Hey there! We give so much attention to our skin but to look beautiful you need to show some love to your hair as well. Who doesn’t crave for long beautiful thicker hair? Volume in hair is the biggest issue many women are facing but it’s okay if you are not born with thick hair, you can get them overtime using these natural hair remedies. It is possible. I did it, so can you. This post is all going to be about how to get thicker hair fast naturally. All the tips are natural and safe to use and in fact these are the fastest ways to grow your hair thick and long. If you will religiously follow these hair remedies for two months, you will see the desired results. I am so sure of it.

My hair story:best hair I was born with super thin and straight hair. It wasn’t poker straight but it was quite silky straight and because of that my face use to look flat and lifeless. I am not being harsh on myself but trust me it did look. The beauty of the face gets hidden. My face looked bigger and it wasn’t attractive. I was quite young to ask for help or any kinda advice. When I turned 16, that was the time I started taking my hair seriously. They were quite short so any other young girl, I wanted to grow them long. I looked for the home remedies on the internet and even asked my doctor so I started experimenting the hair remedies and finally got a hang of it. It was a journey and today I will spill all my hair secrets here. Let’s get started.

How to get thicker hair fast naturally. Best hair remedies that worked for me:

  • How frequently should you wash your hair: It depends on some factors like your hair type. If your hair is normal, you can wash it twice a week. If you hair is dry, you can also wash it twice a week and on the other days, you can wash them with the conditioner. Just apply some conditioner on the ends of your hair to keep them moisturized. If you have extremely oily hair, you can wash your hair on alternate days. Don’t wash your hair every day, it will rip off all the moisture leaving your hair dry and dull.
  • When to oil your hair: This is something we all do wrong. We oil our hair when it’s dirty. It is not effective. You are applying oil when your hair is itchy and full of dirt. Always apply a hair oil on the clean fresh hair after shampooing your hair. You will soon notice the difference.
  • Castor oil:bestcastoroil

This is by far the best and the most effective oil to grow your hair. It is high in Vitamin E and omega fatty acids. It is also best to stop the hair fall because of the anti fungal properties. It works the best when it is applied with the coconut oil. It is very thick so you just need very little. Apply it on the scalp and massage it for good 10 minutes. Keep it for 30 minutes and rinse your hair. Apply this oil twice a week or at least once in a week to see the results. Use the cold pressed castor oil.

