Hottest trends of 2016. All about accessories, hair color and shoes.

Hi there. I am back again! I took a lot of time to write this post. I should have done it much before but you know people our new year at least mine starts at the end of March. You know it takes some time to know each other . Well, I guess I am doing the same.

Today I’ll be talking about the hottest trends of this year. Some of them are those trends who rocked 2015 and  managed to stay in our hearts. I am not so fond of accessories, in fact, I barely wear any but lately, I have been convinced to wear it often. Accessories can brighten up your whole look and give an oomph to your outfit. This year, it’s time to play with the fashion accessories so let’s welcome these trends with open arms 😉 You don’t have to follow them all. You can get an idea from these and create your own personal style out of that. Sounds cool? Let’s go!!

  • Cuff bracelets:cuff bracelet Do you like the traditional style. This year will be lucky for you. Cuff bracelets are interesting to look at. It gives an elegance to your overall look. The best part is they look so hippy with your casual outfits as well.


  • Wearing multiple rings:multiple rings Remember when we were kids we wanted to wear all the rings at once. You couldn’t do it at that time but now your wish has been approved by the fashion gurus. It’s a hot trend this year. Pick your gold and silver rings and create your own dynamic look.


  • Ear Cuffs: This year goes beyond hoops and studs. Ear cuffs look super stylish and trendy. They work as a perfect statement jewelry. If you do not like to wear fancy and loud jewelry then this one is for you pretty!


  • Choker Necklace: chokarGet that instantly polished look with these gold chokers this season.


  • Statement Necklace:statement necklaceYou can make a serious style statement with this.


  • Classy Clutch: classy clutchThis is a must have and it just adds an oomph to your look and works perfectly well even if you don’t wear any kind of jewelry.


  • Chain Bags: Another stylish thing to add in your wardrobe.


  • Collar Clips with chain: collar clips with chainThis one is my personal favorite. Sometimes your shirts can look too basic so to cover it up we often wear too much accessories. Rather doing that, go for these clips and you are going to simply love it.


  • Arm Cuffs: I am a fan of traditional clothes and I have tried wearing the pretty arm cuff with kurtis and it looked so amazing. You should always keep trying new stuff.


  • Head Pieces:head piece These are just so adorable.


Hair trends <3

Last year I tried experimenting with my hair and ended up doing dark blonde and gold. Because of my skin tone, it looked nice but I am bored with my hair color and will go natural this year. Let’s see how it goes. I have that innocent face (wink)  so my loved ones keep telling me to go natural this year because I have already colored my hair like thrice a year. It’s too much I know right but for those of you who haven’t gone for a hair color yet, go try these super awesome hair colors. Have a look!

  • Rose Gold: rose gold hairIt doesn’t matter if you have darker hair or a lighter one, this color looks pretty on everyone. The best part about this hair color is that it makes your features pop out. ( I am getting this done, can’t resist anymore.)


  • Neon streaks: I always get tempted whenever I see someone with the neon streak in their hair. Quite daring I must say . You can go for blue and purple. Looks quite hot if you love trying new things, you must go for it once. After all it’s temporary.


  • Color Melting: This is a very cool technique where your hair stylist will mix the different colors and a very beautiful color comes out of it as a result which gives multidimensional effect to your hair.


Shoe love <3

  • Strap designs:These are so in and literally goes with every outfit. Super comfortable and looks super chic.


  • Platform wedges: These are not going anywhere. This year too you will see a lot of them. Some changes have been done to create the different looks.


Well that’s all I have in stock for you today. I hope I made your life bit easier 🙂 😉

Keep loving me and inspire me to work more.

Take care :*











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