15 most unhealthy foods that you think are healthy!

Hi there. I have come up with another really informative article. In this post I’ll be talking about the 15 most unhealthy foods that you think are healthy. It’s very important to play smart because market is flooded with sham products.We don’t live in the information age as much as we live in the “misinformation age” because lots of misleading information is floating around. We get attracted towards the labeling of the product. We believe everything they sell. It’s hard to not get attracted towards the packaging. I always thought that I am eating the right kind of food and which is also expensive by the way. Little did I know that those were the most unhealthy foods. Let’s talk about the most unhealthy foods.

15 most unhealthy foods that you think are healthy:

  • Breakfast loves Nutella but our health doesn’t: The tagline of the brand says that breakfast loves nutella but it’s not true. One tablespoon of nutella contains 11 grams of sugar i.e three tablespoons of sugar. There is only 2 grams of protein in 5 tablespoons of sugar. Nutella is addictive. Sugar isn’t bad for you.Too much sugar is bad for you. You know that refined sugar is really bad for your health. Only the sugar that is found in the fruits is good. It is calorie rich and leads to weight gain and other severe problems.

Ingredients: Sugar, Palm oil, Hazelnuts, Cocoa, Skim Milk, Whey, Soy, Vanillin: an artificial flavor.

Healthy substitute: Peanut butter. 1 tablespoon is equal to 7 grams of protein.



Ingredients:Roasted Peanuts, Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Cottonseed, Soybean and Rapeseed Oil) , Salt.

Opt for a plain peanut butter with flaxseed. Flaxseed contains many health benefits because it is rich in omega fatty acids. It includes essential nutrients and unsaturated fats and most importantly proteins.



  • Low fat yogurt: When you remove fats from dairy products, it becomes carbs which is not that bad but yogurts are a great source of omega fatty acids and also maintains your blood sugar level. When they give you low fat, they replace fat with other artificial sweetners. There is no nutrition value in low fat yogurts. Greek yogurts are very trendy these days but this contains only proteins and no calcium. You will be devoid of other essential nutrients. It won’t keep you full and you will feel hungry later on.
  • Protein bars: Most protein bars in the market are like candy bars with added protein. I was really excited when I got to know about them four years back. I use to buy them in bulk but that was completely a bad idea. Protein bars are healthy snacks but these should be consumed only when you are in hurry or while you are travelling or when you don’t have healthy options. They are great for on the go. Some protein bars contain unhealthy ingredients like oils, chemicals and flavored agents which are absolutely bad for your health.



Healthy substitute: Whenever you look for protein bars, look at the ingredients carefully. It should contain high nutritional value in terms of proteins and carbs, less fat and no added sweetners. It should contain natural fruits like dates.

Dried Fruits: Dried fruits contain fructose that increases your insulin level. You will never feel full even after having lots of them. They are exposed to heat for drying out and it takes away all the essential vitamins like vitamin C. They definitely taste really good but doesn’t keep you full because of lack of water. They are loaded with sugar and contains lots of calories.

  • Flavored oats: Packaged flavored oats contains additives and artificially flavored preservatives. They contain fatty taste makers. While oatmeal is definitely a healthy choice but you need to re think twice when you buy flavored oats. It is not considered as a healthy breakfast option. Buy oats with no flavor to extract the benefits.
  • Processed fruit juices: Packaged fruit juices are loaded with sugar and preservatives. It contains no fibre. It’s not even close to the nutrition that is provided by the fresh fruits. They are not at all filling and you end up drinking in a large quantity. It increases the sugar level in your body and you feel thirsty again and again.

Healthy substitute: You should buy a good quality juicer and make fresh juice at home. Eat raw fruits. That’s the best option because you also get lots of fiber.



  • Instant noodles: Instant noodles are made of all purpose flour and these are high in sodium, fat, sugar and refined carbs. There are other chemical additives like MSG which is not good. It contains no nutritional value. You know what is the staple of most processed foods? High fructose corn syrup. Noodles take a lot of time to digest as well. It is deep fried in dalda so that it is easier to cook. Dalda has three times the longer shelf life as compare to the vegetable oil. It is addictive because it has no nutrients and that does not make you full and leaves you with empty calories. Now you see why it’s one of the most unhealthy foods.

Healthy substitute: I always ask my mom to make semolina at home and make noodles from them. I add lots of veggies in them to make it healthy. If you still can’t stop eating instant noodles. Just use healthy oil, vegetables and if possible use very little amount of taste maker and add salt, green chillies, garlic powder, oregano etc.

  • Subway: I love subway. When I was doing job, I use to eat subways. I use to go for all the veggies and sauces and I never went for honey oatmeal bread, I always went for white bread for a good taste but that’s a wrong approach. When you go for mayonnaise and sweet onion, you are making it unhealthy because it contains sugar and lots of fat. White bread of course makes it even worse. Do not replace your breakfast meal with subway. It’s incomplete.

