Best home remedies for black lips that actually work!

Hello people. What’s the first thing that you notice when you meet a person? I notice their lips. I mean don’t take me wrong but practically when somebody speaks, you either look at their eyes or you look at their lips. I am very shy so I generally don’t make an eye contact when somebody is talking and yes it has nothing to do with the confidence. The reason why I look at their lips is because you can tell a lot about the person and how much they care about their body. It’s quite unattractive when someone has chapped lips. You know how it feels right? There can be many reasons and we all suffer from the chapped black lips once in a while. I am here to give you the best home remedies for black lips that actually work.

Before talking about the home remedies for black lips, let’s talk about the causes:

  • Smoking: The reason why I have put this on number 1 is because smoking is the main reason behind those dark lips. It contains nicotine and the chemical is responsible for the black lips. Notice people around you who smoke and you will see that their lips are usually dark. Well now you know why!
  • Caffeine: Excessive intake of tea or coffee can make your lips darker. I always feel that my lips look so dehydrated after I have my morning coffee. Well intake of caffeine makes your body dehydrated leaving your skin as well your lips dry and black. It changes the color of your lips.
  • Cosmetics: I am a sucker of nude lipsticks but I noticed this very weird thing that whenever I apply nude matt lipsticks, my lips become excessively dry and cracked. I have to apply lots of balm before using these lipsticks. Not only this but when I remove theses lipsticks, it’s very hard to get rid of them and the color still doesn’t go away. It’s quite harmful actually. One, because you take the chemicals inside when you eat food and second, the ingredients are strong chemicals and that is why it doesn’t leave the color. Over use of such lipsticks can ruin the natural color of your lips.
  • Licking: Okay so I am really guilty of licking my lips all the time because I love the taste of my lip balms. I apply it quite often and it’s a very bad habit. Well I have stopped doing it recently and I did notice the results. Licking your lips again and again would make them extremely dry and as a result they become black when they come in contact with the air.
  • Dehydration: Some people do not drink enough water and not keeping yourself hydrated can cause so many problems including the dry chapped lips. Lack of water in the body causes dehydration and it shows on your lips.
  • Sun exposure: Excessive exposure to sun can lead to dark spots and dark lips. It causes hyper pigmentation and since the skin of your lips is very delicate, they get affected very fast and as a result looses it’s color



  • Poor nutrition: Lack of proper diet and deficiency of vitamins can lead to dis coloration diet. Yogurt and other calcium foods keep the lips in their natural state so lack of calcium and not eating the citrus foods can lead to black lips.
  • Medication: If you are suffering from any kind of disease, your lips become dry and black because the medicines have strong drugs that can create problem for your lips.
  • Weather: You must have notice that in the cold weather, the lips become dry and chapped and in the hot weather, they become dehydrated. So if you living in the excess humid or cold weather, your lips tend to become dry and black.
  • Alcohol: Smoking and alcohol both are bad for your body and of course lips. Intake of alcohol can dehydrate your body and make your lips dehydrated.
  • Dryness: Not moisturizing your lips on the daily basis can leave your lips chapped and it can take away the natural color of your lips and also leaving them dry.
  • Stress: Stress can also lead skin problems and it has the same effect on your lips. It disturbs your hormonal balance and hence making your skin dry and lips flaky.

Now let’s talk about the home remedies for black lips. Natural and very effective.

