Thin Lips vs Full Lips. I don’t care!

editeddToday so many girls are obsessed with big plump lips. Bigger lips have become a taboo! Everyone craves for beautiful lips. Our lips don’t have sweaty glands that is why they get dry easily. So if you have thin lips which I basically call “chicken lips”, do not worry lady, I have done an intense research on it and have come to this conclusion that if you take good care of your lips and give it enough moisture that is required, you won’t hate your lips.

If you think that bigger lips are more sexy and appealing then dear you are mistaken because I ‘ve a friend of mine who got bigger lips. She deals with problems as well like it takes forever to apply the lipstick and make it perfect. Whenever we meet, she always tells me how she adores my baby lips because it looks healthy, moist and naturally done. I never complain about my  lips. We should believe in the fact that whatever God has given us is enough and usually the best for us. Right? Be it anything.


Start doing some extra care of your lips and I am sure your lips would look beautiful. I am gonna share the tricks that I personally use it in my real life. Let’s start!

  • Somebody asked me to wear a lip gloss. I am not a lip gloss person. I am more of a lip balm person. I don’t like shiny stuff unless it is a transparent gloss.  The best alternative is lining and contouring the lips with a matte lipstick. It works wonders.
  • Sometimes these matte lipsticks tend to make your lips dry so always look out for a hydrating one!
  • Stop licking your lips. I’ve this weird habit of licking my lips all the time because I always buy flavored lip balms. This way we suck all the moisture from them. Our lips are like sponge. If you will suck all the moisture, they will end up looking dry.
  • If you apply lipsticks in a day to day life, I have a makeup trick for you. Always apply a lip liner close to your natural shade. This way even when your lipsticks start wearing off, the lip liner beneath it won’t look odd.
  • Before applying a lip balm, apply a damp cloth on your lips. This will increase the blood circulation.
  • Add few drops of peppermint oil in your lip balm/gloss. It will give you those plumped lips.


  • Exfoliate your lips. Your lips need an exfoliation aswell. Do it once a week. Take few drops of olive oil and sugar granules and start scrubbing your lips very gently. This way you are removing the dead layer and dirt. Don’t do it so frequently. Twice a week or may be on alternate days.
  • Avoid too dark lipsticks. You don’t want to end up looking like this, right?


These are the basic things you have to keep in mind. You give so much attention to your face, Don’t forget that lips enhance your overall beauty of the face. Prep your lips and then whatever you gonna apply will glide on smoothly.

Play with your other features like your eyes, your hair etc. Don’t be conscious. Maybe it just looks fine and you are worrying unnecessarily.

Keep it simple and beautiful 🙂

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