  • Coconut oil: Don’t we all love coconut oil because how fast it penetrates in the hair and it is so lightweight. It contains essential fatty acids that strengthens the hair follicles. Do not heat the oil and use an extra virgin coconut oil. You can either apply it with castor oil or almond oil to make your hair thick. Apply a shower cap and let the heat of body penetrate the oil into you scalp.
  • Take essential hair vitamins for hair:  You need to take the essential hair vitamins like Biotin, B3, Vitamin C to improve the health of your hair. Our lifestyle has become such that we don’t take proper nutrients for our hair so it’s very important to take these vitamins if you suffer from thin hair.
  • Foods that help to grow hair thick and strong: There are certain foods that help to grow hair. You must consume them on daily basis. Include sunflower seeds, eggs, almonds, sweet potatoes, peanuts etc in your daily diet. These foods are full of nutrients that are required for the growth of your hair. It really matters what your diet is. No matter even if you apply the most expensive shampoo, you will not see the results because you might not be talking the good diet. Have a proper balanced diet and avoid oily junk food. You can have them once in a week but not every other day.
  • Best hair mask to get thick hair: Use a hair mask of olive oil and eggs. I have been using this mask for years now. Trust me guys this hair mask will give you instant results and I swear by this. The process is bit messy but I use this once in two weeks or once in a week depending on the time and my schedule. It gives you instant bouncy hair and eggs are like the best thing for your hair. Olive oil is rich in fatty acids and works best with the eggs.
  • Hair serum: I was completely unaware of the uses of hair serum. I use to think that it helps to make your hair grow thick but no the only use of hair serum is to protect your hair from the dirt and pollution. It also helps to minimize the split ends. This won’t make your hair thick but it will give a healthy shine to your hair and would protect your hair from the heat and pollution. If you want thick hair, you need to improve the overall health of your hair so this step is equally important.
  • Honey and onion juice: Again a very effective home remedy to grow thick hair. Why did I stop using it, I need to start this again. One should always find time to pamper their skin and hair. Honey has moisturizing properties so it helps to moisturize your hair. Onion contains sulfur and helps in improving the blood circulation which is very important to grow thick hair. Use this juice at least twice a week. It is one of the most effective hair remedy.
  • Wheat germ oil: If you have dry flaky scalp, you need to try this oil. It has healthy nutrients that keep your healthy and bouncy. It helps to stop the dandruff and you can use it with coconut oil to reap it’s benefits.
  • Volumizing shampoo and Conditioner: bestvolumizingshampooI never believed in such claims perhaps because I never uses these shampoo but last year I tried these shampoos and they really work but the effect is not long lasting. How ever if you are going to use these shampoos on regular basis, you hair will get habitual and you will notice the improvement. I always us volumizing shampoos now or the one that contains protein that gives bouncy hair.
  • Deep protein treatment hair mask:Besthairmask You need to include this in your hair care routine because your hair needs deep treatment once in a week. You shouldn’t use it as a conditioner because it will weigh your hair down. Choose a deep treatment mask that is made for fine hair.
  • Stop using the chemical treatments: You need to stop doing any kind of chemical treatment your hair if are suffering from very thin hair. It’s going to make your hair look very flat and there is nothing that you can do about it. The best time to get a chemical treatment done is when you have bouncy long hair. Give some time to your hair. I would say good 6 months and then you can go for these treatment. I did the same and it really works. Want to know if

 keratin treatment good for hair?

  • Use blow dryer instead of flat irons: Suppose you have a party to attend so you can blow dry your hair once in two weeks, no big deal. Don’t use flat iron. Just take a volumizing head spray and spray it on the roots on half damp hair and then blow dry your hair at low heat. Your will look gorgeous and naturally straight.
  • Wide tooth comb: Start using a wide tooth comb and comb your hair daily. It is quite important for the blood circulation and helps your scalp to produce the natural oils.
  • Regular trims: I always thought that getting trims every month will shorten my hair. I was so wrong. It actually stopped my hair growth because of the dead ends. If you want healthy hair growth then you must get the hair trim on regular basis. A right hair dresser knows how much length need to cut down.
  • Curry powder+ curd: Last month I bought curry powder. This was the best investment for my hair. Curry leaves helps to grow your hair thick. You can either use it with coconut oil or you can apply the paste. Mix curry powder and curd and apply this paste on your hair for an hour. Rinse your hair with cold water. Don’t shampoo you hair the same day. You can do that but if you want to see the effective results, you should avoid washing your hair the same day.
  • Braids at night: This is one of the biggest Americans hair secret. They make braids at night to get long healthy hair. You can put some oil in your hair at night and braid your hair. Doing this for at least two months will make your hair long and healthy.
  • Do not take stress: Let’s suppose you are doing everything for you hair. Taking good diet, vitamins, oiling your hair etc but you are taking lots of stress every day, trust me guys I have noticed this thing that nothing is going to work for you. You will not be able to see the results. Please keep yourself happy and live for yourself. Nothing else matters. 🙂
  • Water is life: Your body needs hydration and water keeps you hydrated. Water is so good for your skin as well as your hair. Keep your body hydrated.

That’s pretty much everything about how to get thicker hair fast naturally.

These are my hair secrets and I share everything that made my life easy and beautiful so if you liked my work, send some love and please share this article with your friends and let us grow this family. I work really hard to create an article that helps you in a big way. Follow me on facebook and instagram to get the latest updates. 🙂


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