Best homemade hair mask for dry damaged hair.

Hi there. Today in this post, I’ll be talking about the best homemade hair mask for dull and lifeless hair that can improve the quality of your hair to a great extent. Our hair goes through a lot like pollution, sun exposure and chemical treatments, heat etc and it becomes dull and lifeless. To bring them back to life, we need to add moisture back to the hair.The homemade hair mask is great for damaged hair, chemically treated hair and every other hair type. Hair masks are for smoothing and moisturizing the hair shaft, so that it remains strong and healthy.

Things you need to know about the homemade hair mask.

  • Don’t expect for a magic in  a day, however your hair quality will be improved drastically.
  • Homemade hair masks are freshly made so there is no question of chemicals.
  • You can use them twice a week for effective results.
  • Overusing these masks can prove to be negative for you. Use it it moderation.
  • You can shampoo your hair after using the hair mask if you are using ingredients like banana to avoid the build up.
  • You should use the particular kind of hair mask according to the need.
  • Determine your hair texture and then use a hair mask according to the hair type.

Best homemade hair mask that will improve the quality of your hair.

  • Eggs + Coconut oil.

It’s a very simple, all natural and super cheap hair mask, which will make your hair stronger, softer and shinier.Mix 2 eggs (both yolk and white) in a bowl along with 2 tbsp of melted coconut oil. If you have long,thick,frizzy and curly hair you can add little amount of water. Eggs are very beneficial for scalp health resulting in beautiful, healthy hair.Wear your old clothes. Apply the mixture directly to your dry hair. Make sure to get it on your scalp as well.
Leave it on for about 30mins. Wash gently and then shampoo with cold water. After rinsing your hair, apply your conditioner otherwise it will be hard to comb your hair.

  • Avocado & Egg Yolk

Eggs can bring volume and shine in your hair. For a moisturizing, restorative, make-it-shine hair mask, mix it with some avocado! ½ an avocado and 2 egg yolks. Mix ingredients well. Apply to wet or dry hair and allow to sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing and washing hair.

  • Yogurt, Honey & Olive Oil

Honey is like the stickiest substance found in nature and you might not like to even think about it, I get you, but when you mix it with a little yogurt and olive oil, it can make your dull and lifeless hair look so beautiful and full of life. It hydrates your hair and provide it with the required moisture. Take 1 tsp olive oil, 1 Tbsp honey,¼ cup yogurt
Mix the ingredients well. Apply to damp hair, and allow to sit for 15-2o minutes. Rinse and wash your hair, and allow to dry as normal.



  • Mayonnaise mask.

Mayonnaise is made of emulsified egg yolks and oil, and works by supplementing your hair with the oils it needs to look shiny and full. Coat your hair in mayonnaise and leave it for thirty minutes. Use full-fat mayonnaise for the best results. Once the mayo has soaked into your hair, rinse it out with warm water followed by a regular wash of shampoo and conditioner.


  • Beer mask

Wash your hair with shampoo and then apply flat beer from the root to the ends.Massage the beer thoroughly into your scalp using circular motions.Allow it to sit for about five minutes and then rinse it off.Follow this remedy once every two weeks. Don’t use it too frequently because alcohol is very drying.



  • Avocado and mayonnaise mask:

Add 2 tablespoons of warm avocado oil to 1 cup of mayonnaise and mix it properly. Apply along the length of your hair as a conditioner.This mixture acts as a conditioner and you can use it when you have free time to spare. Keep it for at least 3 hours if you have time and wrap your head with warm towel for nice deep conditioning session. Rinse thoroughly followed by a hair wash.

  • Vinegar for oily hair

Take a mix of lemon juice and vinegar and start massaging into your roots gently for instant shiny hair. This also works great on oily and frizzy hair.


  • Coffee Hair Mask:

For some natural and instant hair color, brew a regular coffee and wait till it cools down a bit. Don’t let it cool down completely because the coffee should be luke warm for application. Start pouring the coffee throughout your hair and pull all the strands back to twist it into a bun. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash your hair. This will enhance your hair color and darken your hair.

  • Yogurt Hair Mask:

Yogurt acts as an excellent conditioner and gives great shine to your hair.Apply some plain yogurt on your hair completely from the roots to the tips. Make sure you massage your roots with yogurt properly and then leave it for 30 minutes or more till it completely gets dry. Then shampoo your hair with water.

  • Coconut milk:

Coconut milk is also a deep conditioner. You can apply the coconut milk directly on the hair and leave it on for 45 minutes and then rinse it off. Coconut oil is also very good to promote hair growth. It also makes your hair silky and smooth.

  • Banana, curd and honey.

Smash a peeled ripe banana, add 2 big spoons of curd, 1 spoon honey. Apply for an hour in your hair and rinse through before it gets dry. If it gets stuck, don’t panic, it will go away in the next wash once it gets dried. Shampoo your hair after an hour.

  • Fenugreek Seeds and Curd:

Take 3 big spoons of Fenugreek Seeds (Methi Dana), soak it in water overnight. Next day, make a smooth paste of it, add a big spoon of curd and apply the mixture in your hair. Rinse your hair after half and hour.

  • Mustard powder, olive oil and an egg:

Hair mask ingredients that you need are 1 Tablespoon of mustard powder, 2-3 Tablespoons of slightly warm water, 3 Tablespoons of olive oil, 1 Egg. First, mix one tablespoon of mustard powder with a little bit of slightly warm water (2-3 tablespoons of water should be enough) to obtain the paste and you can control the consistency of this mask by adding more or less water then add three tablespoons of olive oil and one egg. Mix these compounds together, until you obtain a smooth paste. Apply this mustard mask only to the roots of your dry, unwashed hair. Concentrate more on your scalp area.

This mask has a strong heating effect because of mustard, it stimulates blood circulation in your scalp, thus accelerating hair growth, it also helps to improve thickness and shine of your hair. Let this mask sit on your head for about 3-5 minutes, depending on how strong is the heat and how much of it you can handle. Even though this hair treatment is very effective mask. Try this for at least 6 weeks to see the difference.

  • Milk and honey 

If you damaged hair and they are prone to breakage, you can use this hair mask twice a week. This mask works as a great homemade conditioner. Take half glass of warm milk and add tablespoons of honey as required. Keep this mask for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with water.

  • Aloe vera leaves and olive oil:

Aloe vera is great for your skin and hair. If you are suffering from dandruff, itchy scalp, this is the best homemade mask for you. Both these ingredients provide moisture to your hair and is really good for your scalp health. Take some olive oil and add aloe vera leaves in it and warm it up. Shampoo your hair and let your hair dry. Then apply this mask for 30 minutes. Rinse it off with water. You can shampoo your hair the next day.

These were the best homemade hair mask for dry and damaged hair.

They will bring the shine and moisture back in your hair and will save you from the harsh synthetic chemicals. You just have to be little patient to see the desired results. Nothing magical happens in a day. Your hair has already been through a lot of damage and it is going to take good amount of time to get back to it”s natural state. Pick one of these homemade hair mask that goes with your problem and use it for atleast four to five weeks to see the actual results. These homemade hair masks do work and I have personally tried that, now my hair are much better if not perfect. Set them free from all heat damage an start using these homemade hair mask, it will drastically improve the health of your hair.

So I hope this helps you. Do not forget to share and subscribe. 🙂


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