Mmmm… Coffee love

Today I’ll share one of my few loves. The familiar warmth and taste that keeps you going each morning. That feeling when the first sip of coffee touches your soul. Visually appealing and calming! I love sitting down, grabbing my phone, and brewing up a cup of coffee.

I am sure you all are aware of the health benefits of coffee. However, I enjoy it more for ritual and the taste.

Coffee and love are best when they are hot.”

My two favorites are Caffe Latte and Cappuccino

Caffe LatteĀ 

caffe late









  • A little bit of foam on top.
  • Contains more steamed milk.
  • Creamier flavor.








  • Lots of foam on top.
  • Contains less steamed milk.
  • Flavor is dry.

If you are health conscious like me. I can give you some tips to make your coffee healthier.

  • The key is moderation. Keep it to one cup per day. Drinking too much can result in dehydration.
  • Think it as an occasional treat rather than as an essential part of your routine.
  • Add less sugar and more cream (raw cream).
  • Choose organic quality.
  • Drink it after a meal to keep the blood sugar levels in check.
  • The best time to have coffee is between 1pm-5pm.

What sets the coffee drinkers apart from others are these amazing facts. Have a look!

  • They love the buzz.
  • They love the smell and the taste.
  • They are dreamers, thinkers and more intellectual.
  • Cracking the interview like a boss. Are you up for an interview. Coffee gives you a great boost.
  • It is great for your health. It enhances the memory and makes you more energetic.
  • A happy person is a healthy person. Coffee makes you happy.

I am craving for a cup of coffee now.


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