Lakme absolute blur perfect makeup primer review!

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Makeup primers are somewhat lost in the Indian beauty sphere but the reality is that face primers are the sidekicks to your superhero, it goes unnoticed but is plays a very important role. Okay so in this blog post I’ll be reviewing the Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer but before we get any further into it I would like to brief you about
• what is a primer and what is supposed to do
• how to use it
• what are the different types of primers available
A makeup primer is the base for your face makeup and foundation and allows it to glide over your face smoothly and lasts much longer. And i believe this is one of the most important steps in your makeup routine as without it even the best foundation fails as the skin underneath is not as smooth. Moreover a primer not only creates the impression of smoother skin but also brighten your skin for a luminous base and prevents creasing and breaking of makeup, helping it last much longer.

You should apply a face primer before your foundation but after you have washed your face, pat it dry and moisturized it. To apply it you can simply take a pea size amount (not more than that unless of-course you want to look like a greasy but) now starting from the center of your face start rubbing it towards your forehead and chin apply a thin layer. (you can apply a little extra product on area you feel have large pores that needs to be smooth out). Now you can go in and do your makeup how you would do otherwise.

Or alternatively you can even apply a primer alone for a brighter looking face as it will blur out the pores and slightest imperfections and give you a soft glow.

Okay so now primers are available in various formulas like cream, gel and powder. Also various primers are available for different skin types so that you can wear it according to your skin type. Further colour correcting primers are also available so that you can colour correct while you prime your skin for example you can use a green colour primer to tame any redness or a a purple one to beat dullness.

Caution : most primers contains silicone-based polymers that smoothes out the surface of you skin could cause allergic reaction so it is advisable to try on a patch of skin if you have really really sensitive skin or check with a profession?medical help instantly if ever you feel any sort of irritation.



First talking about the packaging, it comes in a decent quality black coloured tube packaging (I really like the glossy finish it has unlike most launched in past 1 or 2 years that comes in a matte finish package) The tube form is quite handy as well the product comes out really nicely unless most tubes wherein the product doesn’t comes out at first and then suddenly BOOM! it is NOT that. Bonus points as it is so easy and light it is perfect for traveling or carrying in your handbag for everyday use. Next, the texture of the product is really lightweight , pinkish is colour, feels very velvety and super soft (you almost feel like bathing in the product, it feels so soft) So thats plus plus. And now further without any beating about the bush we’ll get to the pros and cons

• very handy and travel friendly packaging
• blurs out slight imperfections and pores really well, so can be used alone for a light no makeup everyday look
• feels very light on the skin as if there is no makeup on
• very affordable, it retails only for Rs. 650 while most other primer retails for almost Rs 1000 or above. Moreover if you purchase it online you might even be able to crack a better deal. PRO TIP: I usually only purchase makeup online (particularly on NYKAA) as they keep having sales pretty much every week plus you get free goodies rolling in on making certain amount of purchases. For more such tips watch Shop Like A PRO Even On A Budget | Shopping Hacks
• blends very easily
• easily available both in stores and online.
• creates a perfect lasting base for makeup


• could be a little drying on your skin if you have dry skin anyways so in that case make sure you are using a good moisturizer prior to the primer
• probably not the best primer if you have very sensitive skin

That is it, let me know down in the comments section if the blog was helpful? Have you used a primer before and if so which one do you like most? Also you can follow me on my social media and visit my blog and also subscribe to my youtube channel for lots of fun tutorials, hacks and DIYs. lastly I would like to thank Shefali for giving me this opportunity to guest blog on her page.

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