How to style indo-western kurtis !

Hello beautiful! I hope you remember that in the last post I mentioned that this year I will wear lots of Indian dresses and will definitely experiment all the Indian looks. As promised, I have come up with the ways to style indo western kurtis. This year is the best to show up the traditional style as there are many weddings coming up this year and I can’t be more excited.ย kurtiis

In this post, I’ll cover up the following points:


  • Origin of kurtis.
  • Why I love kurtis and what makes them the absolute favorite.
  • Different types of kurtis.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of kurtis.

Let’s see how to style the indo western kurtis.

Origin: Kurti that is also known as Indian Tunic is a beautiful garment worn by women. Contrary to the various styles and forms of kurtis today, the Indian kurti back then was very simple and there were no designs. Kurti isn’t limited to any particular state or region. It is a common form of attire which is worn by women in all kind of areas. These days one can opt for kurtis with modern art designs that are different than the usual different ones.

Why I love wearing a kurti and what makes it so special?



  • It makes you look poised: It makes you look so graceful and ladylike. It has a feminine touch. Graceful,well-fitted and comfortable are the most important characterstics of a kurti. It has the power of making a woman look royal and graceful and is perfect for the important occasions. Kurtis that hug you nicely and fits you like a dream look super gorgeous and make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Reasonable price: Kurtis are quite reasonable for the quality and the grace it provides. If you buy an Indian suit, you will have to invest a lot of money to get the best one. Well, what I always do is either I get it stitched or I prefer buying a kurti which is even better and buy a matching bottom and dupatta later. I have a huge family so wedding is a never ending process so ย it gets difficult to buy a designer dress everytime. I do buy it for the main day but for other important functions, I prefer buying kurtis for the amazing prices they come at.
  • Huge range of collection: When it comes to kurti, there is a huge variety of collection and designs. There are various designs and embellishments done to give a modern touch to the kurtis unlike in the traditional times where the kurtis were very simple. You can buy a kurti according to your choice. If you love wearing modern kurtis, you can opt for indo-western style, if you love sophistication, you can go for pakistani kurtis and if you want to wear it on the special occasions, you can wear anarkali kurtis. Kurtis come in a huge variety and collection and you can select them according to the occasion.
  • Comfortable and hassle free: Kurtis are quite comfortable. This trait makes women love it even more. We always look for a comfortable attire that also makes us look stunning. Kurtis are designed in such a way that it fulfills both the purpose. You don’t have to spend so much time on the accessories and the other things. When you wear other Indian outfits, you sometimes become conscious of your dress, ain’t it but with kurtis, you will always remain free and comfortable and that is what I like the most about the kurtis.
  • Play up with accessories: You can play with so many accessories like bangles, statement necklace and earrings. It all depends on your kurti and the design. If it has a heavy work on it then opt for a subtle accessory like a simple maang tika. If your kurti has a nice neck design or it’s a high neck kurti, you can wear the statement earrings. If the design of the kurti is plain, you can opt for a statement necklace to give it a definition. Make sure you don’t overdo it. Keep it simple. Play with one accessory at a time.
  • Easy availability: Kurtis are easily available in the stores and online. Work oriented women can shop it on online because all the brands are available online now. Kurtis come in all the sizes and shape so it doesn’t matter what body type you have, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of this outfit and look quite elegant.

Let’s talk about the type of kurtis available everywhere:

  • A-line kurti: These kurtis are designed in A shape that has flairs from the waist and more flairs at the bottom.It’s a long kurti below the knees. It is easily available online in all colors and fabrics.
  • Anarkali kurtis look so graceful and are perfect for the important occasions. It gives you an edge over the other kurtis. It suits every body type. Pair it with accessories and go for a nice bottom wear like palazzo or flared skirts. You can also go for a nicely designed footwear like kolhapuri chappals.
  • Dhoti style kurtis: These are very loose and comfortable. These are the contemporary versions with designer cuts and looks quite stylish.
  • Flared kurtis. They come in both the varieties like wide and narrow flared kurtis and look really beautiful.
  • Indo-western kurtis is the one that has a western touch along with the Indian touch. The western touch is given in the form of different cuts and designs on the neck, sleeves etc.
  • Floor length kurti: These are very much in trend and are replacing the party gowns and now they are also known as gown style kurtis. Women are loving these kurtis and you can see them rocking in the wedding occasions and creating a style statement.
  • Long straight kurti: I love long straight kurtis and it gives an impression of a good height and is a must have in a wardrobe. You can wear them in the office as they look quite sophisticated.
  • Pakistani Kurtis: These are straight and long. These are ill fitted and look carefree but at the same time look quite stunning.
  • Color block kurti: It comes with the appropriate color combinations and are perfect for those who prefer a bold style statement.
  • Shirt style kurti is a perfect office wear kurti and looks professional and stylish at the same time.
  • Kaftan Kurtis look really glamorous and fashionable. These are loose fitted and have a wide drop sleeves.
  • Angrakha Kurtis were worn by the royal court’s musicians. The flaps lay on each other and are tied with the help of the straps at the side.

There are certain do’s and don’ts of wearing the indo western kurtis.

  • Play with different colors and patterns: Plain kurtis with bottoms that have patterns look really nice. Don’t make it look loud. If you are going for a bold pattern, then opt for a simple bottom and if you are going for a bottom that has patterns, you can opt for a simple plain kurti to balance out the look. Don’t be scared to play with the colors and the prints. Kurtis come in beautiful patterns. Keep trying the looks.
  • Bottoms: Don’t stick with the boring bottom. You can try out different looks like palazzo, flared skirts, dhoti pants etc. Women are trying a lot of things with kurtis to give it a modern touch.
  • Accessories: Accessories can really brighten up your outfit but do not over do it. Keep it classy. Don’t try everything at once. If you are going for a statement necklace, don’t wear any other accessory. You have to keep it elegant and it should not confuse your look. So, one accessory at a time.
  • Statement shoes: You can bring an oomph to your look by pairing a kurti with a nice footwear. If you are wearing plain kurtis, opt for some bling in the shoes to stand out. If the patterns of the kurti are already loud then go for a simple footwear like kolhapuri chapals, flats etc.
  • Avoid flashy and uncomfortable fabrics: Fabric is really important. You need to look for a great quality. Just avoid the fabrics that cling to your body and makes you look uncomfortable. If the temperature is hot and humid, opt for cotton kurtis. If you want a kurti for some occasion, then you can go for a silk kurti to add a dimension. Avoid frills if you have a heavy bust, it will make you look more bulky.
  • Posture: If you are wearing a beautiful kurti but you are standing in a weird posture, it will ruin the vibe. Always stand straight and walk slowly, you will look more poised.

These were some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while buying a kurti. Indo-western style and pakistani kurtis are trending these days. Do check them out and let me know if you liked this article.

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