Shall I stop blogging? Well it’s never going to happen!

“She is always lacking something, always incomplete, but never empty”

Hi unicorns♥

This is my next diary style post. It was initially scheduled to be published in the first week of May when I actually started hearing all sort of unsolicited advises, but circumstances halted the process. So here I’m a month late.

You know what people( who are complete strangers)tell me all the time? Listen up girl! You write well and there is a connection between you and readers but I guess you don’t do it properly. You don’t have a strong reader base ( yeah as if I can pluck them from the trees) or yeah maybe you don’t have a DSLR. Why don’t you do some SEO? Take a course and start learning. Wait! Why don’t you hire a web designer, your website needs a makeover!

You know what? Give me a break! I need to breathe.

Do you think I have no idea about how it goes? I created this website on my own without any hardcore training. It does take time for things to get settle down. How can I do it all at once? How long has it been since I started this blog? There is a term called “personal growth” and how can I compare my beginning to someone else’s middle?

The well-established bloggers have been writing for years now. Is this comparison even worth it?

Do you even know what kind of person I was? I have evolved from a horrific girl-next-door effort into a creative space. I enrich my love for the sartorial affairs in without shame.

“Hey I put this outfit on and here’s my face.” My blog is definitely more than this 🙂

I don’t have a DSLR because I have to invest in other important things but do I display shitty pictures? I don’t think so! Some readers like”polished”style blogs and it’s good but what I feel is that there has to be more to read than just “here’s me in another dress, I like this dress, it’s a good dress, do you like the dress?

When I  go through the blogs, what always makes me stick around is definitely the voice of the blogger. I believe in conversational writing. I have learned how to take facts and build them into a story and how to make people the central part of every piece I write.

I have thought of giving up blogging many times but you know what that would be the end of my story. There were times when I told myself no I can’t take it further. At the time of getting clicked, I told my friend, I can’t do this, people are passing by. They literally stare. Coming up with something that’s not boring is quite a challenge. Seriously, but I know I will grow with this blog.

I really don’t care where I stand now like how many people actually read my blog. If I can help even a single person, that’s more than enough for me because I know what really matters in the long run. I am not a part of any kind of race. This whole journey is going to be worth it and of course, how can I forgot to say thankyou for sticking around my jumbled up blog.

Pride wells up in me as I look back at my journey. Long long way to go. Keep the spirits always high because we all have to make this world a better place to live in.

Thankyou and cheers!

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