Top 15 hair hacks that are highly recommended.

I love hair hacks that actually work and good hair can actually transform your whole look.In this post, I’ll be talking about not only the useful hair hacks but also my hair transformation story. I want to give you all the tips because I know lady¬†that you are quite confused about your hair care routine and want the instant results and that how much you love your hair. ūüėČ

My hair transformation story: I had extremely damaged hair like damaged to an extent where it was impossible to repair them. No kidding, I have experimented everything and anything that you can possibly imagine of. Talk about the harsh chemical treatments, colored hair, heat tools etc. Been there and done that. The problem here is the obsession. Nothing is more satisfying than beautiful manageable hair. I wanted to try everything at once. I made it worse. It’s been three years now, I am in love with my hair. They don’t trouble me anymore and what worked the best for me was utmost patience and care. You have to give some time to see what works and what not and stop manipulating your hair. The worst for my hair were the heat tools like curling wands, straighteners etc. These tools make your hair quite frizzy and unhealthy. If you use it once a week, it’s acceptable but don’t use it every other day.

Let’s talk about the most useful hair hacks in 2017 you need to give it a try:

If you are a lazy person but still want that gorgeous hair, these hacks are a must read for you. These are not just hacks but also the useful tips that are for real.



  • Increase the temperature of the flat iron, it takes very less time to do the whole process. If you have this conception in mind that setting the iron at a lower temperature will do less damage to your hair and you don’t get that perfect poker hair look and you keep on repeating the process. What’s the point? You are doing more damage to your hair this way. If you have extremely damaged hair, don’t settle for heat tools instead blow dry your hair nicely. You have to make a compromise with the damaged hair.
  • Celebrity beach waves: You can¬†do the center partition of your hair and make two braids. If you have thick hair, you can make four braids depending on your texture and volume. Now use a flat iron on them. Voila! Enjoy your sexy waves. Once you open your hair, you can make a sleek braid at one side of your hair to give a more defined look.
  • If you are fond of a fuller ponytail, you can use butterfly clips.
  • If you want¬†the shine in your hair, you can use a hair brush with boar bristle.It helps to evenly distribute the natural oils in your hair.
  • How to use bobby pins on fine hair: Place bobby pins on the towel and use a hairspray on them. This way they won’t slip.
  • How to wash Oily hair: I have oily hair and I have been using the wrong technique to rinse my hair. I used a lot of shampoo and still, the oil never came out properly and my hair was left greasy. I started washing my hair twice and use a small amount of shampoo two times to rinse it nicely. This really works.
  • How to curl your hair faster: If you are late for an occasion and you want curls then do a center partition of your hair and make two ponytails. Now start curling and it takes no time.
  • Make your hair smell amazing: When I am about to leave my place, I always use a perfume and spray it on the hairbrush and then nicely comb my hair to give my locks a beautiful scent.
  • Best hair brush for the blow dry: You should have the knowledge of the right brushes for blow drying your hair. Use a ceramic hair brush. The brush gets heated up from the heat of the blow dryer and it would work as a curler or a straightener, whatever style you prefer.

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  • Make your own sea salt spray: Sea salt gives your hair a beautiful texture. All you need is sea salt to give your hair the texture, Epsom salt to give your hair the desired volume, aloe vera gel for moisturizing¬†and any essential oil for a scent.
  • Side ways hair: If you want your hair to part in one direction side ways and not fall back, take a section of hair and create a ponytail and keep the rest of hair loose that will hide the ponytail.
  • Bring the shine back in the colored hair: If you have light hair, try chamomile tea and if you have dark hair, try black tea.
  • Diy bleach for hair: Blend raw potatoes and add some water. Now apply this paste on you hair for an hour. Doing this for weeks can bring the desired results.
  • Use beer for volume: Some people believe that alcohol can dry your hair which to some extent is true but if you are using it once a week, it will make your hair bouncy. Don’t keep it for more than 20 minutes.
  • Tame down the frizz: You know those frizzy short hair that pops up everywhere. You can tame them with the help of a toothbrush and a hairspray. Just use some hairspray on a clean hairbrush and apply on the frizzy hair to tame them.
  • Diy leave in conditioner: Make your own leave in conditioner: When you don’t have time to wash your hair nd it looks dry and unmanageable. You can use this DIY (do it yourself) conditioner. Take a spray bottle and add water in it and then add some conditioner in the bottle. Shake it well and spray it on your ends and wherever you feel, your hair is drying and rough.

These were some really useful hair hacks that you should try.

There are other hair hacks for hair growth, hair fall, dandruff etc. If you want me to do the post on these hacks as well, let me know. I’ll love to do it.

You need to start with the basic hair hacks.

Keep your hair clean, use good products on your hair and keep them moisturized. Hair enhances your beauty so it’s really important to give them the required attention. If there are any questions you want to ask, feel free to ask.

Looking forward to write more posts.

Have a good day.

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