How to do makeup at home.

I feel guilty for loving makeup so much. Makeup is my guilty pleasure. I can’t resist buying the beauty products once in a month. I started applying makeup when I was in my college and it started with kohl ( kajal ) and lip gloss and then I moved to the base and other things. I was intimidated by it. I don’t apply too much makeup but when ever I do I make sure that it’s creative and fun. If it makes you feel confident and kick ass then go ahead with it. I would always encourage women to apply makeup because it’s a beautiful art and a form of self expression. Do not get obsessed with it. I love it but I don’t feel awful without it. You get me? In this post, I will be talking about how to do makeup at home. It’s a very helpful guide for all the beginners and the makeup addicts. Let’s go ahead and discuss the most awesome makeup tips for the beginners.

How to do makeup at home. Beginner’s guide:

  • Know your skin type: This is the first thing you should do. Know your skin type if it’s normal, oily or dry. This is gonna set your base for the future when ever you will buy the makeup for yourself. Don’t buy the wrong products. If you want the flawless face with the help of makeup, you need to buy the makeup products that goes with your skin type and doesn’t irritate your skin.





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  • Cleanser: You need a clean and fresh face to start your makeup with. Choose a mild cleanser for the morning as you don’t need a harsh one right after you wake up when your skin is sensitive and not that dirty. You can use a strong one at night when you remove the makeup. Be very particular about the cleanser you use.
  • Moisturizer: Now that you know your skin type. Choose a good light weight moisturizer that doesn’t make you greasy and oily. It should feel light on the face and keep your face moisturized. Makeup looks really bad on the rough skin.
  • Start with the primer: Once you have applied a good moisturizer. You need to prime your face. Now what is primer? It helps your base( foundation) to glide on easily on face. Makeup is an art. When you do a painting, don’t you need a smooth base? Primer works like a smooth base for your makeup. It helps to hide the fine lines and wrinkles. Take a pea size and apply it all over your face. Don’t apply too much as it can make your face oily. You just need a pea size amount.
  • Buy a good quality foundation: This is really important if you want a flawless face. I have two really good foundations in my bag. One is light weight and that gives medium coverage and the other one offers high coverage. I apply the lighter one on daily basis as it feels light on my skin. I have acne prone skin and I can’t apply heavy beauty products on my face. I always recommend you to buy a good high end foundation from a brand, It lasts for a very good time. On foundation bottle lasts for 3 months. You can spend less on the other beauty products like eyeliner, mascara etc and buy them from the drugstores. Always buy a good quality high end foundation. Highly recommended beauty tip from the experts. I use a liquid foundation as it doesn’t clog my pores. I don’t believe in the bb creams. You just need a pea size foundation and you are good to go.

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  • Concealer: If you have a good skin with no marks then you really don’t need it. I use a concealer very rare. I apply it to hide my dark circles when I don’t sleep much and sometimes to hide my zits ( pimples).



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  • Eye pencil/ eye liners: Don’t begin with the liquid eye liners. It can become messy. Start with the eye pencils.
  • Lips: Your lipstick would never look good unless you have moisturized lips. Use a hydrating lip balm and wait for 5 minutes. Then apply a lipstick. I don’t apply lipsticks much but I am addicted to lip creams and the best part about the lip creams is that they are so easy to apply. Do try these matte lip creams.
  • Blush and contouring: I always apply a natural pink blush on the side of my apples on the cheeks and not exactly on the apples as I can end up looking like a clown. If you wanna contour your face, please check out the you tube tutorials and practice it at home. You just need to figure out the right areas and with the help of a tale comb, you will do it like a pro. If you wanna go natural, have a look at these gorgeous natural looking blushes.

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  • Invest in good brushes: I have already told you to buy a high end foundation. The second best investment would be the good quality makeup brushes. They last and forever and makes your work easier. Blending is the key in makeup. You need a good eye brow, eye shadow, lip, blush and contour brush. You can apply the foundation with your hands. The warmth of your fingers will help the foundation to melt and glide on easily.
  • Apply makeup with a light hand: When ever you apply makeup, use light hands. Don’t put pressure on your fingers. For a flawless look, you need to apply the foundation with light hands.
  • Don’t apply too much: Less is more in makeup. You just need a pea size amount of beauty products and you are good to go. Don’t ever assume that applying products in more quantity will give you more coverage a flawless face. You will rather end up looking like a clown.
  • Don’t cover up everything: If you have flaws and scars on your face. Flaunt them. Why? Because they make you who you are. Beautiful and flawed. Scars are natural and when you leave them uncovered, it makes you look more confident and graceful. Don’t hide them. 🙂
  • Master one thing at a time: It can be bit intimidating. You don’t have to master everything at once. Take baby steps. Start with the eyeliner and lip balm and then move to the face. If you will try to do everything at once, you will end up being disappointed and there will be no fun. I am not good with the eye shadows and have probably realized that I can’t master it so I always focus on my lips. You should learn everything but become a pro at one thing.
  • Practice will make you perfect: Practice it till you master it. Watch the tutorials and then practice at home. Don’t get over excited and buy the high end products. Start with the drugstore products and you will eventually master the art one day. All you need is passion and love for this art.
  • You don’t need everything: Makeup brands are coming everyday with new beauty products and it can be bit overwhelming. You don’t have to buy everything they sell. Not everything is meant for you. Some makeup products are so good that they are in my makeup box since forever. If you find such gems, keep it and continue using the same products. Make up lover knows how difficult it is to find that perfect shade of red for your skin tone.
  • Work in layers: You should always apply makeup in layers. I always apply very less foundation initially so that I get to know how much more I need. If you are going to apply more quantity in the beginning itself then you won’t be able to remove it if it’s gets applied in the excess amount. You should always work in the layers so that if there is a need to apply more, the makeup is buildable.
  • Quality over quantity: You should always buy quality products. Buy less but great quality makeup products. Trust me I only use 4-5 beauty products from my bag but I have like a bag full of makeup. I am always short of space to keep them. I have realized this lately that the better quality beauty products stay for long and worth every penny than buying and wasting money on those fancy looking products.
  • Try creating different makeup looks: There is so much you can do with the makeup. Be creative and have fun with the different looks. My all time favorite look is “no makeup” makeup look. You look absolutely flawless and natural.
  • Highlight one feature: We all our beautiful in our own way. You can either have beautiful eyes or beautiful lips or sometimes both. Play with that one feature and accentuate them.
  • Remove your makeup at night: This is so important especially when you have sensitive or acne prone skin. So before you sleep, remove the makeup with the help of a makeup cleanser and a cotton ball. Then wash your face with the face wash that is meant for your skin. You want to look good everyday and not just one day. Make sure to remove your makeup and follow a good skin regimen.


  • Stop touching your face: Never touch your face before or after applying makeup. It can cause pimples on your face. Keep your hands away. I apply the foundation with my hands but I make sure my hands are 100% clean.
  • Never share your makeup: I never share my compact and lipsticks. It’s not hygienic. Don’t feel guilty to say no next time.

These were the pro tips on how to do makeup at home.

I think I have explained everything about how to do makeup at home. This is what I follow everyday so whether you are a beginner or a pro, these tips are going to be really helpful for all of you. You should have fun while doing makeup at home and don’t be dependent on it. Your self esteem should not be dependent on it. It’s an art. Enjoy every bit of it and please don’t judge women who apply makeup. It’s their choice, it’s their life. If something makes them beautiful and feel confident then we are nobody to judge each other.

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