Life updates ( Work life and more.)


I hope you all are doing well in life health and otherwise. This post is an update of my life updates. Last few months have been super challenging and exciting for me. Big changes are happening and I am super blessed and happy to have that kind of life and the kind of people around me.

I have started teaching in an institution and my best friend owns that. How lucky does it feel right. It’s been almost 4 months and I have been facing everything, good and bad. Who said that life is going to be easy and beautiful always. I am not even complaining a bit. We are too young to be this harsh to ourselves. All that matters is you need to keep going.

Today I’ll be talking all about my work life. Life updates!

Your life is 80% about your work. Work is life! Seriously.  I use to complain and ask my parents why did they become a teacher and why not doctor or any other profession. Now that I have stepped into this career, every day I thank God to gift me this life to bring happiness and change the life of my students. This profession brings so much peace and maturity in your life that you start looking at things from a different perspective altogether.

I teach at a digital marketing institute. I started my journey three years back and now I am much more confident and happier in life. I am so proud of my decision. It’s so important to feel satisfied and blessed. This year, I am ready to work really hard for my future. It’s something that I always wanted and now I will work hard to sustain it.

Little sneak peak about my institute: We run a digital marketing institute “Koderey Techstack” where we teach all the important digital marketing modules. Digital Marketing is growing like crazy and no doubt why. Every brand is coming online to speak about their objectives and everybody is using smart phones these days. Digital Marketing is a mini MBA and there is so much to learn, it’s not an easy task. If you are a creative person, this field will amaze you and each day feels like a new day at work and you become smarter even if you are not a techie which I believe you will become in a very less period of time. I love my job, I love my field because I love producing content for the brands and I love teaching my students about my experiences.

We have really gone through a lot to set this world but everything, every step was worth it. As of now, by God’s grace, things are beautiful. I believe in taking life as it comes and I am at peace inside so you always be prepared for whatever comes your way because at the end, everything would make sense.

So, no matter what you went through or you are going through in life, it will certainly pass and life always goes on. Get up, create a life you always wanted to and keep the positivity around.

The most important thing is to eliminate people you don’t feel good with and make you feel down and are always negative. People are good, not everyone is bad, find your tribe and till then make work your life. Do not try too hard, take it easy, enjoy and work hard because nothing comes easy!

These were the life updates, I hope you enjoyed.

Ask me anything and I shall answer.

Bless you.


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