How to wear a shirt dress.

Hello there! Today we are going to talk about how to wear a shirt-dress and t-shirt dress! Wondering what is that? A dress tailored like a shirt with a collar and buttons down the front. It is also called shirtwaist. When I first saw this trend coming two years back, spare me for saying this but I literally felt that if the ladies have forgot their pants at home? I was scared to try it but now that I have started wearing them it looks casual and really sexy.

These days it is my favorite go-to-go wear. I like comfortable clothing. It makes me feel less conscious and more confident and is perfect for the days where I don’t want to dress up much. I believe this that there is a tomboy in every kind of girl. Earlier in childhood days, I was fond of tee-shirts and sneakers. Now in my 20’s I wear more feminine clothes to keep it streamlined. Do you miss those days and that kind of carefree clothing. I am here to bring back that fun for you girls.

So we were talking about how to wear a shirt dress! It is such a versatile piece of clothing. It definitely looks minimal and chic. You can create your own style statement. Let’s see how we can be creative with this dress!

How to wear a shirt dress:

  • Slip on sneakers: How cool and adorable these look? These are super trendy. Rather than going for normal lace up sneakers, you can opt for slip on sneakers. The best part is they go with everything. You would see holly wood hotties rocking these sneakers with fancy dresses. You can wear sneakers with a long tee-shirt and be as comfortable as you can. Who doesn’t want to take a break from heels and have a blister free day?
  • Wear a belt around your waist:If you got a nice sexy waist, flaunt it! Wear a belt around your waist and give an oomph to the whole outfit. A beautiful belt can give an edge to a simple shirt dress. It should not be very loose or tight and should fit you appropriately.
  • Play with prints: I have plain t shirt dresses in beautiful vibrating colors that hug my body like a dream but they were too plain to wear. I paired them with an elegant multi colored scarf and it took my dressing sense to a whole level. I never thought that a plain dress could look so elegant. You can also go for a printed shrug or a jacket. If you are wearing a plain white t shirt or a shirt dress
  • Turn it into a skirt: This one is a unique way to completely change the look of your shirt dress. In winters, wear a sweater over your shirt and it looks like you are wearing a skirt. Voila!
  • Classic patterened bag: Sometimes a classic structured bag with nice patterns can take your outfit to a new level. Carry a patterened bag with your dress. It looks very chic and casual. You just need one accessory to turn any simple outfit into an edgy one.
  • Add funky jewelry: Wear more than two or three pieces of funky jewelry because you are keeping your outfit simple.
  • Strappy sandles or Gladiators : Pair these with your shirt dress or a dress. They look super cute. Wear opposite colors. For example if you are wearing a white shirt, pair it with a different color of sandals like nude pink or yellow would look unexpectedly cool!
  • Ankle boots: A chic shirt dress paired with ankle boots looks so glamorous. They create a statement and looks very sexy.
  • Button down shirt: I always pair my white T shirt dress with an open button down printed shirt. I add on a chic necklace with that. Everything looks on point and classy.
  • Cute flats: You can also wear cute flats with a T shirt dress for a more polished look.
  • Cool accessories: Add some color and fun to your outfit by pairing them with the mirrored glasses or a cool backpack.

Do’s and don’ts of “how to wear a shirt dress.”

  • Don’t try too hard: I have seen girls wearing anything in the name of shirt dress. You can’t just pick up any random shirt from your wardrobe and wear it without pants and name it a “shirt dress.” This doesn’t look cool and looks stupid. Wear an appropriate dress with an appropriate length. It should look like a dress with an effortless look.
  • Add accessories: Do wear playful accessories in order to make your outfit look more fun. Be creative with your accessories and it can completely change the look of your outfit.
  • Don’t go flashy: Don’t go so loud and hard on your outfit. Keep it simple and elegant. You should try one accessory at a time and not wear everything all at once. It can end up looking too flashy.
  • Take risks: If you are a fashionista, you must try different looks and not just stick to one look. You can end up looking boring. For example instead of always wearing your T shirt or a shirt dress with sneakers, you can pair them with pointed heels and create your outfit from a casual day outfit to a night outfit look. Add an edge to your look to look more polished.
  • Wear the right kind of panties: This is so important. Nothing looks so bad than a girl wearing a sexy T shirt dress with uncomfortable see through panties. It should give a nice shape to your booty. Wear an appropriate panty and look at the quality and the structure of your dress.
  • Don’t wear an inappropriate bra: Again this can look really bad if you are wearing an inappropriate color or quality. One wrong thing can completely spoil your whole outfit. Wear less but good.

These were outfit ideas on how to wear a shirt dress.

I hope it helps you to wear your T shirt dress like a pro. Don’t make it look too hard. T shirt dress is a very effortless kind of outfit but at the same it’s is quite versatile. You can do so much with just one dress. So go and buy these stunning casual shirt dress and stay comfortable and stylish this summer.

See you again! If there is anything you want to ask, please feel free to write a comment.

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