How to become slim: 30 powerful health tips for every woman.

Before I tell you how to become slim and discuss these powerful health tips, I want to share with you all that this year has been a roller coaster in my life and I totally feel that if you are healthy, there is nothing to worry about. Everything else falls back in place. If you are blessed with good health and you don’t care much then it is really sad because nothing comes easy. A good health is everything and our body is like a machine which needs to be taken care of. It’s a no-brainer and this is something that needs to be done anyhow just like you do other basic things like brushing teeth and taking a shower every day.

The Internet is filled with amazing health tips and I have been thinking a lot to write a health post and give you health hacks and I feel this is the right time to spill the healthy beans and talk about whatever I know and has helped me to get my health back.
Health is a ritual you need to perform. If you are young, follow these health tips religiously and you will thank yourself years later for doing this to yourself. Let’s dive into our today’s topic:

How to become slim: 30 powerful health tips.

  • How much sleep is enough sleep:
    how to become slim
    how to become slim

    You might have seen people guiding about the right sleep pattern and time. Even your parents tell you to sleep for x hours but who exactly can tell how much sleep is good sleep. Well through years I have seen that it depends on how much one exhausts himself/herself. There are days when I work for 10 hours straight and become completely exhausted and my body demands sleep for 8-9 hours. There are days when I do nothing but lay in bed with my laptop and these days my body demand less sleep and I feel refreshed even after 6-7 hours of sleep.

It is quite a personal factor and depends on an individual’s body and lifestyle. Similarly, too much sleep is bad for your health as well as it can make you very lazy. Follow your sleeping patterns and observe your body and decide for yourself.

  • How much water do you need?
    how to become slim
    how to become slim

    Our body tends to lose water in the form of sweat and urine. with my body, I pee a lot so I make sure that I keep myself hydrated. I am also addicted to coffee and it does make my body dehydrated. It really depends on your food and lifestyle habits. Water can bad for your kidneys if you drink excessively. Drink at least 2.5 liters of water. How much you drink a whole day at different timings make all the difference. Drink 2-3 glasses of water early in the morning. Then by 4 pm, drink as much as you can and after 4 pm reduce it 2-3 glasses of water.

  • Food habits:
    how to become slim
    how to become slim

    I have recently faced a lot of body abuse just because of my bad eating habits. I am somebody who lives on a lot of junk food when I am sad in life, I know it’s really bad but that is so instant and my body feels good after eating chocolates, shakes, and pizza. With age, I have realized that you need to strict with your junk food as well. What I do is that I set a routine ritual where I eat healthy food strictly for 5 days in a week and for other two days, I do eat my favorite kind of food. I cook for myself mostly and then I have a control on what I can add and avoid. You can enjoy liberty without risking your health.

  • Green smoothies: Well I have always been a smoothie fan and blueberry smoothie is my favorite kind of smoothie. My friends asked me to try green smoothies and I was really impressed with the results. After having it for good 15 days, it did make a difference to my skin. You can try blueberry and mint, kale, kiwi and banana, green apple etc. These are so good and super healthy.
  • Vitamin C: Whenever I was ill, my doc prescribed me a diet based on juices and he asked to have lots of vitamin C because, in fever, your body gets really weak and so is your digestive system. It gets very hard for the body to break the solid food. I believe you should take this diet once a week to detoxify your body. It feels light and good.
  • Fasting: My grandmother always told us to keep a fast at least once in two weeks. It was always considered good for your body. This way you are giving rest to your body and flushing out the toxins.
  • Never control your urine: I have seen many people doing this for hours and honestly, it is so funny and bad at the same time. It can harm your body so never make it a habit and do it as soon as you feel like doing it.
  • Makhanas: Also known as lotus seeds are very rich in calcium. They are a rich source of calcium and great for health.
  • Coconut water: Coconut water is really good for energy and it has helped me a lot to get rid of the pimples.
  • Nuts ( Almonds and walnuts) I always eat 6 almonds early in the morning but I always soak them in the water at night. It is so good for your skin and health and is a rich source of Vitamin E.
  • Bananas: Rich source of magnesium, bananas are the best form of fiber and potassium. It helps to relieve you from stress and are great energy boosters.
  • Eggs: I am mentioning my superfoods here and eggs are certainly my favorite. I always eat 2 eggs every day. I avoid taking more as I am allergic to eggs because my body produces heat but you can easily eat 4-5 eggs per day to complete your protein requirement.
  • Don’t skip the meals: We do so very often right but that’s not good for the health of your body, the reason may be whatever. Don’t skip the meals. Your body needs the fuel and energy to work to provide the essential nutrients to it on time. I used to skip meals and that just gave me a constipated body and I felt weak throughout the day.
  • Enjoy the meals: You don’t have to survive on the boring food. You can always make your meals interesting. I always sprinkle some lemon on my veggies and poha. I add different veggies and I keep trying new recipes. I enjoy south Indian food which is quite healthy as well.
  • Don’t buy the idea of fat-free: Do you buy every product that has the label of fat-free on it? Don’t! Fat-free products are not always healthy and it’s just another marketing strategy. Fats are good for you indeed. You need to keep its balance.
  • Keep your kitchen clean: I am a lazy person but one thing my mom has always taught me is to clean the kitchen always before sleeping no matter how tired you are. Your kitchen should be free of germs. It’s the place where you cook and waking up early and seeing your kitchen clean is such a good relief..
  • Deep breathing:
    how to become slim
    how to become slim

