How to look beautiful every day. 50 surprising ways!

This topic is way too subjective. As the title says”How to look beautiful everyday.” I want to be very clear about it. It’s not a scheme and there are no secret tips as well. The definition of “beautiful” is different for everyone. You know that makeup can do all the wonders and people who think that makeup is a way to bluff. No. The person might already have sharp features. The job of makeup is to accentuate those features. I have been through those days where I bought all the expensive makeup and I still looked dull. Then, when I realized that it has a lot to do with other factors. You need to face the reality. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes constant efforts but the good news is that you have total control of your skin and every day by following some remedies, you will be very close to your goal. Let’s talk about how to look beautiful every day.

It includes everything from skin care, hair care to workout routine. It’s all about a healthy lifestyle. These little things will set a base. Makeup is secondary. You need to build a beautiful canvas for the art of makeup.

You might be losing the glow because of several factors like lack of sleep, physical and emotional stress, hormonal, changes in the body, unhealthy habits such as smoking, nutrients deficiencies in the body etc.

Firstly, you need to know this fact that you are beautiful, okay 🙂 and you just need some grooming.


Let’s see how to look beautiful every day. These are the best tips ever.

  • Exercise: Go for a morning jog before sunrise. The morning breeze will give you the freshness and you will feel good all day. Do push ups, sit ups and lunges every day.
  • Avoid sun exposure: Avoid tanning or sun exposure. Sun or tanning ages your skin. Put on sunblock if you go outside. It’s so important to use a sunscreen, it’s not a beauty cream, there are no visible signs of results but it’s doing good to you and you will definitely see that in the long run.
  • Fewer carbs: Reduce your carbs intake.
  • Avoid sugar: Sugar is useless. It does no good to your body.
  • Increase your protein intake: Eat mostly lean protein, boiled fish, salad, and yogurt. Keep raw almond with you for snacks. Salmon will rebuild your skin to make you look younger.
  • Coconut water: Drink coconut water. Rub some of it on your face for 10 mins. Then wash your face. Your skin will be blemish free and brighter.
  • Balanced diet: Eat a good breakfast and lunch but a small dinner. Always snack with almonds or carrots. Eat in moderation. No big portion. Reduce the portion gradually every day. Do not deprive yourself of food.
  • Multivitamins: Take one multivitamin a day. Also, take liquid cod liver oil. It has omega fatty acids which are so good for your skin.
  • Wash your face every night with a soft and mild cleanser.
  • Stop plucking eyebrows frequently: Don’t do anything on your eyebrows. Let them grow. Then a few weeks later, go to the parlor and ask them to shape your eyebrows. You’ll love your eyebrows. You’ll also look better with natural looking, shaped eyebrows. Afterward, just use the tweezers to pluck the new hair.
  • Laser hair removal: Also stop waxing your legs and let the hair grow. Then when you get all the hair back, sign up for laser hair removal for your legs, upper lips, and underarms. The price has gone down significantly.
  • Stay hydrated: Add slices of cucumber, ginger, and lemon. Drink 3 bottles or 3 liters every day. When you wake up, drink water on an empty stomach. Your colon will be empty soon.
  • Sleep well.
how to look beautiful
how to look beautiful

Make sure to sleep well. Sleep is necessary to look and feel good.

