How to get your confidence back :)

Hello JBF fam! How are you all doing. First of all a big hug to you if you are new here and welcome to our family. I promise that you will have a good time here and we all are so connected and share everything that helps us to grow and stay happy always. It’s been a while now I haven’t posted anything. Guys I don’t promise you that I’ll post something every week because I am also doing an online job and sometimes it leaves me with very less time but I make sure whatever content I put has some value and sometimes I run out of ideas so you have to help me out with that. Let me know what you want me to share with you all. I promise I’ll always take care of it. Today’s post is all about how to get your confidence back

It’s a very vast topic. I also loose the track at times. It happens due to many things, sometimes it gets monotonous, sometimes you just get so comfortable in your comfort zone that you don’t feel the spark anymore and all I do is stalk others on social media which is really time and mind consuming and I always regret doing it. It’s good to see what’s going on in your friend’s life but not all the time. Confidence comes from with in, no matter how much you get it from outside, it’s you who is going to make an ultimate move. Confidence has nothing to do with the way you look, your financial status or maybe your relationships. Everything can go perfect and you can still feel sad, weak and dull. I am here to share my experience with you all and I hope it helps you to get back your confidence and strength. Let’s get started.

How to get your confidence back:

  • Take a diary and start noting down: Pen it down, what actually is there that makes you feel low about yourself. It can be the way you look, the job you have, the person you love or may be about your family member. You need to figure it out. We will work on these issues. I did it and so can you. I don’t know what you think about me but I do suffer from low self esteem when it comes to the strangers. I do care sometimes but I never let it consume me. I work on my confidence level time to time and it has immensely helped me to conquer all the fears.
  • Are you conscious about your looks?: Well girl, you need to hear this loud. First of all stop complaining about your looks. I swear I feel this about me all the time that I am not that pretty pretty and when I see you all, I am like wow look at her eyes it’s so unique. There is something about each one of you right there that I am completely obsessed with. I am not even lying, believe me you. You get so used to of yourself that you feel you ain’t that beautiful and the same features might look so pretty to a stranger. We all are different and that’s the beauty. You can never be perfect. You might not have the monies to buy the most expensive makeup but you might have the talent to do something big with whatever you have. Everything is balanced in life. You can not have it all and that’s okay. I love the simplicity in life. It’s rare. I get amused when I see the most beautiful faces with the most humble heart. Look at yourself in the mirror right now and tell me one thing you love the most about yourself. Your clear skin, your nose, your lips, eyes, hair? It’s there right. How can you not love yourself. You are different, you can not have the same thing as the other person do. Always be grateful in life, you never know what is coming up next in your life.
  • The person you love doesn’t tell you that you are pretty: If they do it occasionally, perfect but if they never tell you this, there is something wrong with that person. I mean we all know we are beautiful but you know when you hear it from the person you love the most, it makes all the more special. You need to get rid of such people who are insecure and they can be introvert and reserved but your instinct can never be wrong. I have seen friends in my life who feel bad about themselves because their partners keep throwing some rude remarks like don’t apply makeup, you look bad. Don’t wear this, you scream attention and it goes on and on. You get to decide your partner to bring the best in you. If you draw a line between vulgar and sexy, you don’t have to take Β a permission. It’s kinda sweet to ask your partner about your dress but at the end, if you like it then wear it. You are not being bossy, you are just living your life and if you get the attention in life, it’s because you are worth it, you are sexy, you are beautiful and the man should be really proud of this fact. There is nothing more sexier than a confident couple who embrace each other. Wow πŸ™‚
  • Not getting something you deserve in life?: Β It can be about your job or anything else. Okay so I am not doing a full time job and I am not earning big in life. There can be many reasons why you make a choice in your life. My priority is my family and I know be it anything I can leave everything for them because my happiness lies there. You make a choice in your life and you should own your decision. I don’t feel sad about it. How about all the love I am getting from you. I never though of becoming a famous blogger but I am just doing my job. It gives me the satisfaction that I can’t compare it to anything in life. I am a learner, I believe whatever happens, happens for the right reason. If you don’t like where you are, change it. I was working with some company and I am not going to demean it but I felt small there because the work I was putting there wasn’t appreciated but I made the best buddies there and we all left eventually. You have to take a control of your life. Do what makes you happy and it’s never about the money. The money is going to come if you put your heart and soul in your work. This is the biggest fact.
  • Be proud of who you are: No matter where you are coming from and what financial background you hold, the aura that you create when you go anywhere is what exactly people are going to remember you for. I just love when I see someone who is so confident about him/her self. They make you laugh, they make you believe in themselves and then you feel so good when you meet them. Why you get attracted towards such people because they are real and they have a positive vibe. If you are going to sound negative all the time, you will dis allow people to come near you. Be who you are because people who show off a lot are the most irritating ones and you probably would see others making fun of them behind their back. Build your own empire and own it. Have your own individuality. Anybody can brag about their riches but they are very few who work hard day in day out to build their life. That’s exactly the kind of person we are looking for?!

This was all about how to get your confidence back and get back on the track.

I think I also got motivated today, woah you see the aura we have it here. When you share something good with others, you are the first one who gets the maximum out of it. I hope I am able to bring a smile on your face and if not then I will keep trying always. πŸ™‚ Stay happy dear because you are the best and you just need to remind yourself daily. Don’t let the other things distract you from your own reality. Stay connected to your true self. Inspire others around you and take a deep breath……

How to get back your confidence.

Yes, you are going to be okay. Get up and do something about your life, you are writing a story.

I’ll leave you with something beautiful..

If you don’t have a story to tell, you are not living a life.

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    I just love your post (y) :*

  2. Deepika says:

    Hey girl ..thanks and a big hug to you! keep up the positivity! U r going to do great in life..luv.

  3. Chetan says:

    First time i read any fashion blog. Cool just like you.

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