Hair smoothening cost and benefits (Things no hair stylist will tell you)

Hello women! Are you worried about the hair smoothening cost and effects? Do you fear things like this hair treatment will make you lose your hair and damage them? The most number of questions I get on my blog are about chemical treatments like hair smoothening, hair rebonding, keratin treatment, perming, etc. These all are temporary treatments done on your hair to give you straight, smooth and frizz-free hair.

Since these are made of chemicals, we all are skeptical of getting them done which is quite a natural thought. I have got done hair smoothening treatment thrice and it has been 3 years now since I have not done any chemical treatment to my hair. It is my personal choice and I am no way saying that hair smoothening is bad for your hair. I have gone for it thrice and there has never been any problem so far like hair fall, rough hair, etc.

Before we go on about the hair smoothening perks and cons, it’s very important that you know about the difference between these chemical treatments. It’s important to make the right choice for your hair. It depends on your hair quality and type.

Hair smoothening cost and effects.

Rebonding contains strong chemicals and requires high maintenance. Hair smoothening on the other side demands less maintenance and contains less harsh chemicals. Rebonding is suitable for people with curly and extremely unmanageable hair. Hair smoothening is suitable for people with frizzy but straight hair. Keratin treatment is basically done to improve the quality of hair and to maintain the frizz.

Why I chose hair smoothening only?

I was lucky enough to get the advice from a great hair stylist ( Affinity salon, green park). Again it’s no wrong to promote people who do great work. He suggested me to go for hair smoothening always because my hair was frizzy, looked really rough and lacked shine. I was always carried away with the keratin treatment recommendations by different stylists. First, they don’t use the genuine product. They will use the chemicals also if they promise you that keratin treatment will also make your hair straight. Second, they charge very less so that you make instant decisions. I took a lot of time. It is about your hair and you are going to use chemicals on your hair which should be no joke. It is okay to take time and understand why you are going for this treatment.

How is hair smoothening done?

hair smoothening cost
hair smoothening cost
The chemicals are applied to the hair shaft to break the bonds. These are rebuilt with the help of heat. Then these are permanently fixed by applying more chemicals. Your hair will remain straight and frizz free until your natural hair starts growing back again so it is difficult to predict the time span but it does stay for a minimum of 6 months if done rightly by the experts. Let’s talk about today’s topic now. Every woman’s doubt and fear.

Hair smoothening cost and things no hair stylist tells you ( detailed review)

Well, my hair stylist was pretty good but there are many in the market today who act really smart and have nothing to do with your concerns because all they care about their money and finishing the treatment as soon as possible. Take care of these things before you go for the hair smoothening;

  • The hair smoothening treatment takes about 3-4 hours of time. Make sure you eat your breakfast that day. You need to sit patiently and if you are allergic to the smell of the chemicals, you can buy a mask from a chemist shop beforehand.
  • Make sure to wear loose and comfortable clothing because the more comfortable you are, the more patient you will be.
  • The final look: When the hair smoothening treatment gets finished, you will have that poker straight hair but that won’t be the look you will see after the hair wash. Your hair might look greasy and flat after the treatment but don’t worry that’s going to be there till you wash your hair.
  • You don’t have to wash your hair for at least 3 days to see the perfect results. Trust me, when I say this. I have done the mistake and the results were not up to the mark.
  • Buy the professional range of shampoo and conditioner from a salon. It is the most important thing to remember. Yeah, I get it after all that money you paid for the treatment just not to invest more money. People buy cheap shampoos and after two months their hair starts looking rough. Buy the good range like Loreal, GK etc if you want to maintain the quality for long. The treatment stays for long, claims the expert.
  • Don’t panic due to bed smell or if they use heat on your hair, again and again, it’s a crucial step required to lock the shaft.
  • Always chose the good hair salon.
hair smoothening cost
hair smoothening cost

Don’t go for cheap thrills. The market is filled with cheap schemes but you must get it done by an expert or at least someone who is reliable. Consult your friends or knowns, you might get in touch with the right people.