Healthy substitute: Go for a honey oatmeal bread and don’t go for any other sauce except for honey mustard. Ask them not to sprinkle more salt. You can go for double layers of roasted chicken and of course all the healthy veggies.

  • Dried instant soups: We all love soup in the winter but what we don’t like is the multi process of making it. It does take time and we live in a world where we want everything to be insta-made. I was a fan of instant soup because it was easily made but when somebody told me that there is no nutritional value in it, I stopped drinking it. Taste is important but nothing is more important than our health. These vegetables in the instant dried soup are dehydrated and they loose all the essential nutrients and moreover it contains sodium and makes you put on weight as well and leaves your body dehydrated. It is highly processed there is lot of nutrient and flavor loss.

Healthy substitute: soupmakerIf you hate the time consuming process, take the help of the technology. Buy a good quality soup maker. All you have to do is pour the raw veggies, add water and some spices. Voila! Enjoy a healthy soup everyday.


  • Cereals: The cereals that are sweetened and make a fool of you on the name high fiber and whole grain food is something you should be concerned about. We love cornflakes because they are made of wheat and we buy everything in the name of whole grains like aata (wheat)  noodles etc. I was a fan of honey oatmeal because of the flavor. You know they add lots of sugar to give a sweet flavor. I never felt full after eating cornflakes. I don’t know I don’t feel energetic and it feels like something is missing and I end up feeding myself with lots of junk to fill my stomach. It is not a good replacement. Breakfast should be kingsize.

Healthy substitute: You should eat eggs, sprouts, milk-shakes like banana etc to keep yourself fuller whole day. If you are addicted to cereals, go for unflavored ones. Save yourself from this kind of sugar intake.

  • Fajitas: This is a very popular Mexican dish. I love mexican food. Fajitas include cheese, sour cream, oil and meat and veggies. They serve it in white tortilla wraps which again contains refined carbs and makes the healthy food unhealthy.

Healthy substitute: If you are making fajitas at home, go for whole grain wraps that will provide you fiber. Don’t add sour cream, add yogurt because it has sweet sour taste. Add less quantity of oil and you can make healthy fajitas too but avoid eating it outside very often because it’s not healthy at all.

  • Processed cheese: All foods are processed to an extent these days. I never liked the texture of processed cheese, it looks like plastic and I hate the taste. It contains chemicals and other added preservatives. It’s weird. It is very unhealthy. It contains high level of salt and fat and has no nutrition.
  • Low fat spreads: Low fat spreads contains some amount of trans fat and high level of sodium and no saturated fat that is found in dairy products. When we don’t have enough saturated fat in our body, our body needs are replaced by refined carbs and that is a bad option.

Healthy substitute: Eat butter.

  • Oreo shakes: These shakes are made of oreos. Oreos biscuits are high in sugar content which is bad for your health. It will lead to rise in blood sugar level. It contains no essential nutrients and vitamins and are just empty calories. They add large quantity of these cookies to make the shake and additional sugar and cream. All of these ingredients perfectly make this an unhealthy drink.
  • Pancakes: When you buy pancakes from the market, you are doing a mistake. They use all purpose flour( maida) and maple syrup which is bad. You are eating an unhealthy food.

Healthy substitute: Make pancakes at home. The process is super easy and quick. Use wheat flour or semolina. Add protein powder to keep you full whole day. You can also add yogurt , bananas etc. to make it all the more healthy.

  • Skimmed milk: All dairy products contain healthy fats which are essential to provide nutrients to the body. Skimmed milk contains no fat because the fats are removed during skimming process and hence no nutrients. It is just a waste. Good fats will never make you fat.

Healthy substitute: If you are having just one cup of milk, whole milk is a better choice. It will provide you all the nutrients which are required for the body.

These were the 15 most unhealthy foods that you think are healthy.

Fake commercials say that’s it’s healthy leaving a false impression. The most important is our health and we should know everything about the products we are taking inside our body. I am a big foodie but that doesn’t mean I should eat everything and anything available in the market. Home made food is very healthy and delicious. When you cook your own food, you become responsible and you have 100% control over what you are eating.

I hope this information helps you to take a wise decision in the future. People have become quite health conscious but healthy food doesn’t need to be expensive. You should focus on natural raw food rather than processed foods. These are the most unhealthy foods ever. Take care of what you take inside your body. Don’t treat your body like a trash. As you grow old, your metabolism gets slow and the results are not faster. You got to work harder. If you are young, get this thing very clear and take advantage of this and eat healthy. A great body not only builds your confidence but also prepares you to face any kind of difficult situation. A healthy body is a blessing. Take best care of it.

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