    As soon as I wake up, I do deep breathing and that just helps me a lot to feel better and energized. Deep breathing has so many health benefits. it just 5 two minutes of your day. Why not then?

  • Soup: Lately I have started making different soup recipes and it just keeps my tummy full and satisfied. Soups in winters are bliss.
  • Keep yourself stress-free:
    how to become slim
    how to become slim

    Stress can give a lot of anxiety and migraine pains. I know it’s very difficult in today’s life not to stress but you can do deep breathing and meditation to keep the stress at bay.

  • Gratitude:
    how to become slim
    how to become slim

    Practice gratitude always. We overthink so much that we forget to enjoy little things in life. Practice gratitude more often because life is short and if you have basic things in life, feel blessed. This is true and not just something to make you feel good. I have lost so many precious things in life and I know how it feels.

  • Plant-based diet.
    how to become slim
    how to become slim

    Everybody is raving about this diet. No wonder why. Try plant-based diet if you want glowing baby like skin. Just like you remove clutter from your life, remove all the clutter from your kitchen and adopt a plant-based diet.

  • Munching: We all love midnight munching. I want something to munch the whole day. Working women spend most of their time in the office. We feel hungry and need to munch something all the time. Carry a box of goodness like nuts, makhanas, fruits, protein bars etc. Avoid chips, colas etc.
  • Black coffee/Green tea  I am a coffee lover. I enjoy black coffee the most. It is my instant energy booster. you can have black coffee, green tea and avoid sugar at any cost which reminds of my next big important healthy habit.
  • Avoid Sugar: Sugar has proven to be the monster and can cause anti-aging and lots of other problems. If you are aiming for a good body and healthy skin. Avoid too much sugar. Fruits have natural sugar and you can have dark chocolate if you crave for something sweet.
  • Carrot juice: My mother has a clean glowing skin and she drinks carrot juice in the winters. You can add amla also. It does wonders for your hair and skin.
  • If you suffer from leg pain, you can add salt in your bucket and take a bath with it. You will feel a lot better.
  • Sunlight: It is so good for your body and if you stay indoors all day, it will weaken your bones. You need sunlight for the strengthening of the bones.
  • Keep your phone on airplane mode at night to avoid the radiations. This was something which my Doc told me. You can’t even imagine how many traditions pass through these gadgets. Switch off the wifi and keep all the gadgets away from you.
  • Take a shower before sleeping: It is actually good if you want a quality and sound sleep. The better you sleep, the more refresh you will feel in the morning and do a workout. It’s all about adapting healthy habits

Most unhealthy foods that you think are unhealthy.

Weight loss tips

These were the best health tips guide on how to become slim

Easier said than done, the most important thing is the implementation. Some habits become your lifestyle. What you eat and what you preach, you become. Health is very underrated. People are gym conscious but very few are health conscious. Only you are responsible for your health. Little by little, start adopting these health tips and I promise that you will thank yourself to be able to do that for your body.

Let us know how do you keep yourself healthy and is there any secret health tip that you want to tell this world. Let’s build a healthy community and help each other to grow always.

Stay fit, stay healthy.


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