  • Sugar and lemon scrub: Exfoliation is very important to get rid of the dead skin on the lips. No matter how much lip balm you apply, if the top layer of the skin gets damaged, you need to scrub your lips to get rid of that layer that is already damaged. Use a natural scrub made with sugar and lemon. Lemon has bleaching properties and it can turn your lips pink and the sugar will remove the dead layer. Use this scrub twice in a week to see the effective results.
  • Rose water: Apply rose water on your lips everyday to give the pink tint to your lips. It will reduce the blackness and will give your lips it’s natural color.
  • Honey: Honey has moisturizing properties and it helps to make lips softer and also keeps them healthy. Use honey and lemon and apply it overnight and you will instant results in the morning. Do that every alternate day.
  • Use a tooth brush: You can use a tooth brush to scrub your lips. I would suggest you to use a new one as the old one wouldn’t be a good idea when it comes to hygiene. You can exfoliate the lips by using this brush everyday gently and with time you will notice the difference.
  • Use oils: Use any oil like coconut, olive or almond because it will keep your lips plump and soft and will also reduce any discoloration. Use home made ghee at night everyday. It works effectively.
  • Keep yourself hydrated: It’s very important to keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water to keep your lips healthy.
  • Stay away from flavored chap sticks: Flavored chap sticks have some kind chemical that gives the color and the flavor and that can irritate your lips and make it black and dry overtime. Buy the herbal lip balms that consist of natural ingredients.
  • Lip scrub made of honey, sugar and lemon: I have already explained the properties of these ingredients. Lemon has bleaching properties, honey is quite moisturizing and sugar helps in scrubbing the lips. Use this scrub twice a week to see the results. It helps to remove the dead layer of the skin.
  • Remove makeup at night: If you apply lipstick on every day basis, make sure to remove it with cleansing milk and not just the plain water, Lipsticks contain strong chemicals and can make your lips dark.
  • Change your tooth paste: Sometimes the problem can be with your tooth paste as well. There might some ingredients that you are allergic to and if so then try changing your toothpaste and see the difference. Always buy a herbal tooth paste.
  • SPF: As explained above, over exposure of sun can lead to dark lips. Your lip balm must contain spf to protect your lips from the harmful rays.
  • Milk cream: My mom use to apply milk cream on my lips when I was a kid. It tasted horrible but it made my lips super soft and pink. I completely believe in this remedy and of course because it mommy’s favorite.
  • Coffee and sugar scrub: People use coffee and sugar scrub to exfoliate their face and you can do the same on your lips as well. It cleans your lips instantly leaving them softer.
  • Proper diet: You should never ignore your diet. It’s what you take inside that matters the most in the long run. Keep a check on your diet. Eat fruits, take proper liquids, include calcium and iron rich foods in your diet. Avoid oily foods and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol: It’s really bad for your body on every day basis. Once is a week is okay but you should take proper measures and drink lots of water in the morning to neutralize the effect of the alcohol.
  • Icing: Ice is really good for your lips. Rubbing ice cube on the lips will increase the blood flow and will automatically improve the color of your lips.
  • Cucumber slice: Rub cucumber slice on your lips everyday at night to get rid of the impurities and improve the color of your lips.
  • Do not take stress: Last but not the least, no matter what you are applying on your lips if you are not happy from inside, your skin never behaves well. Stay happy and keep yourself positive.
  • Apply mustard oil to your belly button: My mom has been been telling this since I was a kid. I don’t believe it but mothers are never wrong. I think we should give it a try, what say?
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Dilute some vinegar in the water. Now take a cotton ball and apply this mixture on your lips. Rinse it after 10 minutes. Do this every night before you sleep to notice the difference.
  • Fuller earth and honey: Make a pack for your lips by using honey and fuller earth and apply it for 10 minutes. Use this pack twice a week on your lips to lighten them gradually.
  • Pomegranate seeds : Crush the seeds and make a paste of milk cream ( malai ) and the seeds. Using it every night would give color to your lips and it is one of the best remedy to get rid of the black lips.

These are the best home remedies for black lips. Follow these tips to get the natural pink lips.

There are many other home remedies that I might have not mentioned in this post but you know what’s the most important thing you should take care about is your lifestyle. You can go crazy after these remedies and you still won’t be able to see the results if you would not follow the good lifestyle. Smoking is the worse. Quit that or if you can’t try to reduce the quantity at least.

Our lifestyle has become this way that we can’t follow each and every thing but you can just follow one home remedy and if you start noticing the results, stick to that remedy and follow a proper regimen. Just like your face, your lips need your attention and care too. Keep them healthy. These home remedies are for dry, chapped and black lips. It works overall and I have myself see the results so I am confident enough to share with my readers.

Any tips you want to share with us? 🙂

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