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Hello there! In today’s post, I am going to talk about the elegance and the relaxed refinement.  How to dress classy and elegant. Women are taking fashion to the next level. Everybody is having their own personal style and honestly it’s bizarre to even compare the fashionistas. There is not just one woman who is doing the best, there are many who carry their own personal style with so much of grace. Working women have the hardest time creating that perfect closet. No matter how much money we spend on the clothes every month, we are never satisfied. In today’s world, it is so much important to present yourself, hence the impact is all that matters in the long run.

There is a never ending pattern that we need to break and look for more sorted and smart ways to dress and carry yourself on daily basis. Nobody has the time to spend hours deciding what outfit to rock so that’s why I always come back here to help you with the best ideas on how to dress classy and elegant. It’s easy, trust me. It always gets better. When I look at the choices that I made when it comes to fashion, I can definitely see a growth. Now I take less time to put together everything and it all comes with the practice. Just like, you take smart decisions at your work place, why not play smart when it comes to your style statement. Let’s go ahead and talk about it.

How to dress classy and elegant. 10 amazing hacks!


  • Modest dressing: Modest fashion is always timeless. There is no problem in wearing something revealing. If you are feeling comfortable in something, go for it without giving a second thought but there is a thin line and the catch is to have the knowledge and vision of what is appropriate. Fashion is all about taking risks. Elegance comes through your own personal style and creativity and there are no rules as to how much skin show is apt. Ever seen a woman in the white shirt and blue skinny denims with neon heels and still think she is so elegant. You need to keep things modest when it comes to fashion and beauty. It never goes out of fashion. Don’t wear something that looks trash. It should look effortless on you and it’s a very important point.howtolookelegant
  • Dress for your body type, not for the latest trends: No two women can have the same body shape, they can have the same body size though. If you are wearing the dress then it should camouflage your curves. You should work on hiding the problem areas rather than covering it all. For example if you have a tiny waist, you should wear crop tops with low waist jeans but if you have belly fat and love handles, you can still wear the crop tops but try wearing them with the high waisted pants. There is no problem with your body shape, it’s just that you need to look for the clothes that make you feel beautiful and confident. Dress for your body type and trust me, you don’t have to follow all the trends. You can always try though but if something is not meant for your body, pass it.
  • Don’t try to be perfect and too refined: Okay so this one really counts. Elegance has nothing to do with the labels. You can buy the most expensive designer dress and still look nothing. Don’t stress much on the high street brands. Focus more on your creativity and what can you do with what all you already have in your wardrobe. Don’t try to be perfect. Don’t over think. When you see an elegant lady, the first thing that strikes you is that she is very high maintenance. She doesn’t spend that much time but she is smart enough to know what looks good on her and she knows how to carry herself well. If you will try to be super refined, it won’t be fun anymore and it would feel like a task every time you dress up. Dressing up is all about having fun and enjoying it. Never try too hard.
  • Build a timeless closet: Fashion trends keep changing every day but there are some wardrobe pieces that are timeless and would never go out of fashion. There is a small but very effective tip for you that I am following now and trust me it feels amazing. I make a list and a budget every month and buy two timeless pieces and I put a limit. I have been doing this since this january and I am in love with the wardrobe now. I wear everything I buy many many times. Don’t buy something you don’t like at the first place. Don’t buy anything you don’t fall in love with. If you have to give a second thought then leave it. Don’t compromise. For example I have bought many black heels and made wrong decisions because I don’t wear pencil heels that much as it hurts my feet so last month I finally bought the black heels that are super pretty and the comfort is at it’s best. Sounds like a deal and I am sure I will wear it for a very long time. Take care of your stuff and it’s gonna last for a long time. Buy less but classy items.
  • Fit is everything: Fit is everything when it comes to clothes. I am not saying loose fitted clothes aren’t classy. I love boyfriend shirts and denims but it really depends on the clothing item. If you wear a wrong fit, it would appear as un natural and not effortless. If you want to look classy and elegant, you should wear the style that looks effortless. Get your clothes tailored and you would notice the huge difference. Wear something that accentuates your best features.
  • Don’t stick to just one style: Okay now this is where I feel most of us make a mistake. There is always that one style that we are always fond of and love to wear. For example, currently I am so in love with the bell sleeves, it’s been two years and I am still wearing them so I bought many of them but you know what it gets monotonous if you get obsessed with just one style. You should try as many trends as you can. You can rock a  white kurta with your boyfriend jeans and wear red heels with that. It looks sexy and classy. Create your own style, just don’t get overboard with that. Always try new trends and buy something out of the box and voila, you learn the art of creating your own unique style statement.
  • Buy timeless accessories:  One can intuit about the other person by the choice of an accessory they like. Honestly, I am not a jewelry person but I love to wear a classic watch or those statement earring earrings. I wear a beautiful gold choker with most of my dresses and it goes pretty well. That’s what you call a timeless accessory. You can also opt for a white platinum jewelry that goes with almost anything and looks classy.
  • Grooming: This is something worth mentioning. You won’t realize how the small things you do make the biggest impact. Everything like hair, makeup, skin, shoes etc come under grooming. How you sit down, your posture, your body language everything matters. Wear a good scent and invest in some good lingerie. Do a manicure at home. Class comes from within and the way you carry yourself and not just your clothes so make sure you take care of these things. Well groomed women are classy.
  • Wear neat clothes: I live away from my parents so it gets really difficult to wash clothes every other day and manage things here but I make sure that I never wear dirty clothes. It’s about good hygiene. Your clothes should be neat and clean because it leaves the impression that you really care about your impact and it just leaves a good impression.
  • Wear classic cuts: Focus on the classic cuts of the clothing items and it makes a huge difference. You will find white shirts in all the brands but what makes a difference is the classic cut as a simple white shirt is itself a statement staple if you choose the right one.
  • Believe that you are classy: Last but not the least is what really matters is your own confidence. You should feel classy about yourself. You can be whatever you want. Start following these things and start working on your grooming and inner confidence. Always feel sexy about yourself. You are no less. 🙂


These were the most useful tips on how to dress classy and elegant.

There is a new black every season. Being elegant isn’t about labels, what really matters is what looks good on your figure. This is how I learnt the art of building a timeless wardrobe and if you have any tip that can help others, bring it on. We are all ears.

You go woman!

Stay classy.

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