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Hello my lovely readers! Welcome back. Weddings are just around the corner and I can’t be more excited. People all over the world love Indian traditional wear and I as an Indian take immense proud to say that. Seriously, Indian women look extremely gorgeous in the traditional wear. 2017 is all about a revolution in fashion. You can create so many interesting looks. Since you all have been active readers and you know how much I am a fan of comfort and minimalist fashion. The latest Indian Fashion Trends 2017 are all about bringing your own personality out and let the outfit speak for you. Now you can customize your Indian wardrobe by giving it a modern touch. In this post, I’ll be talking about the latest fashion trends in 2017.

I started shopping a lot of ethnic wear this season and have made so many mistakes and learnt from it. Initially you waste a lot of money because you are trying to get a hold on the knowledge about traditional wear. I learnt about the fabrics and the right prices in the market. You can actually be fooled around because women have less knowledge about traditional wear as compare to western wear as we mostly  shop for traditional wear on the weddings or any particular occasion. No worries today I’ll be discussing a lot of things because as a fashion blogger and stylist, we have to learn the hacks and buy the best quality at the best prices. Let’s now quickly talk about the latest Indian fashion trends 2017 and the clothing hacks to buy the best Indian traditional wear.

Latest Indian Fashion Trends 2017, the best in the market:

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  • One shoulder embellished top with a plain skirt: You can find a beautiful one shoulder top with gold sequence embellishment and wear that with a plain skirt or a lehenga for an edge. If you can’t find this online, you can get it customized from a boutique. You don’t have to go to a designer boutique. You can make your outfit look stunning by adding your own creativity and brains. Trust me fashion is for the people who are creative and think out of the box. You can take an idea from the celebs or the magazines and guide the person properly and that’s how you become a pro. I have been learning this way in the last two years and it always gets better.
  • Off shoulder capes with pants or skirts: I just love the concept and it’s quite interesting that I ended up liking something that I thought was boring. Capes are quite versatile. I love to style them in the weddings. You can wear off shoulder capes, high neck capes, one shoulder capes etc. Get it customized. They create a strong style statement and look quite elegant. You can wear chunky or lace chokers with an off shoulder cape since your neck is going to be completely exposed.


  • Zardosi work: I absolutely love the zardosi work. I try to look for it everywhere, be it my attire or my accessories. Zardosi gives a very rich feel to your outfit or accessory. I carry my zardosi clutches in all the weddings and these go beautifully with all my outfits.

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  • Fringes and tassels: You know tassels are everywhere. I like them because they are unique and create a style statement. Tassels bring an oomph to an otherwise plain outfit.


  • Sarees: A saree can never go out of fashion. It just gets updated every year with something interesting. This year go for heavy embroided blouses and plain sarees.  Go for sophisticated colors. Ivory and pastels are quite in. You can also go for beautiful contemporary designs of the banarsi sarees with geometric patterns.
  • Gota patti embroidery: It’s trending. You can go for a plain raw silk blouse and a light weight dupatta and a heavy lehenga with gotapatti embroidery or zardosi work. Complete the look with statement earrings and maang teeka.
  • Power ensemble: You can wear the heavy embroided jackets with the tulip pants or cigarette pants. It would make you look taller and slimmer.

These were the latest Indian Fashion Trends 2017 , let’s talk about the tricks to wear the Indian traditional wear:

  • Color combination rule: It’s really important to choose colors that compliment each other. As you can see I am wearing raw silk grey with royal blue dupatta. The royal blue color is enhancing the look and making all the more attractive. If you choose the wrong colors, it’s gonna spoil the whole look. For example if you are wearing a royal blue skirt. opt for a pink top. It will enhance the overall look of the outfit. Choose the bright colors and it just comes with the practice and gets better.



  • Never wear a print with a print: If you are wearing a printed kurti, keep the bottom solid. If you are opting for a solid kurta, you can go for a printed bottom. Learn to balance the outfit.
  • Know your measurements rights: It’s really important to take the right measurements and wear the fitted clothes. You can wear a loose fit pakistani kurta but you can’t wear a loose fitted choli. Always wear the right measurements.
  • Plan a budget: If you are shopping for a wedding or a special occasion, you must pre plan the budget. Always buy that outfit first which you are going to wear on the most important occasion and then at last buy the accessories. I have done mistakes earlier and I ended up being a broke. Always buy the most important things first.
  • Don’t spend too much: Don’t spend too much money on the unnecessary stuff. Buy the best quality. Buy less but the best. Always check the prices at different stores if you are shopping off line. It feels so bad when you realize that the attire you bought is available at less prices at other stores. There is no rush. Take your time and make a genuine decision.
  • Don’t buy impractical trends: Okay so the best designers in the industry came up with the most trending outfits but that does not mean that you have to try anything and everything. Wear trends that make you stand out from the crowd and of course in a good way. Wear trends that suit your body and make you feel comfortable.
  • Wear at least one statement accessory: You must know the golden rule of accessories. Never wear everything at once. It will confuse the whole look. Wear either statement earrings or a statement necklace.
  • Don’t wear the loud make up: You can wear smokey eyes but don’t go crazy with the blush and lipstick. Play with your best features. Don’t try a new make up look on the main occasion. You can try small things but not like an eye makeup or contouring.

These were the latest fashion trends of 2017.

I pretty much explained everything in details and I might have skipped some trends but I can only write about the trends that I wear personally and what I feel look good on every body. Our Indian traditional wear looks stunning and I can’t wait to buy more outfits in the upcoming weddings. It’s never about how much money you spend on the clothes, it’s about how you carry yourself and add your own style. Never forget to wear the smile because it matters the most and stay confident and happy. If your inner self is beautiful, you outer self would look even more beautiful.

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See you super soon gorgeous <3

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