy less but buy the best and the most stylish clothes that will bring some personal style factor. Let’s suppose you have so many clothes but you end wearing the one that looks just okay and not really good and meet your crush that day, you of course want to look your best everyday. Buy clothes that make you feel gorgeous everyday even if that means you buy less clothes.
  • Comfort is the key: Buy clothes that you are actually going to wear at least more than once. Comfort is the most important factor and one of the best fashion tips for girls given by every fashionista. When you feel ‘comfortable and beautiful in a dress, it shows on your face. Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Stay up to date with the trends: I do look up to the trends every year because it gives me so many ideas and I don’t buy everything fashionistas sell but I do steal some ideas and come up with my own ideas and create my own style statement. Fashion keeps changing but the style is eternal. It’s true but you should be aware of all the current trends. it’s quite fun actually to try the fashion trends.
  • Bring up your creative side: We are a sucker of comfortable clothes but sometimes it’s good to go little bit edgy for a more polished look. Edgy clothes can be comfortable too. You can take the style inspiration from the Bollywood fashionistas Sonam Kapoor or Hollywood hotties like Gigi Hadid. These ladies love to take the fashion risks and they are loved by their fans for their creative side.
  • Tips for beginners: If you are a beginner and want to learn how to always look stylish then ladies this is the one of the best fashion tips for girls. Start with the accessories. If you love wearing basic clothes then you can start with the minimal accessories. You can wear a classic watch, hat, cool sneakers or may be a stylish scarf. Start experimenting with your clothes slowly. You don’t have to wear short clothes to look sexy. You can wear full length dress and skirts and pair them with crop tops. The most important thing is the quality. If it makes you feel beautiful, wear it!

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  • Color selection: Choose the right colors. Don’t choose extra loud colors. If you love loud colors then wear it with something subtle. Keep other piece of clothing subtle. Experiment with the colors but don’t go crazy about it.
  • Make a wish list of basic wardrobe essentials: You don’t need everything expensive in your wardrobe but their are few items that will stay in your wardrobe forever. Invest in these pieces because it’s going to be worth it. The list is as follows: Classic black tote bag(everyday wear), plain basic t-shirts, light and dark wash skinny jeans, little black dress, sling bag with gold chain (party), classic gold watch, black pumps, aviators, sneakers or pointed shoes, cute summer t shirt and shirt dresses ( summer), trench coat and leather jacket ( winters) etc and the list goes on according to your preference.

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  • Confidence: Fake it till you make it! You don’t become a fashionista in one day. With practice you will definitely become one! I remember how crazy I looked back then but I developed an interest in fashion and I use to read so many magazines and articles and eventually my dressing sense have improved a lot. I admire myself and so my near and dear ones. It feels so good when a random person comes and gives you a compliment at a public place. You should always look confident in your outfit. I have done so many mistakes when it comes to fashion but today I am much more confident about it.

These were the best fashion tips for girls.

I felt I was writing my own story but honestly  girls each and every tip has helped me a lot to improve my dressing sense. I am sure it’s going to help you as well. Let me know if you enjoyed reading this because it inspires me a lot to come up with more and more articles like these.  🙂 So next time if you get a compliment on your dress, tell them that you are JUST BEING FAB 😉

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  1. priyanka says:

    never able to understand what does a boyfriend jeans mean will u plz help about it .

    1. These are baggy, wide and tattered.Boys generally wear cool hippy jeans so the whole idea behind this concept of fashion is that it’s meant to look like you have borrowed this effortless look from your boyfriend.

  2. Setups to find are really difficult, this has really made my work a lot easier. Very perfectly explained its really necessary to know which one is better between the two. Keep up your writing skill.

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