Retro fashion: How to wear a turtle neck sweater!

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You know what I have been doing every winters? I become so lazy and keep myself locked inside the room. Winters are romantic. Winters are all about peace, hot coffee and lots of food. This year, I wish to change this monotonous routine and take myself out of the comfort zone. I want to explore myself this season in terms of fashion, work and also my food habits. Well this post is all about the classy winter trend. I have already bought turtle neck sweaters in different colors and believe me they are so versatile that I can easily create many outfits with them.

Why I wanted to create a post on “turtle necks” is because of the fact that so many of you think that this fashion is extremely boring and plain but this 90’s retro fashion is super chic and classy. I am a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe. She loved wearing turtle necks with her high-waisted pants. So I have come up with the classy ways to wear a turtle neck sweater. I am pretty sure that by the end you would want to try this because this trend is absolutely gorgeous.

Let’s talk about this classy retro fashion and how to wear a turtle neck sweater and dress:

  • Body hugging dress: I love buying over-sized clothes in the winter for the love of cute things and comfort but we can never ignore the fact that women look truly beautiful and feminine in the tight clothes. If you have a gorgeous figure and those curves, you are going to love this dress. 

Buy the look here:turtleneckdress



  • Striped dress: The moment I saw this dress, I knew I have to get this. This dress is itself a statement and looks super adorable. Everything looks proper and polished. You don’t have to wear any accessory with this. If you love minimal fashion. this will be one of your favorite buy!15216021_1824551337830262_1569880659_o

I am carrying a handbag with this to give an edge. Nothing more, nothing less. 🙂

Buy the look herestripedturtleneckdress



  • High waist denims: I told you that turtle neck is super versatile. I bought this dress and created 3 outfits with it. I wore my high-waisted black jeans and tucked the dress inside. It did not create bulges. It looked quite clean and that was the motive. That’s the reason I love this fashion because there are no limits with it.

Buy the look here:


  • Maxi skirt: If you like boho look, you can wear a turtle neck sweater with a maxi skirt for the bohemian vibe. If you are going for neutral colors, you can go for bold colored maxi skirts.
  • Sequin turtle neck dress: You can wear the turtle neck dress in the party as well. Opt for a sequin dress like silver and black and it looks quite feminine. You can carry a nice clutch and how about a bold lipstick?
  • Cape: With winters approaching fast, you can wear a cape with a turtle neck sweater, go for prints or silk capes. They will create a nice detailing and will also keep you warm.
  • Crop sweaters: We have been loving crop tops since a very long time. Summers were all about them. The good news is that you can wear them in the winters as well. Opt for a nice crop turtle neck sweater and wear them with your high waisted shorts and pants.
  • Cold shoulders: Cold shoulders are everywhere this season. I love cold shoulder turtle neck dress. It gives an oomph to the dress.

Buy the look here:turtleneckcoldshoulder

  • Leather skirt: This is my most favorite look. I love leather skirt and the way it gives an edge to any minimal outfit. It looks quite sophisticated and is perfect for day to evening look.leatherskirt
  • Pencil Skirt: A great fit black pencil skirt is a killer combination with a turtle neck sweater. A black pencil skirt is a must have in your wardrobe and it looks good on everyone.

Buy the look herepencilskirt

  • Black blazer: For a more structured look, you can opt for a classic fit black blazer. Click on the picture to buy this blazer.blackblazer
  • Embellished sweaters: If you are going for a neutral color. you can opt for embellished turtle neck sweater and wear that with your high waisted skirt or pants.
  • Leather pants: This is another essential wardrobe staple that makes your outfit stand out in the crowd.



  • Silk scarf: I am a fan of scarves. I like bold colors. You can opt for a silk scarf with a nice shine and it looks gorgeous in winters.silkscarf
  • Try the monochrome look: If you are on a petite side and you are not sure of this look, you can opt for a monochrome look. It looks cool and chic.
  • Knit sweaters: I just love knit sweaters, they look so cute. You can opt for chunky texture and knits in turtle neck sweaters.knitturtlenecksweater
  • Boyfriend jeans: If you like street style, you can opt for an over sized turtle neck sweater and wear them with the boyfriend jeans for more casual and cool look.
  • Trench Coat: classytrenchcoatYou can never go wrong with the trench coats. They are trendy and classic and you can wear them with a turtle neck sweater and a dress. It looks very stylish and keeps you warm and cozy.
  • Jogger pants: This look is so comfy and the pants I am wearing is more like a pajama and do I have to tell you that how much I love my pjs? 😀turtleneck
  • Sweater over a dress? Absolutely. turtlenecksweaterI am wearing my turtle neck sweater over my striped dress.

Accessories to wear with a turtle neck dress:

  • Chain sling bag: A chain sling bag looks classy and add a detailing to the outfit.chainbag
  • Statement earrings: Go for a bold statement earrings to create an oomph to the look.
  • Statement necklace: Turtle neck can be quite tricky so you can’t wear loud accessories but fashion is all about taking a risk in a right manner so you can definitely try gold chokers.statementneckpiece
  • Statement rings: You can wear cocktail rings to bring attention to your beautiful hands.
  • Statement bracelete: You can definitely go for a beautiful hand bracelete.
  • Ankle booties: They are a must have in winters. Ankle booties give an edge to your outfit keeping you warm and stylish.blackankleboots
  • White shoes: Go for white shoes/sneakers. They look so cool with a dress and yes they are trending now.
  • Bright colored pumps: This is my favorite one. Let’s suppose you are wearing a black turtle neck sweater dress, you can wear red pumps for more jazz and they are so stunning for a party look.redheels
  • Loops: If you have an oval or a square face, loops can look quite chic with your dress.

These were some cool ways to wear a turtle neck sweater and a dress. You should definitely try this out because:

  • It accentuates your curves.
  • It is super versatile.
  • It looks classy.
  • It brings all the right attention to your gorgeous face.
  • It adds sophistication.
  • It is great for layering.
  • It keeps you warm.
  • Minimal yet classy.

The turtle neck trend is going to rule our hearts for long because there are some trends that are here to stay forever. Try out different looks and make sure to tell us what’s your favorite look. I always look forward to your messages and thankyou for giving your love and support.

Next post is on the way. 🙂

Stay fab!


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