Get your summer body ready!

Hello my lovies…what’s up with you all?

I want you all to get all charged up and fasten your seat belts because I am feeling super excited to share the fitness goals for 2016!

This year has brought a new kind of energy  and motivation. We all want to look healthy. This time, let’s go beyond healthy. We will strive to achieve more and more. Will you join me? Oh well thank you. Let’s start then!

  • Choose your favorite kind of workout:
    We all want to reach the same destination but there are different ways to achieve it. You can take any path. It doesn’t really matter. We all go through that boring dead phase once in a while. Last year I took few dance sessions and I am dead sure about the fact that dance can make you lively again. It has a great impact on your overall health. You make a bond with several amazing people. That ways you feel less stressed out. Dance is my favorite workout and I literally go crazy and become a happier and a positive person.


  • Keep a check on what you take inside:
    Eat most of the calories in the morning and opt for smaller meals as the day goes on. Have egg whites and yogurt in the morning. You have to take healthy carbs and proteins. Avoid starchy carbs like bread, pasta, rice etc. Opt for high fiber grains like quinoa. If you wanna gain a little muscle go for grilled chicken and green leafy veggies.


  • Sleep in your workout clothes:
    This is the best tip I have ever received. When you wake up in the morning , you don’t have to waste your time searching for your workout clothes. It keeps a check for you and motivates you to workout. Ditch those oversize loose fitted pajamas. JK! It’s all about your personal choice. Try it once at least.


  • Pen down the motivation:
    There are days when we are full of motivation and thrill to set fire to our workout routine. There is something in our head that prompts us to work hard. You just have to pen down the reasons why you should workout and what is going to be the ultimate outcome. What are the reasons that stops you from hitting the gym. When you will see that there is hardly any reason, you will never skip a day. Make notes of how do you feel when you workout. It’s always amazing.


  • Appreciation:
    When you start your workout, you not only get the compliments for how smart you look but you also get the praise for the hard work you have been doing to achieve it. Prepare yourself for the coming years. It just adds life to your years.


  • Follow the best fitness blogs:
    Sometimes we lack that enthu to work , we need some kind of inspiration at that time. You will explore so much in these fitness blogs. There is always something new that can boost you up and you will stay updated with all the latest fitness buzz.


So these were some really basic things that are easier said than done. Right? This time, ditch the goddamn excuses and let’s kill this summer with our hot summer body  😉

Stay fit <3