Fashion Trends that I will never wear and why.

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I want to talk about the fashion trends that I would never wear and why. I have been obsessed with models since I was like 15 years old. I was envious of them. Their body frame is completely different. They are always on a diet and it was stupid of me to even compare my body with them. Models are quite fashionable but there is a difference between fashion and style. Style is something that is personal to you and fashion is what you are offered four times a year by designers.

It’s really hard to follow new trends always and there is no compulsion. Nobody is going to arrest you for not following the current trend. For example you can see every other fashionista wearing Adidas superstar shoes and I am not able to convince myself to buy them. This is a trend and I don’t follow them blindly. Staying up to date with the trends is cool but I don’t know when you don’t feel like buying it, do not buy it. I really love the idea of white shoes and I would definitely buy them soon because I can do so much and wear them with so many outfits.

Let’s quickly talk about the fashion trends I would never wear and the reason behind that.

This is my personal opinion and your’s can be different which is completely okay. πŸ™‚


  • Capri pants: Are they cute? No never. Capri pants look unflattering. I see women wearing them with skirts and shorts. Please don’t do that. It makes you look petite and fatty unlike the cigarette pants that will make you look leaner and longer.
  • Floppy Hats: Don’t wear a hat that doesn’t fit you. It’s quite tricky actually. Sometimes it can make you look like a clown as well.hat-1674950_1280
  • Jackets with different color sleeves: Just imagine yourself in that attire. Damn. Need I say more?
  • Fringe: A little fringe goes a long way. Fringe sweater, fringe bag..stop there. Over doing it looks completely stupid.colors-1267183_1280
  • Dressing like a barbie: Look we all know you are very pretty, you don’t have to look like a barbie all the time. Sorry if it sounds rude but girl accept it. Too much pink? I think you need to take a chill.
  • Strapless top: I did try few of them but it just makes my shoulder look broader and it looks and feel uncomfortable. Not something, I’ll try again. It’s not about a perfect body. It’s something that doesn’t look appealing always.
  • Cheap big buckle belts: A big no-no! It looks very tacky and can easily ruin your outfit.
  • Bangle bracelets: I use to wear those bangles with a plain-tee but I see women wearing them in 2016 as well. The problem is not with them but the whole styling thing. It should look appropriate and trust me if it creates noise, it’s going to be annoying for people around you.
  • Leopard prints: slipons-522424_1280It looks tarty most of the time. It makes you look fatty and if you wear the bad quality, it looks really cheap and unflattering.
  • Long t-shirts: I love t-shirt dresses but some people carry it in a wrong way. You can not wear an oversize t-shirt and go in the market. T-shirt dresses are beautifully designed with an appropriate arm length. Do not wear tees longer than your shorts and skirts.
  • Bling in shoes: I do not like bling in shoes. I know you want an edge in the outfit but it can go wrong. Bling looks loud and inappropriate in shoes. Little goes long way but over use of bling looks very dressy and over the top.
  • High-low dress: I saw these online last year and I disliked them. I don’t get how it looks. Short in the front and long from the back. Ah, I am not sure whether I would ever like to wear it.
  • Crocs: beach-825535_1280That plastic looking expensive thing. It’s not even close to comfortable and I had a bad experience wearing them. It gave me blisters.
  • Bralettes: I you are wearing them at the beach, it is all right but are you thinking to wear them in the market. Do think thrice about your decision. It’s cute but it’s not cute to wear them everywhere.
  • Uggs: Uggs don’t look attractive. It makes your feet look giant. I love shoes that accentuate the shape of your feet. If you are still thinking to wear them, please wear them in the winters and buy the right fit.
  • Birken stocks: These sandals look like they would be worn by an 80 year old grandpa like seriously.The worst part is that they charge so much for them. Like why?
  • Ultra high heels:The first time I tried one I fell in love with the way they looked. Until I actually went somewhere in those heels and experienced firsthand those are torture. I promised myself to never wear one again, and then I saw another pair that looked absolutely gorgeous. The damn things do look gorgeous but when you walk in them and the way you look, it’s very sad.
  • Dropped crotch pants: It seriously looks like you are wearing diapers inside. Bad.
  • Shoulder pads: I do not like them. It was designed for the purpose to make women look confident but it actually looks like you are going for a war. A bit too edgy.
  • Extreme low waist jeans: Flaunting your underwear label was/has never been a fashion. Stop doing that please. It sucks.
  • Camo:Β I’m really sick of seeing camouflage everywhere. Camo cargo shorts, camo pants, camo straight down to your boxers.
  • Offensive words: I just saw a woman wearing a tee-shirt that says “HI, BITCH” on it. It does not look cool, trust me and makes you look like a fool.
  • Harem pants: They look weird from every angle. I can never like them, no matter how hard I try.
  • Super loud jewelry: Overwhelmed jewelries. Jewelry that clanks and makes a lot of noise is a no no.
  • Leg warmers:carnival-1143728_1280 I don’t find them cute at all. It looks good on kids though.
  • Flower print shirts for men: I am okay with men wearing pink., it makes you look bold and daring but floral prints on men look quite decorative. It makes you look girly and not cute.
  • Scoop neck tees:Β That ridiculously big scoop damn, it doesn’t look good at all. Go for an appropriate length that looks sexy and decent at the same time.

These were the fashion trends that I’ll never wear.

The best advice I have ever got is that don’t follow the trends, follow your body. Trends come and go. But style lasts a lifetime.Do not hate me for hating these trends.Β 
It is always a personal choice. I have surely done many fashion blunders in my past but with times comes the smartness and I just wanted to share my experience.

I am looking forward to your comments, do let me know which trend you hate the most and also why.

Stay sassy.

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