Real talk! 6 most honest confessions of my life.

Hello there! πŸ™‚

This is a new diary style post. I would like to share so many things that we all face in day to day life. I feel intimidated at times. There are fears, the feeling of self doubt. I want to express myself. This is the best platform to do that. There are no personal secrets that I would be discussing here. There is no frustration towards anyone. I will be as straight forward as possible. Let’s grab our coffee and take a walk because it’s going to be a long one.

We don’t know each other, we just have mutual friends or family friends?! That’s ok because what is coming further is something that you are going to relate with. There is no kind of advice given here but this is just the way to let your feelings, love and anger come out. Once in a while, real talk helps.

Let’s talk about these real things. 6 most honest confessions:



  • Dear parents, take it easy: Β There is an age for every right thing. Now you should not be blunt, you are 24. You should dress appropriately (thanks to all my relatives). I think I am kinda stuck. My career has just started. I am not talking about my job. I have plans and that would take time. Maybe an year or more than that. Should I worry about my marriage or should I worry about my goals. I really wish that my would be better half gets all the success but I am an individual. I am not here to compete with anyone. My needs would be different than him. That is like two people with individual talents connect to each other and make their world better. Does that happen overnight? There is so much of society pressure on you, I know that right? I just want both of you to take a stand for me when they throw questions at us. I want you to see the things from my point of view. If we all are on the same page, if we all are confident enough about our choices, nobody can make us unhappy. Even if I get married at 28, that won’t mean that I have some issues, it can be other way round. Maybe I was working on a bigger picture, maybe I was making my future secure. The problem is in their heads. I am doing just fine. I am not that important and the world will do fine without me. Happiness is here in this very right moment. How beautiful our lives are, there is no rush. My dad reads my every article, I love you dad πŸ™‚
  • Do you apply makeup? you even need it: face-1683128_1280Okay so I can get really mean at the absolute stupidity of some people. Some of them are my friends. Sad! Dude, first of all how does it bother you is the matter of concern. I apply makeup because I want all the attention of the crowd, I am highly insecure of myself. I have mental issues so I eat, drink and breathe makeup! This is what you always wanted to hear, right? You won’t believe me that there are people in my life who are freaking judge mental about every beautiful girl they see. There is this girl I know who was with her boyfriend and her boyfriend praised some girl because she was pretty and what was the sudden reaction that came from his girl that she applies hell lot of makeup and she hates artificial people. I was so mad at her that I came home and I removed her from my friend list. I cannot stand people who have this cheap mindset. People who apply makeup aren’t sensitive, it’s you who always judge them because that makes you more pretty in your head. Makeup is creativity. Come out of your so called comfort zone and look outside where people are making dollars out of it everyday. I am sure you can’t do that because you are best at doing this job of hating women. Staying bare face is one’s own choice. Next time you throw your hate on someone, please do remember that this world is full of dumb people. Welcome to the looser club!
  • Dear haters, rest in peace!Β Last week I received enormous amount of hate from a fake id on my facebook messenger. I wish I could screenshot those pictures and upload it here but you know that was so cruel and this can spoil somebody’s entire life because I have a big heart to forgive loosers but only upto an extent. She wrote that I should probably be in hell because I spend so much money on clothes and I have never done anything for animals and I should rot in hell πŸ˜€ This much hate? Senseless! It didn’t affect me at all because once you start getting attention for your work, some people can’t stand that. I receive lots of hateful texts from boys as well usually when I don’t reply to their texts. When I wake up in the morning, I expect my day to start beautifully. This is what happens every other day. How much bad can you say to me to shatter my confidence. Nothing can break me because darling you have no idea what has been my journey. Raise your level! There is a supreme power and at the end, you gotta deal with him.
  • Relatives are more protective than our parents: I wonder why so desperate? πŸ˜€ They create every situation to ignite a fire but that’s a different case that it turns out to be funny. There was a conversation going on between my parents and that person( call her X). So X is always excited to ask about my work life. It was just last month only where I told her that I am working from home. They think that it’s a serious unemployment and I m not getting any job. She said why don’t you take up any job and if you are not getting one then just get married, life is full of roses. When her son was in the first year of his post grad, I already had one year’s experience in my field. Later she commented about my facebook profile telling my parents that if I am some kinda struggling actress. She told me that I shouldn’t waste my looks and asked me to join modelling because I love to wear short dresses. Why so much concern aunty? Β You are growing fat, you still eat jars of sugar! Your son had 10 affairs and he uploads a picture with his girl gang every day! You come to our place and say what not behind our back about me. It’s a high time that you learn some manners and get a life and stop fooling around. On your face aunty, I know you read my every single post! Much love. πŸ™‚
  • Dear friend, supporting your friend would make you a bigger person: I am the kind of person who never gets impressed with the amount of likes you have been receiving on your pictures. Yeah if that describes the kind of person you are. I think it’s high time that we use the platform for better things and the quality of information. If you will try to make it the everything, you will suffer like anything. Last night I was asking a friend to support my work if she likes reading it because she always texts me that I did a great job but she never likes my work on the social media and that woman has all the time to comment on random celebrity and viral videos. You are not a genuine person if you can’t support your friend’s work. Be a lady with a big heart. I love when people share their views about my work rather than my picture because only my work will keep me going in the long run. I am all about my thoughts rather than just a “pretty face.”
  • The last toast: Dear me, there is so much bad in this world but there is more good than bad. I use to think deep about what went wrong but sometimes you just need to understand that people stay because of their own selfish needs, you don’t have to invest so much in the friendship. People come and go, there is no big deal. There is so much you have learnt in the past that now it’s time to celebrate the brave person you have become. Cheers to the bad times and the good times. There is nothing that can shake your confidence and well being alone never hurts now because there is so much that has to be done. Here I am at the age of 24 with not so perfect life but I still love every bit of it.

Real talk! These were the 6 most honest confessions. You feel so good when you let out everything. Damn, I love my job as a writer. It helps me to be myself and connect to the like minded people. See, if you are dealing with anything, I have no idea of that but you don’t have to feel bad for anything. There is so much of hatred in this world. Women hate other women. We as women are blessed with powers to make this world a beautiful place. Get rid of all the fake people right now. You will meet many people who are full of good vibes. Till then, just create a better version of yourself everyday. Love yourself each day, do something ah-mazing and create a history. Are you listening to me? We are far away from each other and I can’t say you in person but I assure you that you will go far in life if you are living a very honest life.

I can be really blunt at times but who cares after all someone had to say it! πŸ™‚

Dedicated to all those people with a heart of gold.

Peace and love.

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  1. Dewanka says:

    Fab keep writing

  2. ashish says:

    It is around 2 in the morning and it was worth reading. “Have not done anything for animal ” hahaha ,where does it come from! The World is full of losers .
    keep it up ..

    1. Thankyou! πŸ˜€

  3. Piyush relhan says:

    If this writing gets visualized ” shows the story of a sweet girl fighting with world to be natural. “

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