  • You can do regular oiling once a week or however, you like. My first hair stylist told me not to use oil on my hair but Nikhil told me to do oiling because your hair needs the best care and it will help you to get rid of the frizz. Hair growth depends on so many factors like diet and not just on oiling of hair. Go ahead and do that relaxing chumpy!
  • A pregnant woman should avoid going for this treatment as it can give you some serious allergies and you should not risk your baby for that. It’s better to get it after a few months of delivery. You can use the best shampoos to improve the quality of your hair. Go for weekly hair spas.
  • If you are thinking to do this treatment at home. Dare not. While youtube does help us by providing free tutorials but most of them are complete BS! I mean they don’t even put the disclaimer in the video that it is not safe. You need someone professional to do that for you because some extra money should not hurt you that much. It is the matter of your health and since the treatment is permanent, avoid such stupidity and save money to get it done from the experts.
  • Many of you ask me if the hair smoothening will give them hair fall, dandruff or split ends. Well no. Nothing of that sort happens unless you are suffering from any disease or you get ill. Take great care of your diet. Eat iron-rich food, food that is good for your hair. Take hair vitamin, keep yourself hydrated. The hair fall happens because of poor diet and nutrition. Take weekly spas to restore the health of your hair. I do hair spa at home and it works for me. Save money while you can. It is very safe to do hair spa at home.
  • The cost of hair smoothening depends on the salon and the location. My first hair smoothening treatment was 10 years back and I got it done for Rs 2000. It was on my natural hair, the results were outstanding but it went really soon and did not last for more than 5 months. It was my first experience with the hair smoothening and I was not aware. My hair stylist did not give me the proper directions and the aftercare of hair smoothening treatment. Well, the cost ranges from 3k-10k depending on your hair length. I highly suggest you seek for reviews before going for the treatment and ask as many questions as you want because you are paying them and it is a permanent treatment, it can’t be undone later. You have all the rights!
  • How many treatments can I go for in my lifespan: Haha I know this is something we all want to know. I have personally gone for 6 till now. Ah! I am sorry for hiding the number. I was literally addicted to the hair smoothening treatments and the straight beautiful hair. I do feel guilty but now it’s been 4 years, I have to curb my addiction. Yeah yeah, my hair is doing fine and we all are good. Hahaha. I have taken so much care of my hair because I am somebody who lives on heat tools literally every single day. I style my hair in 4 minutes. There is a trick. Follow me on Instagram to know everything I do in my life. 😉 You must take a gap of at least a year before you take the next treatment and in that year make sure you take the best care of your hair. Don’t go for any other treatment. Eat the right food, do oiling and exercise. Hair smoothening works best on your natural hair.
  • Ingredients: Watch out for the ingredients. If you are skeptical about any, talk to the doctor or for that matter, even your hair stylist. These people are hair doctors. Some of them actually have the knowledge and can guide you better. Wear a mask, that ways you will not inhale the bad gas and smell from the chemicals.
  • Make up your mind: So your friend went for the treatment and this urges you to go to the salon the next day? Don’t do that. Research about hair smoothening as much as possible and take notes. Ask people who have got this treatment done. Ask about their experience and then decide for yourself. Maybe, you got to work on the quality of your hair. Your hair needs more attention and you can’t just use chemicals on them to make the situation even worse.
  • How can my hair smoothening treatment last for long: Well, you can’t make it last for more than 18 months unless your hair growth is too poor. You can easily make them last for more than 12 months by taking good care of your hair. Go for regular weekly spas, do the oiling with olive oil every week. Eat the multivitamins meant for hair and of course eat foods that are good for your hair.
  • Heat tools:
    Hair smoothening cost
    Hair smoothening cost

    You must avoid using heat tools on your hair after the treatment. You can do that once in a while but doing it on regular basis can affect the quality of your hair and you will definitely loose hair and your hair will get split ends and frizziness.

  • Focus on improving the quality of hair: I am telling you this again and again because I want you to understand the fact that the hair smoothening will work best on the good quality hair. Give some time and pampering to your hair and get it done after 3 months. You will notice amazing results. If you will ask any hair stylist, they will not tell you this because why would they care, all they want is business. They are doing their thing and you must do your thing which you feel is right for your hair.
  • Aftercare:
    hair smoothening cost
    hair smoothening cost

    Well the aftercare is not that fancy. Make sure you do oiling regularly, do hair spa at home and use the professional range of shampoo and conditioner to make the hair smoothening last for long.

  • Hair type: If your hair is extremely thin and there is no volume, I would never suggest you go for this treatment because your hair will end up looking flat and lifeless. Why put so much money when you know the results would be sad. Instead, buy volumizing shampoos. I use this one from BBlunt. Works great and gives me the volume and bounce. If you have very thick hair, you can go for this treatment but the result would last for good 8 months and it won’t be poker straight hair. Normal hair can go for this treatment anytime.

Tired of your fine hair, well say goodbye to all the sufferings sister: Read this How to get thick hair naturally at home?

  • Go for the regular trimming:
    hair smoothening cost
    hair smoothening cost

    Last but the most important thing to remember is to go for regular monthly trimming. It is extremely important.

I have seen many blogs criticizing the hair smoothening treatment. Guys, it is very okay to alarm people about the side effects but do not scare them at all. I did my own research, I visited end number of salons and asked them whatever I needed to and then came to the conclusion. It is extremely important to listen to all but then do what you feel is right for you.

Your parents or your loved ones might stop you from doing this because obviously they are concerned and after all that they hear on the televisions and social media, it is an obvious behavior but don’t worry if you really take care of your hair, like the way I mentioned above, the results would be amazing and please avoid doing this treatment at home, it can be really dangerous. If you don’t have the budget then wait for the right time, save money and go to a renowned hair salon. Quality is extremely important.

I am really looking forward to your experiences and do not forget to send me the pictures. You can always dm me on Instagram or simply mail me.

Well, this was all from my side of the story, I really hope I am able to solve your doubts. If there are still any, feel free to ask in the comments section. I always reply to the JBF family. Take care of your hair, this is the best asset that you have. 🙂

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  1. Maitreyi says:

    thank you so much for this post. I am skeptical of Hair smoothening procedure you literally clarified all of my doubts. thanks a lot. ❤

    1. I am glad 🙂

  2. Anubhuti says:

    Great article! Too informative 🙂

  3. Shivani says:

    Thanku very much …your article is very helpful…..I was tensed about hair smoothing ..bcos I applied
    2nd tym now

  4. Shivani says:

    Mam I want to know about home hair spa…please tell me procedure

    1. You can go for brands like Wella,Ogx etc on the sites like myntra, amazon. The best way is to apply the spa cream all over your hair ( not on the scalp area) then take a towel and dip it in the hot or luke warm water and remove the excess water. Put this wet towel on your head and cover it properly. Leave it for an hour and wash with cold plain water. Don’t use the shampoo. You will love the results. Good luck!

  5. Aalia says:

    Hi… I t smoothening done… By Schwarzkopf professional brand… It came out very good… I was wondering if it is necessary to use same brand shampoo n conditioner as the salon suggested..or can v use any sulphate n paraban free shampoo …since I m already using st.botanica hydrating shampoo n argan oil conditioner… Can I continue the same or I should purchase Schwarzkopf brand only… Which is very expensive

    1. I have never used the same brand’s products unless it’s a keratin treatment. Go for it, don’t worry.

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