Long hair in one month! Secrets that nobody will share.

Hi! Every girl dreams of having long hair. Well, it’s not easy but who said it’s difficult? It takes constant efforts and determination. Nourish them and take the best care of them, in return you will have those gorgeous long locks. Today in this post, I will share my 25 best long hair tips on how to grow hair faster naturally.

How to grow long hair naturally:

1: Determine your hair type: It’s very important to determine the hair type because only then you will be able to help it grow. We all have different hair type like fine hair, medium hair, and thick hair. In order to know your hair type, take a piece of sewing thread. Take one strand of your hair, if it’s smaller than the thread, you have fine hair. If you have the same size as that of the thread, you have medium hair. If your strand is larger than the size of the thread, you have thick hair.

2: How many inches of hair can you grow in a month. You can grow 1/2 inch per month.

Long hair
Long hair

3: Stop the further damage: Now that you know your hair type, it’s really important to realize that already the damage has been done and you can’t do anything about it. Do not take it further and stop making it worse. Do not add chemicals to your hair. Do not use heat tools. It can make it worse. You have to pay extra attention to your hair now and pamper them more. Add moisture to your hair using the best products available for your hair type.

4: Cut the damaged hair: You can never grow the damaged hair. The only bet is to chop them off. Start it fresh again because nothing can be done about the damaged hair.

5: Go for keratin treatments: Your hair is made of protein. Your body should produce amino acids in order to increase hair growth. Proteins are those amino acids. You should go for keratin treatments if you have excessively damaged hair. Keratin is the key component in the structure of your hair.

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Long hair
long hair

6: Protein diet for your hair: Lack of proteins in the body can make your hair weaker, frizzy and dull. Include a good amount of required proteins in your diet like eggs, milk, chicken, nuts etc.

7: Keep your scalp healthy: It’s very important to keep your scalp healthy. If there is enough blood circulation, it will stimulate the hair growth. Massage your scalp with good essential oils and it will promote blood circulation. Whenever you wash your hair with shampoo, massage your scalp gently, this is the one of the best practice for healthy hair.

long hair
long hair

8: Healthy food for healthy hair: It does matter what you apply on your hair but it equally matters what you take inside your body. Best food for hair are eggs, nuts, and seeds, guava, sweet potato, oatmeal, green vegetables. Avoid sugar, white bread, soda drinks.

9: Castor oil for hair growth:castoroil This oil will moisturize your scalp, prevent dandruff and promote hair growth. Castor oil helps to increase the hair growth by strengthening them.

10: Avoid stress: Stress has a bad effect on your hair. It depends on the intensity of the stress, if it’s a normal day to day stress, it won’t affect much but if it makes you lose your sleep, it is a matter of concern. Stress can lead to hair breakage. Stay stress-free, stay happy if you want healthy hair.

11:Beer-rinse: Mix a half liter of beer with lukewarm water.” Pour it into a spray bottle and spritz dry hair. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse. Do this weekly to keep strands strong and glossy. It will give shine to your hair. This method is not effective for people with very dry hair.

12: Don’t use too much shampoo: It can make your hair brittle and dry and can take away all the moisture and natural oils.

13: Don’t use shampoo every day: Don’t over wash your hair because it can take all the natural oils. Natural oil is a very important factor to increase hair growth.

14: Use the right kind of brush: Make sure to brush your wet hair from the bottom to the top to avoid tangles. Use a boar-hair bristle brush to increase blood circulation in hair.

15: Exercises for hair growth: You should try diamond pose and camel pose. These are called asana. It improves blood circulation and helps in relaxing the mind. Flip your hair upside down and they comb your hair to increase the blood flow.

16: Include these nutrients in your diet to increase the hair growth:

  • iron
  • vitamin c
  • zinc
  • biotin
  • omega 3
  • protein

17: Hydrate your hair overnight: It is really important to hydrate your hair at night. First of all, comb your hair gently and then apply a nourishing treatment, you can use a spray conditioner to keep the locks hydrated.

18: Use silk pillowcase. It avoids breakage of hair and saves your hair from the frizziness.

19: Benefits of chamomile tea for hair: It enhances the color of your hair and promotes hair growth. It also treats hair problems including hair fall, hair thinning, and hair loss.

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20: Cactus helps to nourish your hair: The cactus can also help you to nourish our hair, you just need to cut some cactus leaves into small pieces and leave to soak in water, covering overnight to loosen the pulp. apply this thick mask on the hair.

21: How much shampoo? I have seen lots of people who wash their hair twice. They rinse it twice and use so much of shampoo in their hair. You shouldn’t put so much of oil in your hair. More oil, more shampoo you will need. It’s such a time waste actually. You are doing more harm than good. Put less quantity of oil in your hair and massage well. Don’t use too much shampoo, it will again dry your scalp and leave you with frizzy hair.

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22: When should you oil your hair: I have been doing this wrong for my whole life. I oil my hair right before I take a shower and I know that most of you have been doing the same but this is the wrong time to oil your hair. You should do oiling right after you take a head bath,when your hair is clean because when you oil your hair before shampoo, your hair is dirty and you are making it worse by oiling it. As a result, you will need more shampoo to clean it. It will become sticky and you will waste your time and efforts.


23: Do not over brush your hair Mothers can be wrong sometimes, yes. She has been telling me this since I was a kid that you should brush your hair as much as you can and do it because it leads to blood circulation and it will help to grow my hair. This is not true. It can lead to hair breakage and it did make my hair oily. You should brush your hair very gently.

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24: Do not take frequent hair cuts: You must have heard this too? Well, that’s absolutely false. You should definitely go for trimming but that too when it is required. When you have damaged hair and it is dead, a hair cut is a must-have. There is no science behind this. The hair growth process is slow so do not make it all the more difficult for you.

25: Choose the right hairstyle: Do not go for tight ponytails, french-braids etc. It’s good to experiment with your hairstyle but over-experimenting can lead to hair fall, breakage and thinning of hair. If you want to go for such hairstyles, do not tie it very tightly. Let your hair breathe and handle it gently.

These were the best tips on how to grow hair faster naturally.

I have mentioned everything here and hair growth is no magic, it takes it’s own time but if you follow all these tips regularly, well then get ready to see your dream come true. Good luck beautiful and if you already have those long beautiful locks, please share your secret tip! We girls need it always. 😉


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