How to wear palazzo pants. Best styling tips!

Hi loves! Welcome back to home. Today I will be talking about how to wear palazzo pants. I always had a love hate relationship with palazzo pants. I didn’t like them much, maybe because I didn’t know how to style them but from last 2 years, I started loving them so much that now I wear these pants quite often. I have seen lots of women wearing anything with palazzo pants and that’s why I am here for you to discuss some styling tips on how to wear palazzo pants. What are the do’s and don’ts of wearing these pants. At the end of this post, you will be left with so many ideas that you can incorporate with your own personal style. It’s a promise. Stay tuned. ๐Ÿ™‚

What are palazzo pants? Why I love wearing these pants! Click on the images to buy the similar productspalazzopantspalazzo pantss


palazzo pants for women

Palazzo pants are loose and flowy and can be as wide as you want them to be. They are fitted at the hips, but then flare downwards. The palazzo pants look quite vogue and fashionably elegant. The palazzo pant is airy enough for the body to breathe well and are well covered. You can wear them in your daily routine and I love the fact that how soft it feels. Now let’s discuss the outfit ideas, what to wear with these palazzo pants and how versatile these are.

How to wear palazzo pants. Best styling tips to style the palazzo pants.

  • Lace top: I love wearing lace tops because they look so feminine and chic. I bought a very pretty white lace top and I pair that with my pastel color palazzo pants and oh my God, it creates a perfect example of sheer elegance. Buy a black or a white lace top and pair them with the pastel color palazzo pants. You are sure going to turn the heads.
  • Printed palazzo pants: Don’t stick to plain palazzo pants. You should also try different prints like floral, bohemian etc to give an oomph to your look. If you are going for bold prints, make sure to keep the upper part subtle and simple. You can buy a printed crop top and keep the bottom solid or vice versa. You should learn to balance the look to create a beautiful look altogether.
  • High waist palazzo pants: High waist palazzo pants generally make your legs look taller. You can wear any style with them and it also makes you look slim. I am wearing a high waist palazzo with my favorite crop top from Zara.


  • Bold graphic tee and plain t-shirts: You can create a luxe look by pairing your cool graphic t-shirt with the palazzo pant and high heels. Be it vintage or a designer graphic t-shirt, these look extremely cool with the solid palazzos. Fashion is all about experimenting fresh and different looks.
  • Button down shirt: Aishwarya Rai was recently spotted wearing a button down shirt with a solid color palazzo and how gorgeous she was looking. You can create a style statement in your office. This look looks super feminine and classy and it’s quite comfortable to wear in the office.
  • Crop tops: I think I talk about them in all my fashion posts. I am in love with them and they completely deserve all the attention. I pair them with my jeans, shorts, pants, skirts and sometimes even with my dresses. It’s crazy. They come every year with a new style. I love to pair my palazzo pants with the different styles of crop tops like corset tops, structured crop tops, cold shoulder crop tops, plain crop tops, off shoulder crop tops etc. You can choose one according to the style and shape of your body. I will soon write another fashion post on different styles of crop tops. You don’t have to worry ever. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • White tee and a statement necklace:ย  I love to pair my white tee with a statement necklace, simple yet sexy look. You can wear a neon necklace to give an oomph to your look. Wear them with solid color palazzo pants or denim palazzos.
  • Shirts: The best part about palazzos are they are so versatile and be worn with almost anything. You can wear a shirt and tuck inside your palazzo pants. The combination looks classic and so chic. You can wear silver accessories and a classic watch to complete the look.
  • Pair a top and bottom of the same color: If you want a chic and ladylike look, you can wear a top and bottom of the same color and add a belt to it to create an overall feminine look.
  • Bohemian look: If you love bohemian look, you can pair your palazzo pant with an A line kurta to create a lovely bohemian look. Try braids with this look to look cute and boho.
  • Layer it up in the winters: The best part about the palazzo pants is that you can wear them in all the seasons and occasions because they are super comfortable and unique. You can wear a solid color palazzo pant with a stripes top and add a biker jacket on it to look hip and fashionable.
  • Jump suits: I love palazzo style jumpsuits. I wear them quite often because they are so easy going and look effortless yet sexy. Try these jumpsuits and they are perfect for this hot weather.
  • High neck tops: You know how much I love high neck tops, be it a t-shirt or a crop top, I am a sucker of high neck outfits. Pair full sleeves high neck tee with printed palazzo pants ย and tuck them inside or if you want an edgy look for the night party, you can try shimmer palazzo pants. Lots of celebrities are trying this look. Why should we stay behind? ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Corsets or bustier top: These look so sexy at the night parties. I wear them often and make sure you wear a bottom that does not scream much attention. Keep it simple and sexy.
  • Long kurtas: Lately I have been wearing lots of kurtas and I love Indian wear. I wear long straight kurtas with the palazzo pants and it looks quite elegant. You can wear plain kurtis with printed palazzo pants or vice versa. Add accessories to oomph the look.
  • Accessories: You can play with so many accessories like belts, hat, classic gold watch, statement necklace etc. Choose a color that goes well with everything. Choose a brown belt because it goes well with most of the colors. I don’t wear accessories but I do have a classic watch and some statement necklace and earrings. You never know it can completely transform the whole look so always invest in the timeless accessories.
  • Footwear: It’s very important to select a perfect pair of footwear. Avoid wearing sloppy heels and ballerinas. You can wear them if you like it but if you want to create a style statement you can wear the heels and wedges of contrasting colors that can immediately give an oomph to your outfit. Avoid wearing flip flops. Be very selective when it comes it footwear. I love pairing my palazzo pants and graphic tee with white and red sneakers. Create your own style statement with unique ideas.

