Hair care routine and tips for beautiful hair.

Hair is the most beautiful asset of a woman. We all go through the days where are skin glows like anything and our outfit is more than perfect but still there is something that is incomplete. Hair plays a very important role in our overall personality. Well managed and beautiful hair looks gorgeous and enhances your beauty. We live in a busy world where we hardly find time for ourselves. We buy different skin care products but we forget to take care of our hair. Just imagine a beautiful face with damaged hair. Your beauty is always incomplete without the beautiful gorgeous hair. In this post, I’ll be sharing my hair care routine and tips for beautiful hair.


I am sure you are tired of trying various remedies. These home remedies work for a period of time and they stop working later on. It does happen because there are thousands of remedies and not every remedy is that effective for your hair. I am here to talk about the most effective home remedies that I apply in my hair care routine and tips for beautiful hair that really worked for me.

Why should you opt for these natural products?

  • They are 100% natural with no side effects.
  • They are effective for a long term.
  • No added chemicals.
  • Budget friendly.

My hair care routine and tips for beautiful hair:

  • For controlling dandruff and hair fall: There are two most effective remedies to treat the dandruff. Take some coconut oil and add some curry leaves and warm up both the ingredients. Massage your hair with this oil. Use it twice a week to see the improvement soon. You can also apply the paste of fenugreek seeds. Soak the seeds in the water overnight and next morning, grind these seeds to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on your hair and keep it for an hour. Wash it with normal water. Do not use hot water and shampoo your hair next day.
  • For shiny and silky hair: If you are using and heat tool on a daily basis, please stop doing that. It can make your hair really frizzy and unattractive. You can use it twice a week if you take good care of your hair on a daily basis and use a good quality ceramic heat tool. Take some curd and apply it all over the hair and leave it for good one hour. It will make your hair super smooth and silky. Take some mayonnaise and add few drops of olive oil in that and apply it all over your hair and keep it for one hour and wash it off with a mild sulphate free shampoo.
  • For hair growth: We all crave for long healthy looking hair. There are no magic pills. However you can try these effective home remedies to fasten the process of your hair growth. Take few drops of castor oil and coconut oil and warm it up nicely. You can also add some curry leaves. Apply this oil regularly for three months to notice the results. This is by far the best home remedy to increase the length of your hair.
  • For straight hair: If you go through the harsh chemical treatments every hear to get the straight hair, you are ruining your hair on a long term basis. At the end of the day, it is chemical only. Chemicals are harsh and can damage your hair to an extent that is beyond repair. No matter how much care you do but eventually these treatments damage your hair and your hair stops responding to even the high end treatments. To naturally get straight hair at home, simply take some corn flour, coconut milk and almond oil. Mix them well and apply the paste on your hair and leave it for good two hours and see the magic later. This method is temporary but using it twice a week will eventually bring your hair in that state and it will look more smooth.
  • For colored hair: Hair color brands in the market comprise of harsh dyes and can make your look rough and frizzy. Some brands claim of ammonia free color products but there is no trust value right? The best way to get natural color and highlights is to use the home made products. You can take the beet root to get the red hues. Boil some beet root for 15 minutes and wash your hair with this water and leave it overnight. To get lighter highlights, take few drops of lemon and one tablespoon of honey and apply it on the ends or all over your hair. Avoid the scalp area as it can be over drying. Now sit in the sun outside for a while and not for a very long time. Using this procedure overtime will lighten your hair and it give those natural golden highlights. If you naturally want to darken your hair, you can use the black tea and if you want to lighten your hair, you can use chamomile tea.
  • For extremely damaged hair: Your hair stylist will ask you to chop your hair because there is nothing that can be done about the extremely damaged hair. Yes I do listen to my hair stylist but at the end it’s your hair and you know better how they behave everyday and so you can take the best decision. I did chop my hair and it worked for me. The speed of my hair growth is normal so I was confident about it and went for it. My hair looked short but I got rid of the damaged hair. They were damaged to an extent that was beyond repair. I have to take extra care of my hair because I style my hair every other day. I love experimenting but I make sure that I take good care of my hair to repair the damage there and then. I apply an egg mask and mix one tablespoon of olive oil and half cup curd and apply it all over my head. I don’t shampoo my hair the same day unless I have to go somewhere. I just condition them with the deep conditioner. My hair looks full of life and this is the best mask for every hair type. 
  • Best foods for hair: You should eat lots of proteins ,vitamin C and zinc in your diet. Eat fruits that are rich in Vitamin C and eat eggs, oats, spinach, lentils etc. Vitamin C helps in building the collagen. Foods have direct impact on you hair and skin. If you take poor diet, it will show the results on your skin and hair. Half of the problem will be solved if you take a rich healthy diet. Nothing can beat a proper diet. You can’t expect for healthy hair if you are eating junk everyday.
  • Workout: A great intense workout won’t only help your skin but your hair as well. If your hair tends to become frizzy and extremely dry, you should definitely involve working out in your hair care routine. Work out helps to get rid of the toxins from your body when you sweat out thus leaving your hair with shine. You will notice the health of your hair pretty soon so workout is absolutely great for the healthy hair and skin.
  • Sleep: If you are working out daily, you must sleep fot atleast 7-8 hours. Your body needs rest in order to work properly. If you are living a poor lifestyle, it will start showing the results. When you sleep, your body goes in state of peace. Never dp overthinking before you go to sleep. Treat it like a luxury because it is a luxury. Your brain sends signals to your body and it’s all inter connected. Take care of your sleeping habits.
  • Hydration: Our body is made of water. In order to flush bad toxins, you must sip water all day. If your body remains dehydrated throughout the day, your hair will start becoming dry and brittle. Drink lots of water in order to keep the body hydrated throughout the day. You can add glucose powder in summers. I usually add mint leaves in my water bottle when ever I travel.
  • Keep it natural: Be it your skin or your hair, going natural is the best. When I was going through my bad hair days, I promised myself not to treat my hair with heat tools and color. I left them all alone for  good two months and I still follow this rule. Sometimes your hair will behave weird and you won’t be able to figure out the problem ever so the best way to deal with them is to set them free. Stay natural and don’t go for any kind of treatment. Follow simple things and maybe it will reward you later.
  • Home remedies: I always thought that home remedies are pretty slow so I always chose hair products in place of them but I was wrong. These expensive hair products do give an instant results but it will never be long term. If you are looking for long term benefits, you need to be patient and start using natural products. Our grandmothers were never exposed to these expensive products but they still managed to keep healthy, long hair. The reason is no magic but the simplicity. The more you chill with your hair, the better it becomes.
  • How frequently you should wash your hair: It all depends on your hair type. If you have oily scalp then washing on alternate days is a better option. I wash my hair twice a week now after oiling. My hair quality is become better. I have also started using mild and sulphate free shampoos. They are very mild and with less chemicals.
  • Protect your hair from harmful UV rays: Sunlight exposure is good for your skin as well as your hair but excess of everything is bad. Wear hats or don’t stay outside for long.
  • Use serums and conditioning mists: There are some good serums to use in order to tame the frizzy hair. Sometimes you are running out of time due to busy schedule so there are some really good hair products available in the market at the decent prices. I have made the list of these products.
  • Best hair products available in the market:






This was my hair care routine and tips for beautiful hair

I have explained everything in details and I hope it helps you. I know you are tired of trying things but not everything is meant for your hair. Find out the best method that works for you. Keep your hair care routine simple and these tips for beautiful hair are simple and there is nothing fancy about it. If you are looking for the homemade mask and the best home remedies for damaged hair, go through these articles. I am sure it will be helpful for you.

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