How to style like a sporty chic!

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Whenever I am done with writing an article, I always think about how can I make it more realistic next time. The fashion world is always flooded with trends but not everything is made for us. Sure, we get a great help but having your own individual style can make any boring dull outfit look interesting. I will always talk about the trend which actually looks good in the real life.

Let’s get back to our new post “How to style like a sporty chic.”

There are no rules to fashion trends anymore. We all have busy schedules and it is tough to have sartorial goals. When it comes to fashion, everything counts. We want comfort as well as style.

We all have been wearing athletic clothes for all our lives and I’ve always felt that they have never been okay to go outside but now there are no rules to fashion trends anymore.  Sporty trend is great for everybody. You don’t have to be jock to rock this trend.

I actually got some clothes for the gym classes but with a busy schedule, I never actually got around to wearing them for the intended purpose.

Fashion gurus don’t consider it a trend, they call it a lifestyle.

What I wore:sporty

This outfit is all about sporty look.  I am wearing a white tee with black stripes on it giving it a sporty vibe and an edge.  I am wearing my black cropped pants and it gives you more polished look . Black is the best color for you if you want to look slim. Don’t overdo the look with too many bright colors. The overall look of this outfit is already very edgy.

Experiment with your outfit.  You can carry things like baseball cap, sneakers, bagpack etc to compliment the whole look. You need to build your outfit around that piece.

I am carrying this camel brown satchel bag. This bag is perfect to brighten up the whole look.

Sports fashion is growing and this trend is called Athleisure.

Outfit ideas:
Get your gym chic on!

Let’s see how to style this trend that takes you from the gym to the street fashion.

Edgy look: If you feel  that your sporty outfit looks too plain, wear leather pants with heels. You can also wear a crop top with your high waist yoga pants.

Flirty casual look: chicFor a flirty casual look, you can go for skirts and shorts.

Shoes: You always need a pair of white sneakers. This awesome stuff goes pretty well with everything. You can also wear sneaker wedges. This gives you an extra height without making you look dressed up.

Accessories: The whole sporty outfit itself speaks for your style statement so I would suggest you to not to wear too many accessories but sometimes the outfit can give you a plain look so to brighten up the whole look, you can go for minimal and funky accessories like watch to give an oomph to your overall look.

Fit is everything: Make sure you are wearing the right size, neither too big nor too small. Do not keep it if it does not fit you well.

Basics: You can never ever go wrong with basics. If you ever dare to wear yoga pants which I believe is perfectly fine as long as you know how to carry it well. . You can wear it with a crisp white tee shirt. This combo is perfect for any go-to-look. It looks pretty pulled together.

You need to balance out everything well.


You can always take style inspiration from your fan celebrities. The sporty chic trend is best rocked by Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Kristen Stewart. So push your boundries girl and you are good to go!

Next week I shall come up with something really different from what all I have been doing lately.

Stay tuned!


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