Now you exactly know how to wear palazzo pants. Let’s talk about the do’s and don’ts which is very important.

  • Don’t wear prints on prints: Keep at least one thing solid like go for a printed palazzo pant and a plain top or vice versa. Keep a balance always.
  • Wear at least one statement piece: Don’t wear everything at once. Wear one statement jewelry, it can either a statement necklace or statement earrings.
  • Pick the right fabric: If you want to create a classic statement with palazzo pants, you must buy a great quality fabric. Poor quality fabrics can look really cheap and destroy the whole fabric.
  • If you are chubby like me, you should try high waist palazzo pants because these give you a slimmer silhouette.
  • Choose the right footwear: High heels and wedges look great with the palazzo pants. They give you an elongated appearance and they are super comfortable while walking as these pants almost reach the toes.
  • Confidence and smile: You can pull off any attire with confidence and grace. You will never find a woman elegant without confidence. She definitely has an aura about her that makes any outfit look good on her. Keep yourself positive and happy always and it will show on your face. Smile is the best accessory. Always wear one!

These were the do’s and don’ts of how to wear palazzo pants.

If you are a beginner and you want to try these pants, buy three palazzo pants. One basic color like black, stripe palazzo and a printed one. Try experimenting with them. Black goes pretty well with almost anything like tshirts, graphic tees, crop tops etc. Try the basic colors and then start experimenting. The real fun is when you wear your own style and it looks unique and something out of the box. Trust me initially you won’t feel like taking a risk but once you start doing it, it improves and your fashion game gets better and better. Don’t hesitate to bring your own personal style and palazzos are quite versatile. You can do so much with these pants. Try these outfit ideas and I also learn something or the other from other style icons and then I incorporate my own style with those ideas.

My motive is to inspire you all to dress to express and not to impress. You don’t always have to buy high end fashion. If you have that in you, you can rock the street style with your own personal style statement because that’s what makes you unique. Keep trying different things, you will have an idea of how it looks on you and never be scared to make mistakes. You learn every day something new. Follow people whom you admire and see what makes them different. Is it their clothes or is it their own style. Don’t spend too much money on clothes rather learn to experiment with what you already have. This is what I have learnt from the biggest fashionistas.


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See you next week with something new. Any style tip you would want to give to our “JUST BEING FAB” fam? We would love to hear you in the comments section down below.

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