How to quickly do the makeover of your Bag!!

Whether you are a college going girl or a working woman, you will agree to the fact that we always get stuck when looking out for important things in our bag. Ah! That is a mess. We have busy lives and we just need to be more efficient in everything. Organizing things make life easier. I didn’t realise it until I started doing it. Doing little changes in life makes you more organized, efficient and creative. Today we will learn how to do a perfect makeover of your bag. Once you learn how to do it, you will be left with so much time to do your other important stuff. Follow a step by step guide and I am sure you will love these tips. Well, let’s get started.


  • Step 1–  Our bag contains a limited space. It’s not our room where we can keep anything and everything. Take a pen and a paper and quickly pen down the things that are most important and not your most favorites. There is a difference.
  • Step 2–  You need to buy two or three small size purse. Why? You will know this in the next few steps.
  • Step 3– Makeup is important for us. We need time-to-time touchups. Think of all the essential things you need. I always carry a powder foundation, a lip balm and a kohl pencil.
  • Step 4– Always carry small and pocket-friendly  size of the products. If you carry the beauty and personal stuff like a comb, a moisturizing cream or even a perfume bottle. Buy small size bottles. Add all the beauty stuff in a small purse.
  • Step 5– Let us arrange our cards now. You need your business card, metro card, atm card and your monies. Keep it in separate wallet because you will be taking it out often.
  • Step 6- When I travel a lot or get stressed, I get a migraine. I always keep important medicines in my bag. Make a separate purse for the medicines and other important things like bandage or painkillers.
  • Step 7–  Whether you are living in a metropolitan city or in a small city, if you are a woman, I request you ladies never ever forget to carry a chilli spray in your bag. Your safety is in your hands. Do it the best way.
  • Step 8– Make it your habit to clean your bag twice a week to stay from the chaos.
  • Step 9 – Wash your bag at least once a week. If you own a designer bag, you need to care all the more. It tends to get dirty easily. To extend the life of your expensive designer bag, make sure you take the best care of it.
  • Step 10 – Keep it nicely and always look out for the best quality. Quality is important than quantity!

I hope I was able to give you some useful tips and will keep coming with more articles like these.

Share with us one amazing tip that we all don’t know. Sharing is caring 😉

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