How to be happy, happier and happiest. Mind matter!

Hey. Today’s post is all about vibes.

I am feeling low, quite low actually. Would it be justified and is it the best time to share good thoughts? I don’t know to be honest. I should be talking about the trends, style and all that cool jazz rather than how to be happy.

I am not a philosopher but I am a writer and I can write about anything. Not every day is glossy. I am feeling low today and there are thousands of reasons. I am going through lots of doubts. I want to tell this to myself and to each one of you that we all are complicated human beings. There is no big deal if you are unhappy. It will just be fine but why it’s not fine? Why the cycle keeps repeating? Last time you made a decision to stay strong. Why so fragile now? You left your job in order to complete your dreams. Everyone including your parents are doubtful of your choices. You are battling for it because this is the time you need lots of support from your loved ones. Ain’t it?

You love somebody but you just can’t tell them how much you miss them because you are hurt and there is nothing you can do about it? You miss that friend of yours with whom you had an ugly fight and you see them in the market and feel like running to them and giving that person a tight hug but they did something that made you feel awful and you stop. Fair enough!

Now what…

You are left alone in every situation of life. You desperately wanted to talk to all of them. Did you ever feel the need to talk to yourself? You have to face yourself at the end. People don’t stay. Choices will be changed every day. It shouldn’t make you bitter. It shouldn’t change you. Your parents would believe in you one day. Everything will make sense. You will find your soulmate. You will make new friends everyday. We all are “no big deals” if that makes any sense.

You are creating your life everyday. You wake up everyday and you are gifted with life. You have no disease, nothing. You have a happier family and what is destroying your life is your “mind.” You control that evil and the world is yours. Look in the mirror and tell yourself louder that ” I don’t need anybody. I’ll take the best care of myself, my body, my family. People who bring beauty in your life, cherish them and people who make you doubt your own self, make the toughest decision to let them go right now. You deserve respect, do not demand it!

Woah words have power, ain’t it? I strongly believe that if you haven’t hurt anyone and you are just the way you should be. There is a beautiful life ahead of you. You need to hold just a little more. ๐Ÿ™‚

Let us talk about some best practices that you can do when you feel extremely low to feel happy, happier and happiest. I love the title of my post. This gives me goals. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Stop trying to be some one you are not: This world is full of those who are continuously trying to bring women down. If you have a dream, do you have the guts to face everything? I use to be quiet, listen to my parents and relatives and I use to create a burden on myself. I took good 3 years to take a decision of being a blogger. Why because my parents were always doubtful of my choices. Fair enough because they haven’t ever seen me doing something of that sort. I can’t be who I am not. If you are a creative person, you are likely to suffer more and that’s all right. I am blessed with something so why shouldn’t I give it a try. Always remember, you can not make others happy, if you yourself are not happy. You will always be unstable. Stay true to yourself and live the journey because one day, everything will make sense. Every thing!

“I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate.” – George Burns

  • Create a balance: ย There is no hurry, you don’t have to reach anywhere. If you love something, you need to live each day for that goal. Blessed are those people who want to accomplish something in their life. You have your own individual identity. Cherish yourself. Be selfish! Yeah, be it. There is nothing wrong in that. You are taking the charge of your life. You have the right to do that. It has nothing to do with what kind of daughter, girl friend or wife you are. You will always be the best kid for your parents and your loved ones.
  • Mental filters: There is so much distraction from the outside world that your inside is suffering a lot. Self doubts, negativity, hurt, ego etc. Remove everything from your mind. Control the devil and keep telling yourself that you are the writer of your life and only you will decide the kind of life you want to live. It is completely okay to feel not okay. We are humans, we are not super heroes. God makes you sad and he makes you go through the tough times because he wants you to realize the true meaning of happiness. ๐Ÿ™‚ Next time you feel sad or hurt, tell your heart and the devil, it’s absolutely normal and I will come out of it gracefully.
  • Sacrifice: Big term. Sacrificing your dreams? No. Never. Sacrifice for your loved ones. Sometimes their words will hurt you a lot, sometimes you would have to miss something or the thing you wanted for a long time. Do it. Nothing is more important than your parents. Nobody has loved you more than them. Doing little things, tiny sacrifices will convert you into a giver in life. When you learn this habit of giving, you get lots of love and blessings in return. Sacrifice is a heavy term. You don’t have to hurt yourself to make some one happy. I am talking in a different context. I hope you are getting me. Do what your heart tells you to do. Take a leave from your office once in a month and visit your parents. They always need you and a large part of your personality is shaped by your parents.
  • Be your own best friend: Oh yes, please! I don’t make friends now. I think we give others more than what they deserve. Not every one is as good as you are. They just turn you into a gossip for their sad lives. I only have four best retarded friends. I just hang out with others when I am bored because I simply do not connect with everyone. Big deal, right? You don’t need any one. Be an entertainer. Laugh with your family, be a cartoon, watch sit-coms, rom-coms or whatever. Be a lively person. Don’t be a cry baby. Meet new people. I have a thing for strangers. I meet girls who amaze me with their thoughts and the way of life they live. Be an open and a welcoming person. If some one doesn’t want to be your friend anymore, you are just too good for them and they don’t want to see you happy. Throw them out, right now. Above all, you have an awesome family!
  • Search for the meaning and not the feeling of life: Do not focus on the feelings when you are sad and how hurt you are, instead search for the meaning like why are you sad, what would this situation do to you on a positive note. How deep is that. It’s all about shifting your focus. You learn from your life and there is a purpose.We all desire for a great life. It takes a lot of dedication. Allow yourself to grow mentally and emotionally. Don’t be a cry baby. Trust me when I say that pain is beautiful. You are preparing yourself for better things. Take those tough decisions to let go of things and people that stop you from living your greatest life because right decisions are always the hardest.


Everything is preparing you for your future. Do not give up on the person who has always seen a spark in you, do not ever let down that person who wants to see their dreams come true, do not ever give up on that person who never gave up on you.

Do not ever give up on that person… Do not ever give up on “YOU”

Each day is a blessing for us.

Much love.โ™ฅ


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