How to remove pimples naturally at home.

Hello! Today in this post, I’ll be talking about how to remove pimples naturally at home. You see that zit on your face and you get a strong urge to pop it? I have been there as well. I hate pimples and sometimes it’s so confusing to figure out the causes and as a result of frustration, we pop them out but are we doing it right? Does it make the process easier? Let’s figure out..

What is pimple and how does it occur?

When a pore becomes clogged and causes inflammation due to dead skin cells and blockage of excess oil. When your hormones are balanced, your pores allow the sebum(oil) from your oil glands to flow to the surface of your skin and keeps your skin hydrated. That are actually good oils but sometimes due to excess production of oil, it can turn into a puss and that is called pimple. Inside that clogged pore is a bacteria and your body sends white cells to fight that bacteria and as a result, it comes in the surface in the form of pimple.

It is best to leave the pimple as it is. It should heal by itself. If you try to pick it, that bacteria from the pore will transfer to the other pores creating more pimples. When you prick it again and again, the bacteria goes deep down into your skin and it can get more worse.

What causes pimples?

You should try to find out the reasons so that you can take proper measures. Try to figure out the common triggers. Pimples can be due to many reasons. Some people are allergic to food, some are allergic to diary. I always thought that the reason behind my pimples are the bacteria so I took lots of antibiotics, creams, gels, lotions and all that expensive stuff. Nothing could change it until one fine day when I decided to stop having milk. I use to drink 2 cups of milk. I noticed great changes in my skin condition, once I stopped having milk. I never knew that diary was causing the excess oil production resulting in breakouts.

It is really important to figure out the exact reasons, that only happens with the time. Prevention is better than cure.

Let’s discuss about the causes of pimples in detail:

  • Popping the pimple: When the oil is clogged, inflammation occurs. If you think that popping out that fuss would calm it down.  You are mistaken! It can create an infection leading to redness because the bacteria will pass on to other pores. The best thing to do is to just let it heal by itself until it becomes dry. Once you see that fuss on the top of the surface that usually happens after a week or more, it means that the fuss is close to the surface and ready to be drained, you can pop it out with the help of a blackhead remover.If you can go to the dermatologist, it is even better.Wash your hands with warm water, soap. Swab the zit with alcohol and pour some on your fingers, too.Dry your fingers and wrap them with a clean tissue. Hold the pin parallel to the surface of your skin.Using your fingers, or a cotton swab, softly squeeze the pimple. Press around (not on) the white tip of the zit. If the pus doesn’t come out easily, the pimple isn’t ready to be popped.

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  • Stop touching the pimples and it can lead to scars. Keep your hands clean. Try to avoid touching your face.
  • Clean your spectacles: If you wear spectacles, make sure you clean them everyday because your skin is producing too much oil and it can collect on the spectacles so it can cause you to breakout  every time you wear it.
  • Not removing the makeup at night: Take a good makeup remover that is meant for the acne prone skin and clean all your makeup and then wash your face with a mild cleanser. Makeup products contains some kind of oil in them. If you leave it overnight, it can make it worse.

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  • Greasy hair: Keep your hair clean and if possible, tie them in a bun or make a loose ponytail. If your scalp is not clean, the dandruff would pass onto to your skin and it can cause pimples.
  • Smoking: Smoking can make your skin condition worse. It is so harmful for your skin and your hormones.
  • Over cleansing: It is advisable to wash your face two times a day no matter what skin type you have. Over cleansing your face can cause your skin to produce more oil as your skin will loose all the good moisture.
  • Over exfoliation: Using scrub two times a week is not good for your skin. Your skin is already sensitive.
  • Experimenting everything: Stop using all the products at the same time. Experimentation can prove bad for your skin and can cause you skin infections. If you have found the right product and you notice the difference, stick to the product. If you haven’t found the product, try to do some research and talk to your doctor, check the ingredients and give some time because every product takes its own time to show the desired results.
  • Not using the sunscreen: Sun is really bad for this type of skin condition. Always wear a sunscreen that is meant for your skin type and is free of oil and chemicals. It shouldn’t be like a whitening sunscreen. Go to a dermatologist or you can simply check these sunscreens. I have listed them below:


How to remove pimples naturally at home:

Although I am not so fond of making efforts but home remedies do make a difference because everything is natural and there won’t be any harm, if not profit. Keep these masks for 15 minutes or maximum for 20 minutes. Keeping it for long period won’t give any better results. It can make your skin dry.

  • Use red sandalwood powder with rose water. It helps to clean the pores.

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  • Use egg whites with lemon: If you have extra sensitive skin, you can use orange juice.
  • You can apply curd on your face. It helps to lighten the scars.
  • Use aloe-vera gel to reduce the darkness.

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  • If you have a very oily skin, you can use multani mitti and mix with rose water.
  • Neem powder and rose water is great to fight the bacteria in the pores.neempowder
  • Papaya mask and honey mask helps to reduce the scars.
  • Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties that helps to fight the bacteria and inflammation.
  • Get a bottle of humdard safi and take one spoon every morning on empty stomach.
  • Use sunscreen to prevent your skin from producing more melanin.
  • Use non comedogenic makeup that is specially made for your skin type.
  • Eat fruits that contain vitamin C.
  • Eat green vegetables. Diet is equally important.
  • Exercise daily: It will release good hormones which is good to keep your skin healthy.

Best toner for acne-prone skin: Add half a cup of freshly made green tea and half a cup of ACV (apple cider vinegar) and pour it in a bottle. Shake it well. Take a small cotton ball and apply it all over the face after cleaning your face.

There are some myths about how to remove pimples naturally at home:

  • Chocolate causes breakouts: Chocolate has no link to pimples. It causes because of excess sebum. even though chocolate has no direct link to the acne but it still contains sugar. Excess of everything is bad. Go for a dark chocolate instead.
  • It just happens to teenagers: Pimples are not related any specific age group. These can happen to anyone. It occurs due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Eating greasy food: Food again has no relation to acne. There is no study that has proved it.
  • Acne gets worse before it gets better: Don’t buy this crap. It’s not true. I remember there was a doctor who told me this and I believed in him but unfortunately the results were bad.
  • Makeup causes pimples: When I was suffering from pimples, everyone around me felt sad for me and I use to apply very little makeup to hide them and that too when I had to go out somewhere. The one thing that was common was “stop applying makeup”. I use to apply the non-comedogenic makeup and that doesn’t clog pores. If you will use the right products, it won’t create any problem.

How to hide a pimple with the help of makeup:

When you’re trying to hide a pimple, your aim is to take away the redness, not flatten it. Do not apply layers of makeup. Use a concealer that matches your skin tone.Blend the concealer beyond the borders of the blemish.

These were some helpful tips to remove pimples naturally at home.

Follow these tips for at least 3-6 months to see the actual results and be patient. That’s the best advice I have ever got.

Take care of yourself and stay happy!♥

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  1. Priyanka singh says:

    Hey mam i have alot of pimples and acne and i have read that we should not pop our pimple as u said the same but what should i do if i see a white head on my pimple ? Should i rwmove it or leave it as it is?

    1. You must leave it as it is for 6 days and when it gets little dry, you can visit a parlor and ask them to remove it with the right equipment. Mean while don’t apply anything on the pimple, leave it free as it can cause scars.

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