  • Cut down on caffeine: It makes your body dehydrated. That will take away all the moisture from your skin.
  • Count your blessings for inner peace: Everyday finds 5 things to show gratitude. It can be the food on your table, the roof over your shoulder, the best pizza, a nice chat with a good friend, etc. Every day, also find someone to help. Go out of your way to help. This will help your inner glow. Stay beautiful inside, out.
  • Tell yourself that you are beautiful in your own way: Everyone loves you. In order to feel stunning, you need to believe that too. Force yourself to look happy and smile. Eventually, you’ll feel happy and beautiful.
  • Get nice clothes that boost your confidence: Buy new clothes. Get clothes that accentuate your body and you feel comfortable -not too tight, not too loose.  Also, buy shoes and accessories.
  • Get a haircut or a new hair color: Go to a hair stylist. Change your hair color to lift your complexion. Get a new cut.
  • Fall asleep before 10 p.m.
  • Sleep for at least 7.5hours
  • Meditate: I don’t do this every day but when I am really sad and low, I usually do this and it is so powerful because if your mind is distracted, you will never be at peace. Control your mind and get a beautiful and healthy body. Try to relieve yourself of stress and worries and think less.
  • Limit your time on gadgets: Spend as little time as possible facing a computer/telephone screen, especially at least 30 minutes before falling asleep
  • Read your favorite book: Dim the lights and create a nice environment. Take your favorite book and light up a scented candle.
  • Stop touching your face again and again. Your hands are full of germs.
  • Don’t wash your hair every day.
  • Don’t wear makeup every day.
  • Don’t use harsh soaps, always opt for mild ones or you can just skip soap on some days.
  • Run olive and coconut oil into your hair and skin a couple times a month. These are natural.
  • Smell good: Always have your own signature scent. It is a part of grooming.
  • Dress for the body you have and not for the body you want: Feel confident in your own body.
  • Good posture: Maintain a good posture and always sit and standup straight. Good posture makes you look slimmer, fitter and more confident.
  • Healthy juices: Juicing will clear out any blemishes you may have on your skin. Your skin will look more luminous and youthful. You can try a spinach, apple, banana smoothie. There are so many recipes around, but keep it natural.
  • Learn some basic makeup: Match your skin tone with the foundation, nothing looks worse than makeup that doesn’t match. Just wear a little concealer, foundation, lip gloss, some blush, minimum makeup, and you’re set.
  • Good hair- care routine: Whether you have curly or straight hair, you wanna just enhance its beauty by keeping its natural color. If you wanna dye it- go for it- just make sure it matches your skin tone.
  • Personal style: Opt for comfortable and classy clothes. It doesn’t matter what size you are- a size zero or size 14- wear what you like. Just keep it classy and chic; keep it simple.
  • Hit the gym! You will feel so amazing after each workout. It’s good for your state of mind. Don’t do anything drastic. You can go three times a week and get the desired results. Focus on being the best version of yourself. You can also join yoga classes, any kind of stretching or workout is good for your body.
how to look beautiful
how to look beautiful
  • Change the routine: Break that monotonous routine and come out of your comfort zone because a bad routine affects our digestion system and that, in the end, will affect the looks.
  • Don’t eat anything after 9 pm: You will notice the difference. Initially, it is going to be tough but later on, it will become your regular lifestyle.
  • Spread love, stay away from hate: Yes, you will find this kind of people everywhere who are always into gossips and talking shit about others and getting jealous. It’s good to maintain distance. Healthy gossiping never hurts.
  • Love your imperfections: Some people have freckles and spots and they feel sad about it all the time. Personally, I love them, they make you unique. In abroad, girls with freckles are considered sexy. It’s all about perceptions.
  • Smile: People are more attractive when they smile, yet most people go around with a stern expression on their face and only smile occasionally.
  • Sleep: Get a good night rest. The older you are the more you’ll see lack of sleep on your face.
  • Stop smoking:
how to look beautiful
how to look beautiful

It really does have a huge impact on the quality of your skin and teeth.

  • Confidence: You can do anything if are a confident woman and let your charisma talk
how to look beautiful
how to look beautiful
  • Stick to that one product: Don’t go on trying all the products that people suggest, stick to one good reliable skincare product.
  • Relax..we all feel ugly every now and then. Because nobody can always look flawless. Whether they’re fresh out of bed, or they’re stressed, or unhealthy, or feeling ill, or most likely getting old. Nobody can stay feeling beautiful for very long. Ain’t it?

These were some effective tips on how to look beautiful every day.

It’s your inside beauty that makes you glow. I have changed my lifestyle and my skin care regimen in the last few years. I was way too dependent on the brands and literally applied every new product in the market. I honestly wish now that if I wouldn’t have done all that, my skin would have been so much better than what it is today. People love my skin but I know what all I have gone through in the past and it killed my confidence. I wasn’t happy from inside and it started showing up on my face. Your skin is like a little baby. The more you irritate it, the more it will cry. Leave it free for some days and try some natural home remedies and include it in your skin care regimen. You will be surprised to see how happy and glowing your skin looks. It’s been two years now, I do get whiteheads here and there but that’s not due to internal factors. Sometimes pollution can affect your skin too. So take it easy peasy and do not buy the fake promises by the brands. Everything is done in the name of money. You need to be extra smart in today’s world.

Never forget, imperfections are beautiful. 🙂

how to look beautiful
how to look beautiful

I have seen beautiful pretty faces but they lack confidence and warmth. If you are beautiful inside, it would reflect on the outside. The workout is my absolute need when it comes to looking beautiful. The blood keeps flowing and my skin keeps breathing. Your skin needs oxygen and needs to flush out the toxins. The workout is most essential. Secondly, water is the best and the cheapest bet that keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized. These were some basic tips and nothing fancy. Follow it every day like a ritual and your skin will glow everyday and it really gets better everyday.

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Take care!

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