Stick to your goals, no matter what

ME : Dad, I got a job ( with stars in my eyes *_*)

DAD : Okay what job? Is it a call centre? Okay. Do what you like, don’t tell me anything.

ME : But listen…dad I got a job in an e-commerce online clothing company. They hired me to handle their blog and their social media landscape.

DAD : Okay you are just a come they liked you and what social media? Is it a job or a joke. I told you to fill the bank forms.

ME : I don’t want to apply for banks. I may do it later but I want to give a chance to myself.

DAD : M.Com?

ME : No dad

DAD : MBA? COstly oneย 


You are ruining your life.

( walks away……….)

and once again I was left questioning my career related decisions. Being the only child of my parents, I really thought they would get me but no just like any other parents, my parents were not ready to trust my ability to do something different. He told me that every Tom, Dick and Harry is a blogger these days. That’s true and so are those doctors, engineers and teachers. My dad thinks that fashion oriented people have no purpose and all they do is kill the time.

Blogging is a task. Fashion is an amazing industry but some people think it’s based on materialism but for me there was a magic that kept me pushing on and that can not be explained in words. You know I never wanted to become a fashion blogger in fact I didn’t have any clue about my writing skills ( though I still make mistakes). I have been through bullying in the school and I kept it all inside until that one fine day came when I decided to bring out all the emotions and start expressing myself where I don’t need to let myself get hurt because of the left out feeling.

My school friends know me better than my college friends ( I hardly have any friend from my college days) Those 3 years of life were difficult as hell. They didn’t like me much and I never figured out why because I was sweet enough to be a good friend. There is always a story untold.

I never wanted a publicity or any kind of attention. I have a very simple heart. I get attracted towards simple people and not the fancy ones in the town.

I cook food for my loved ones, I clean my house and do everything that makes me a human being according to the society!

What do I want?

I just want to work hard for my dreams to come true. To let that girl win who I have seen going through the tough times in life. I am not sharing this for any kind of sympathy. It’s just that I want to keep doing this forever in my life with utmost honesty. Maybe my dreams are bit different and I am very sure it’s going to take years to reach to that position. I am ready! I won’t bother about what people think about me and my work.

In my eyes, I have come a long way and I will do this and won’t give up for anybody because my heart knows that I am doing nothing wrong. I am a normal person and I have a different journey than yours. It’s all about acceptance. People who love me will always motivate me and those who are here for selfish reasons won’t stay for long. I am sure of that.

Why would I even explain you to let me complete my dreams? I am doing it for the right reasons and for happiness. If my happiness bothers you then there is no reason to stay.

I did share all this with my parents and now they proudly introduce me to their friends and relatives. Seriously they are my parents, they will support me in the end. It does take time. When they saw me working for my goals and that seriousness in my words, they eventually accepted me for who I am.

this world feels like a better place now! ๐Ÿ˜€sup

( superwoman pose ) ๐Ÿ˜›

I now fear no one in my life as I have earned their trust and they will support me for everything in my life.

Mom Dad, you are the best buddies and my best support system in life.

Thank you <3

I share these stories with you all with a purpose to inspire and spread happy vibes!

Purpose Served!



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